Mister Million


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Unlike many of the eccentric do-gooders blanketing the streets of 1940s New York City, Mister Million is but a normal human, lacking ascendant powers of any stripe. Unless, of course, you count his inexplicably large amount of money, which he uses to aid others on a case by case basis.



Hindrances / Augmentations:

Blessed: all his life, Mister Million has had it good. Things always seem to turn out in his favor, whether he is the most spectacular winner on the stock market, or the least injured in a calamity that affects everyone around him. Which may be why he goes out of his way to help others.




Business / Finance 2 (w): Mister Million had to make his money somehow. It's possible he inherited it of course, but the man wields all the trappings of finance when not flaunting what he has to the common man. Besides, supporting his charity takes some business sense.


Presumably, Mister Million can rely upon those whose lives have been improved by his actions for aid, for he tends to make long-lasting enhancements to others' quality of life. Furthermore, he seems to have his very own company, or at least offices, full of folks to do his bidding.


Responsibility of Power: though indescribably riches, Mister Millions doesn't just rest on his laurels, accumulating ever more resources like a neurotic hoarder. No, Mister Millions uses what he has to help others, feeling it is his duty to pay the world back for his good fortune.


Mister Million wouldn't be caught dead without wearing something exquisitely tailored. The suit he wore during his one chronicled adventure was navy blue in hue, coupled with a tan fedora, black suede shoes, and a black and yellow striped tie.


As one can infer, Mister Million is an incredibly charitable guy. He is possessed of almost inconceivable resources, but chooses to use them to help his fellow man, instead of wallowing in his many possessions like a well-tailored pig in a pen lined with hundred dollar bills.

So to speak.

Real Name: unrevealed
Occupation: direct action philanthropist
Legal Status: apparent citizen of the United States with no known criminal record
Marital Status: unrevealed
Alias(es), if any: none known
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 6' (estimate)
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 170 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Mister Million generally looks dapper at all times.


Little is known about the enigmatic man known as Mister Million - other than the fact that he is staggeringly wealthy, of course. And while some of his peers try to change the world in flashy costumes and with flashier powers, Mister Million simply uses money to effect change.

In his one documented case of direct action philanthropy, Mister Million was being chauffeured through the grungy part of town when he spied something amiss. To wit, he saw a newspaper boy, Nickie, being bullied for chump change by two slightly older, slightly stronger rapscallions.

Leaping from his incredibly expensive car, Mister Million chased those future hoboes away from the paperboy, and offered to pay him for the papers dropped during his scrum moments earlier. To Mister Million's surprise, the boy haughtily turned his money down and scampered off.

Intrigued, Mister Million dismissed his chauffeur, and proceeded to follow the paperboy home. Learning that Nickie was working hard to help pay for his sick mother's medicine, despite being less than ten years of age, Mister Million was truly moved.

Wielding his influence, he had the publisher of the paper Nickie sells give the child a prime corner to sell papers - one on 5th Avenue! Elated, Nickie got to work straight away, but the downpour that gripped the city soon after pretty much ruined his sales that first evening.

When a rare customer paid him with a ten dollar bill he couldn't make change for, Nickie followed him - only to find he was in the employ of Mister Million! Once again refusing to take charity, insisting that he work for his money, Nickie then received a job offer.

He was to be Mister Million's new office boy! Elated, Nickie then went and bought food and medicine for his mother and little brother with a minor advance, and then went on to toil away in Mister Million's employ - presumably as he helped others in need with his astounding fortune!

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