the Devastator

A small, one-person vehicle, the Devastator features two guns, three treads, and four missiles. Something like a souped-up trike, it can traverse almost any terrain thanks to its hardened steel, dual-rotation tracks, has an m.s. of 11, and has these characteristics:

Cobra-Band Radio (i): Cobra gear uses a communication system of its own, not beholden to conventional broadcast standards. The Devastator is no exception, having comm gear with a intensity 5 range (25 miles), which benefits from intensity 9 signal encryption.

HOTS Missiles (i): the Devastator carries four of these surface-to-surface missiles: two flanking its front tread, and two mounted over its rear treads. These High Output Terrain Hugging projectiles inflict intensity 10 damage each, adding +1 per additional missile that hits at once.

Propulsion (a): while it's not the fastest ride in the Cobra arsenal, the Devastator isn't slow, either. Whether on or off paved surfaces, it can drive on its three treads at approximately sixty miles per hour, having this ability at intensity 2.

Rear Passenger Platform: in addition to having room for its driver, the Devastator can haul along an additonal Cobra operative in a pinch. Sure, they have to hang on for dear life, and are easy pickings for enemy operatives, but it sure beats walking places.

Tandem Blaster (a): pointed wherever the driver is aiming the Devastator's handle bars, these twinned 50mm cannons can fire a short burst of ammunition to inflict one's Agility +7 in damage, or be fired continuously to inflict their Agility +8 in damage.

Extra Goodies:

the Devastator Saga System 13 Text File Download

Cobra directories featuring a version of the Devastator:


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