Lisa Polanski


Hand Size:
4 (25)


Lisa Polanski is a Zen Hell-Kite, which grants her an impressive resistance to empathic powers. Furthermore, she's a cyborg, a woman enhanced by Pastordyne medical technicians to be capable of devastating combat capability.


Believer Psionics (Metapsionic Powers):

Invulnerability Aura (a) (s): when she finds herself in combat, Lisa may forego her standard empathic resistance. This is replaced with her so-called 'battle trance', which gives Lisa complete immunity to all empathic assaults entirely!

Resistance Aura (s) (s): when not actively in battle, Lisa nonetheless has significant resistance to empathic powers. This power functions at intensity 16 or her Willpower score +4 - whichever of the two is higher at the time for this cybernetic scrapper.


After Lisa's employers 'arranged' to have her arms lost in battle, they replaced them with cybernetic equivalents. These robotic replacements, made from Invium (a m.s. 20 metal) house a variety of special items, both inside and out, including the following:

* Concussive Strike Plate (s): Lisa's right hand is armed with a concussion plate, which allows her to inflict +5 force damage with each melee attack. This attack can be quite a surprise, unless her target is aware of Lisa's cybernetic nature.

* Direct Neural Interface (DNI) Jack (i): this powerful implant allows Lisa to interact with any device that has a DNI input option. This plug allows her to control such devices at a reduced difficulty, though they will add to her overall Implant Psychosis Statistic.

* Morphic Shield: Lisa's left arm can produce a shield from it's own mass about 2 1/2 feet in diameter, that she can use to block incoming attacks with +5 ability - if she sees them coming. Since this shield cannot detach from her arm, Lisa can only use it to block attacks.

* Normal Mesh (a): Lisa has had her cybernetics covered with this unit, which makes her appear to be a normal human, with intensity 15 ability, to all senses and scanning equipment (the naked eye, metal detectors, x-ray scanners, and so on).

* Particle Beam Emitter (i): Lisa's left arm has a particle beam cannon inside, which can be used to inflict intensity 15 slashing damage to any applicable target within near missile distance - further distances degrade the beam into uselessness (unless used in vacuum).

* Wrist Blades (s): Lisa's arms both possess retractable, wrist-mounted blades. Though also made of Invium, she can only use them to inflict her Strength +3 in slashing damage. However, she can use them to cut through items of up to material strength 20.

Biotechnology Implants:

StacoBac Stomach (s): Lisa's stomach has been replaced with a specialized stack of bacterial life that pretty much provides any nutrition that she should ever need (save for fresh water, of course). Should, mind you. Occasionally, Lisa finds herself victim to oddball food cravings.

Like a big stack of sausage links, or perhaps a bottle of barbecue sauce. Consider this intensity 30 environmental independence, where food is concerned.

Implant Psychosis Statistic: intensity 10 (without anything plugged into her DNI jack).

Hindrances / Augmentations:

Implant Psychosis Statistic: as a cyborg, Lisa is subject to the problem of implant psychosis. Under duress, she must pass an easy difficulty Willpower action against her IPS, or she will suffer from extreme mental instability for a time - usually until she next falls unconscious.

This instability can take almost any form, but usually acts to amplify her already impressive paranoia considerably. When affected by this, Lisa is at Willpower zero (0) to trust her safety to anyone - and has a tendency to engage in extreme violence at a whim.

Nemesis: Lisa made a really powerful enemy out of Pastordyne when she quit; but hey, they made her a freak, right? Of course, they now want to get her back, and in a bad way. Only the direct threat of the Zen Hell-Kites have kept Pastordyne from launching an all-out hunt for her.


Air Mask (s): this simple device allows Lisa to actually breathe when she's flying about with her jet pack; as a normal human, Lisa finds it hard to collect air for breathing when moving that fast. This device helps her do so when flying about at maximum speeds.

Electronics / First Aid Tool Kit (i): Lisa carries this thing wherever she goes, just in case she should break down and need to repair herself. Of course, she can use it to make field repairs in other devices too, but the main idea was to cover her own butt.

Invium Swords (s): Lisa's chief weapons before her cybernetic episode, these twin blades (both made from Invium) were forged incredibly sharp, and they can be used to inflict her Strength +5 in slashing damage with each deadly attack.

Jet-Pack (a): Lisa 'liberated' a powerful ionic thruster flight pack from her former sponsors during her 'retirement' from their organization. This unit, fully DNI capable, allows her to fly at approximately 300 miles per hour (intensity 7 air speeds). IPS addition: 2.

Laser Guns (a): these DNI ready units both fire laser beams at their target, each of which inflict +5 energy damage on targets within far missile distance. Lisa has two of these units, each of which can fire ten times before needing recharged. IPS addition: 2 each.

Repulsor Suit (s): Lisa's costume produces a 'repulsor field' about her person that deadens the energies of incoming attacks by 3 (or intensity 12); this damage reduction doesn't prevent attacks from connecting, but it does decrease their intensity by a large margin. IPS addition: 2.

Spare Equipment Caches: Lisa has procured three copies of her arsenal which she keeps about the world, should she need to replace any of her gear. Of course, getting to them may not be easy in a pinch.

The first is located in the American Southwest, in Taos, New Mexico. The second is in her small office in Marseilles, France, where her old merc outfit was operated out of. The last one is in Sydney, Australia.


Aerial Combat (a): Lisa is skilled at battling opponents in the air, as she had the use of her jet pack for quite a while before she quit her former job. As such, she can use her Agility instead of Intellect to determine when she must declare her actions in an exchange.

