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The thuggish paranormal known only as Pinhead is something of an altered human, one who was forever changed after the so-called White Event, that blast of unknown, paradoxical energies that swept across the earth way back in '86.

Known Powers:

Quills: Pinhead's only practical parability is the retractable spikes he can issue forth from his cone-shaped head. They inflict +1 RS Slashing damage, whether wielding them with a head butt (Brawn-based) or when attempting a charge maneuver (Fortitude-based).

Limitations / Enhancements:





Unattractive: though his appearance before the White Event is indeterminate, Pinhead is now rather ugly, no matter how you look at him. As such, he receives a -2 RS penalty to his Repute score, for the purposes of NPC reactions.


Natural Weapons: though he isn't good for much else, Pinhead is a competent brawler, at least when fighting humans or otherwise untrained paranormals. In battle, he can make unarmed melee attacks, mostly consisting of head butts or charge maneuvers, at a +1 RS.


Pinhead's only known contact is his good buddy Spotty, a fellow paranormal that he knew from before his transformation. As this duo seems to be of a criminal mindset, it is unlikely that they have any contacts amongst the heroic populace, so these two are likely on their own.


Pinhead has no costume. As he doesn't see himself as a villain, per se, Pinhead merely wears his normal, ragged clothes into action. During his one, rather limited appearance, Pinhead wore brown pants, a purple T-shirt, and a blue vest while perpetrating various crimes.


There's not really much to say about Pinhead, other than that he's a thug, through and through. His transformation has left him and his buddy Spotty outcasts in society, so he doesn't mind taking whatever he wants, and hurting whoever he desires, to live day-to-day.

Real Name: unknown
Occupation: all-around criminal scum
Legal Status: American citizen with a likely criminal record
Marital Status: single (?)
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: partner / crony of Spotty

Height: 6' 5"
Hair: none
Eyes: black
Weight: 150 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: while Pinhead is very tall, over a foot of that height is his exceptionally elongated 'cone' head - and he normally stands hunched over. Furthermore, he has bold pink skin, an elongated face, pointy ears, and is very lanky for his height.


Very, very little is known about the background and history of the paranormal only known as Pinhead. However, he does seem to have something of a criminal background, and his current partner in crime, the paranormal known as Spotty, does as well. In fact, these two thugs seem to have known each other from a time before their transformation into paranormals, as they work relatively well together.

However, though the White Event gave him impressive powers, it wasn't kind to him; the emergence of Pinhead's paranormality drastically altered his body, giving him a rather inhuman appearance. He developed a prominent pink shade, an elongated head topped off with a huge cone head, and even evolved pronounced eyes and pointy ears, making him truly monstrous in aspect - if in a comical way.

At any rate, once his change was complete, Pinhead and his partner Spotty left their home town and traveled to New York City, a town which had become a Mecca of sorts for paranormals, especially after fallout from the Pitt made it rather unpleasant to live in. There, Pinhead and Spotty devolved into crime to support themselves, taking what they wanted and hurting who they wished.

This crime spree was stopped, however, after several local paranormal 'heroes' discovered Pinhead and Spotty's activities. These heroes, known as Mastodon, Glitter, and Chrome, jumped Pinhead and Spotty as they put the moves on an unwilling woman in a dark alleyway, and though Spotty did good against these heroes, Pinhead got himself taken out of the fight rather quickly.

Once the duo were beaten (thanks to the interference of Jacob Burnsley), it is assumed that Pinhead and his partner Spotty were dragged off to jail, though this wasn't actually shown. However, it is likely that these two bozos will eventually get free of their incarceration, and return to plague the sparse populace of New York City anew - unless some crazy vigilante takes care of them permanent-like.

Extra Goodies:

Pinhead 4C System: Edition 13 Text File Download

Pinhead Imagery

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