the Depth Ray

The incredibly versatile Depth Ray is a marvel of modern engineering, even for a BTR (Built To Rule) vehicle. It can function in one of either two modes. It may serve the GI Joe team as either a submarine or a dune buggy, allowing it to traverse any battle field on earth!

Primarily piloted by Wet-Suit, this dual-purpose vehicle allows him to attack Cobra foes anywhere on the planet they're hiding - assuming it's not in some sort of ridiculous floating fortress, that is. The Depth Ray has the following vehicular characteristics:

Autocannons (a): in either mode, the Depth Ray has access to two rotary-barrel machine guns. These guns are linked, and can fire a short burst of lead to inflict one's Agility +6 in damage, raised to their Agility +7 in damage when they're fired continuously.

Body Armor (s): both configurations of the Depth Ray provide its operators intensity 8, or +2, body armor, thanks to its like m.s., as the vehicle is built to be particularly sturdy despite its modular nature. Under the water, it also possesses intensity 20, or +5, resistance to pressure variance.

Communications Array (i): the Depth Ray is equipped with a gigahertz frequency, frequency wobbler clandestine operations radio system. It provides intensity 5 radio transception (a 25 mile range) that features intensity 10 signal encryption.

Environmental Independence (s): the Depth Ray is a submarine in one of its modes, thus it must have a means for its operator (usually Wet-Suit) to breathe. It can provide its pilot just over a day's worth of air if necessary (intensity 2, for thirty hours in total).

Headlights (i): the front of the Depth Ray is equipped in either mode with two powerful xenon lamps. It can use these to illuminate the area in front of the vehicle with intensity 8 light, enough to blind foes in an ambush attack or to let the pilot see what is in front of them.

Missile Launcher (i): there are two missile launchers allotted to the Depth Ray, both of which are forward-facing. These launchers both fire projectiles which inflict intensity 11 damage, but add +1 if both launchers are used simultaneously.

Propulsion / Super Swimming (a): the Depth Ray can move at a decent clip. It has intensity 1 speeds while under the water (around 30 miles per hour), though it can move at intensity 3 speeds while on land (around 90 miles per hour, depending on the terrain).

Shape Change (i): the Depth Ray can serve as one of two different vehicles - either a submarine or a dune buggy. It can be reconfigured in the field in just a few minutes, allowing the GI Joe team considerable versatility with just one hex key (or two, if you lose the first).

Extra Goodies:

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