Electronics (i): though she's quite the mechanic, Lisa has had to learn top notch electronics skills simply to keep herself functioning properly. This allows her to use her repair skill on her implants, in addition to letting her build all manner of electronic devices.

Marksmanship (regular and advanced, a): Lisa is a rather competent marksman, with regular, semi-automatic, fully automatic, and advanced guns. In her line of work, this is a necessity. Her attack difficulty when using these weapons is reduced by one difficulty level.

Languages / English, French, German, Italian, Polish, and Spanish (i): Lisa is an experienced mercenary that has worked throughout the European continent, and as such, she has taken the time to learn these languages in a comprehensive fashion.

Repair / Tinkering (a): since her teenage years, Lisa has been very adept at the repair and maintenance of all kinds of mechanical systems, from cars to windmills. This skill lowers the difficulty of any attempt Lisa makes to repair an existing piece of equipment.

Skill / Swords 3 (s): whether using her invium blades, her built in blades, or some other long, sharp and pointy implement of terror, Lisa may do so with ease. She receives the benefit of an autotrump (and a reduced difficulty) when wielding any such weaponry.

Weapon Specialist / Invium Swords (s): before being roboticized, Lisa was a feared killer with her twin blades, skills she retains and maintains to this date. She receives an additional reduction in difficulty, and has a +1 initiative bonus, when using these specific swords.


Currently, Lisa only has sparse mercenary contacts throughout Europe, since her former employers have branded her a contract breaker. Other than that, she can only rely on her Polish relatives (if she's in Poland), or the Zen Hell-Kites (if she's in Tibet).


Soldier: Lisa is primarily a combatant, partially because of her ties to the Zen Hell-Kites, but mostly because she enjoys it. However, thanks to Pastordyne's actions, Lisa often toggles to a Demolisher aspect, smashing things simply for the heck of it - she's somewhat unhinged.


Lisa wears a dark blue suit that covers most of her body, save for her elbows and head. She's also noted for wearing her guns and swords in plain sight, though she can ditch them in a pinch if necessary (she's got implants, after all).


Lisa is quite the distrustful person these days, due to both the fact that she was given cybernetic implants without her consent and the fact that she didn't get the proper therapy to help her deal with her new condition. In other words, she's erratic in personality.

Mind you, she's honorable in her own way, a fact that shined through during her mercenary days. In fact, she tended to avoid specific jobs that were of obvious moral duplicity, and always fulfilled the contract she was given (even if it put her in great personal jeopardy).

Real Name: Lisa Polanski
Occupation: drifter, mercenary
Legal Status: wanted in several countries for illegal actions (well, several of her established aliases are, at any rate).
Marital Status: divorced
Alias(es), if any: Lisa has at least six other established identities, in the event that she need to do some unseemly work that may get her into trouble.
Group Affiliation: the Zen Hell-Kites, former Pastordyne mercenary

Height: 5' 7"
Hair: light brown
Eyes: green
Weight: 245 lbs (those cybernetics are heavy!)
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: if her Normal Mesh is working, none. If it's broken or something, she has rather obvious metal arms.


Lisa was a young auto mechanic when she discovered the Zen Hell-Kites, an odd group of meditative soldiers and warrior artists. She immediately signed up with the group, and then underwent their intensive combat training program with aplomb.

As such, Lisa's never unnerved by combat, as the Hell-Kites have taught her to enter a sort of blissful, meditative state in battle - which is rather frightening, when you get down to it. At any rate, once she was done training with the Hell-Kite gurus, Lisa founded a merc company.

She performed various missions with them throughout Europe, mostly in the war torn areas, doing generally good deeds for money. After several years of this, she eventually accepted a deal to work for the Pastordyne Corporation, as it paid an ungodly amount of cash.

The team worked for this corporation for over nine months, until a fateful mission in Guatemala wiped Lisa's entire mercenary company out, as well as Lisa's own arms and stomach. This was tragic, but doubly so as Pastordyne arranged the entire thing.

You see, they wanted to test out their new cybernetics paradigm, and knew that few people of Lisa's combat caliber would willingly give up their humanity for the test. So, one trumped up assignment later, and the Pastordyne Corporation had their first test subject.

They gave Lisa all the above implants, but when she woke up immediately after the procedure, she emerged into a world of pain and confusion. As it turned out, Lisa's anesthetics weren't affecting her right, thanks to that StacoBac bacterial stomach stack she'd received.

Angry and homicidal, Lisa broke out of the Pastordyne facility, where she killed lots of security goons trying to prevent her from doing so, and managed to kill several more Pastordyne agents in the city of Omaha as the corporate agents pursued her from the building.

Lisa fled to the Zen Hell-Kites' sanctuary for a time, learning how to utilize her robotic implements to devastating effect. After that, she returned to the United States, feeling that she was ready to start her mercenary days anew. Of course, Pastordyne had a problem or two with this.

Thanks to her Hell-Kite pals however, Lisa managed to deflect the threat of a direct assault on her person from Pastordyne in the future (by vowing to no longer take Pastordyne contracts if they kept bugging Lisa). However, they nonetheless send thugs after her from time to time.

But they do so covertly. As such, Lisa has managed to finally rebuild her career, and is now based out of Omaha, Nebraska for the time being. She loves teasing Pastordyne by working out of their home town, and can keep an eye on them while she does so.

How long she can continue this game with the vengeful, criminal Pastordyne corporation is as of yet unknown...!

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