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Imprint is a paranormal, a sort of altered human who gained his powers during the White Event, an astronomical incident that forever set his timeline apart from that of 'our' reality. His paranormal powers are technopsionic in nature, and rather unique overall.

Known Powers:

Natural Psionics (Technopsi Powers):

Transception (t): Imprint possesses this power at rank value 75, allowing him to perceive, send, and receive electronic signals anywhere within his area. This power functions within Near distance of Imprint (approximately one mile) 'over the air'.

Natural Psionics (Superpsi Powers):

Mental Invisibility (t): Imprint has demonstrated on at least one occasion an ability to avoid detection by standard telepathic powers; he can be seen by the naked eye (and other physical senses), just not psychic powers. This potent skill functions for him at rank value 40.

Limitations / Enhancements:





Albinism: Imprint is an albino, being extremely pale in color. In fact, he was portrayed as being ghostly white in his first appearance - though this changed over time. This quirk inflicts a -2 RS on all ACT rolls Imprint attempts in direct sunlight or other bright illumination.


Detective / Espionage: Imprint is a truly a professional intelligence operative, able to collect information about a body without them ever knowing. While his powers assist him greatly in this regard, the man could do the job without them still, and he's a master of low key operations.


Imprint truly is a vital member of the Medusa Web, and the organization would go out of their way to help him should he need it. Otherwise, their information gathering missions would be a lot more difficult, and Babel generally has enough problems as it is.


Imprint doesn't wear one. He sticks to stylish casual wear, tending to look cool when anyone notices that he's even around. And he likes it that way; after all, the best place to hide is in plain sight. In other words, he's about the last guy you'll ever see in a Spandex ™ suit.


Imprint doesn't speak. It isn't known if this is because he has nothing to say, or if he has some impediment that prevents him from doing so. In any event, the man comes across as a smooth operator, having fun while taking care of his business in an efficient and professional manner.

Real Name: unrevealed
Occupation: mercenary, spy
Legal Status: presumed US or Canadian citizen with no known criminal record
Marital Status: presumed single
Alias(es), if any: Whitey
Group Affiliation: the Medusa Web

Height: 5' 7"
Hair: white
Eyes: white
Weight: 155 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: well, his white hair and eye color. And, if you go by his earlier appearances, his ghost-white skin, too.


Very little is known about the paranormal known as Imprint, other than the fact that he is an albino paranormal that is in the employ of the Medusa Web. He's quite the professional spy, though, and may have been an operative of some government agency or another in the past.

Whether this would be for the American government or some other country remains to be detailed.

Either way, Imprint is a sort of point man for Medusa Web operations. He helps to record information gathered by other operatives, such as Troublemaker or Donner Kopf, with his unique technopsionic powers. This alone helps the intelligence of the Medusa Web greatly.

Imprint's published appearances began when he accompanied Troublemaker in his initial attacks on Psi-Force, when the US government first hired the Web to take the psionic youths down after they demolished the Foundations corporation.

He was there to record the Troublemaker's attempts to make the teens angry, and his subsequent trouncing by Psi-Force right before their house got blown up by the Soviet paranormal known as Rodstvow. He was also present for the Web's attempt to capture Wayne Tucker.

The telepath was hiding out in Seattle, and Imprint joined Backfire, Donner Kopf, and Electrique in their attack on his hotel; well, he was watching from the security of their observation van, but that's his job. He doesn't have any big combat powers, after all.

Imprint later joined Donner Kopf and Backfire in their attack on the psychotic Spitfire 2, a CIA operative in a big red battle suit that was also sent to retrieve Wayne Tucker. These Medusa Web operatives beat Spitfire 2, and offered Tucker and his pals membership in the Web.

Between their second and third meetings, you see, the Web had a major fallout with the American government, and was deported. The ultimate goal of the Web was to recruit these youths, but the government of the US took them from the Web after they managed to catch the rest of 'em.

Save for Wayne Tucker and Tyrone Jessup. These two (and their new pal Lindsey Falmon) didn't hook up with the Web, but left them on friendly terms. Imprint was later seen again in relation to Psi-Force, when he and the rest of the Web was sent to the Siberian Project to save them.

They'd been captured by Rodstvow after they lost to him in a later battle, and the Medusa Web wanted to rescue the Psi-Force youths to gain their trust. After a long battle (which Imprint decided to stick to the rear of), Psi-Force was finally liberated from the Soviets.

And Rodstvow. Since he was living in the Siberian Project, the Web had to deal with him, too. Once this ordeal was over, Babel managed to recruit Psi-Force into the Medusa Web at last, and the two teams began to work together on various missions.

Imprint was a part of these 'jobs', but their exact nature have yet to be described.

Extra Goodies:

Imprint 4C System: Edition 13 Text File Download

Imprint Imagery

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