MAX Armor, Mark 2

The Mark 2 MAX armor is a significant improvement over the original prototype MAX suit, the Mark 1, built by Doctor Karl Swensen shortly before his death at the hands of Fritz Krotze's armored flunky. Most of its systems have been upgraded to work about twice as good.

The suit ultimately ended up in the hands of Karl's daughter, Jenny Swensen. She used it to generally right wrongs, and to battle Krotze and his Club superiors, until it was pretty much smashed by Steel Hawk and Star Brand (in two separate encounters).

Of course, Jenny used her knowledge about the Mark 1 and Mark 2 suits to build a brand new suit, the Mark 3 MAX armor, for the US Government. At any rate, the Mark 2 MAX armor was armed with the following capabilities:

Trait Enhancement: its primary purpose, the MAX armor greatly expands the physical capabilities of its operator. While occupying the Mark 2 suit, its pilot benefits from the following, considerable trait enhancements:

+1 RS

RV 30
+2 RS

RV 30
+3 RS

RV 34
+3 RS

RV 50
+1 RS

Armor Endurance: though effective enough in battle, the Mark 2 MAX suit wasn't primarily designed for it. As such, it only has an Endurance rating equal to the Body Armor rank value that it provides its pilot (in other words, rank value 20).

If the armor takes damage, it must pass an Endurance ACT roll versus the intensity of the damage taken, or some of its systems may be compromised. If so, attempt another ACT for each system affected by the specific attack to see what keeps working... and what fails.

Body Armor: the upgraded, Mark 2 MAX armor is highly resistant to damage, providing rank value 20 armor to its current occupant. In other words, MAX provides its pilot the following resistances to the various attack forms:

RV 20 / RV 6 / RV 2 / RV 0 / RV 0

Buzz-Saw: this titanium-forged, Teflon ™ coated buzz saw can be used by the pilot of the Mark 2 MAX armor to cut through things. Lots of things. It is essentially able to cut through materials of up to material value 100, and allows for Slashing damage in melee.

Clippers: mounted on the left wrist of the Mark 2 MAX armor, these overgrown scissors can be used to cut small items (in the event that the buzz-saw would be overkill). They can cut through items of up to material value 30.

Digging Tool: this optional tool allows the pilot of the Mark 2 MAX armor to bore through solid rock of up to material value 50. Treat this implement as if it provided Super Digging of like capability, though it only offers rank value 2 (under)ground speed.

Electro-Magnetic Clamp: this device can be fired at a target, and if said target is ferrous, it will stick to the target with an effective Brawn of rank value 40. The pilot of the MAX armor can then reel it in at his or her leisure.

Energy Absorption / Electricity: thanks to various storage batteries scattered throughout its structure, the Mark 2 MAX suit can absorb electrical attacks directed at it. It thus has the energy absorption power, where electricity is concerned, at rank value 40.

Purloined energy can be used to power the Mark 2's various systems if necessary, or it can be wielded in an electrical attack through the armor's gauntlets, an assault that can have up to 40 points of absorbed energy behind it (inflicting like Stunning Energy damage).

Environmental Independence: the MAX armor is equipped with at least a two hour, rank value 2 air supply for the pilot, since it has been designed to work in any terrestrial environment, such as underwater, high up in the atmosphere, or possibly even underground.

Laser Cannon: this add-on tool can be used to cut through most conventional materials, being capable of firing a coherent light beam of rank value 30 intensity. Of course, it can inflict like Armor Piercing Energy damage upon a real live person if used against one!

Another, important thing to consider is that Jenny apparently added another laser beam weapon to the MAX suit, placing it in the right index finger of the armor. It is just as powerful as the add-on tool is, but a whole lot easier to use inconspicuously.

Oil Slick: the Mark 2 armor can spray a jet of simple, ordinary motor oil directly in front of it, if necessary. This is extremely useful during underwater combat, as the target must pass an Awareness ACT roll to find the MAX armor through it.

Sensor Suite: greatly augmenting the situational awareness of the MAX armor's pilot, this suite of sensors provides him or her numerous additional capabilities to perceive their environment. MAX's sensor suite has the following, rank value 20 sensors:

* Image Recognition Technology: incredibly powerful for their time, the computers within the Mark 2 MAX suit have the ability to identify specific targets based on their appearance alone, doing so as long as they're within half a mile of the armor.

* Thermal Scans: the Mark 2 MAX armor doesn't allow the pilot to actually see infrared heat sources, but it does have the ability to track them. It can detect infrared signatures within a half mile of its location, and display them via false-color imagery.

* Transparent Vision: the Mark 2 MAX armor uses an x-ray system to peer right through solid materials, showing what lies beyond as a computerized, false-color image. Using the MAX suit's transparent vision, its pilot may peer through up to twenty yards of opaque matter.

Turbo-Fan Thrusters: these foot-mounted, pneumatic lift mechanisms allow the Mark 2 armor to fly at up to rank value 20 air speed, which is approximately 136.36 miles per hour. They have no fiery exhaust, but can be used as a rank value 10 Force attack in a pinch.

White Noise Generator: designed by Terry (one of the Troubleshooters), this device can be used to scramble unshielded electronics, though it was specifically built to disrupt security systems. It can perform this function with rank value 20 ability.

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