the LCV Recon Sled

The LCV - or Low Crawl Vehicle - is an attempt to produce a motorcycle-like vehicle that actually protects its operator from enemy fire. It accomplishes this by forcing its operator to ride it in a prone position, causing him or her to rest beneath its defenses.

The LCV Recon Sled has these vehicular capabilities:

RV 20
RV 40
RV 20
RV 6

9mm Cannon: the secondary gun on the LCV Recon Sled is mounted on the left rear portion of the vehicle. Able to rotate 180 degrees, it can hit anyone in front of, behind, or even above the vehicle. It can be fired to inflict rank value 10 Piercing damage per shot.

Communications Array: the LCV Recon Sled is equipped with a gigahertz frequency, frequency wobbler clandestine operations radio system. This advanced radio transceiver allows for rank value 10 comm power (with a 25 mile range), with rank value 30 signal encryption.

Deflector Windscreen: touted as a 'bullet proof' wind shield, the Deflector mounted on the front of the LCV Recon Sled provides its driver rank value 20 Protection from frontal attacks, though this is reduced by -2 RS from side hits.

Flex Chassis: the LCV Recon Sled is built from a titanium alloy chassis that can adjust to the contours of the surface below, thanks to its five wheeled front assembly. This heavy duty construction gives it an effective Durability trait of 20.

Headlight: the LCV has one high power lamp on the front, just beneath its Deflector Windscreen. This light can produce illumination of rank value 10 intensity, which can also be used as a surprise blinding attack in a pinch (assuming no one knows its there).

Submachine Guns: on each side of the Deflector Windscreen, these twinned guns can be used to hit whatever is in front of the vehicle. They can be fired in tandem to inflict rank value 10 Piercing damage in a single shot, raised to rank value 20 in a short, controlled burst.

Thermal Imaging Array: in addition to the 'passive' video scanner the LCV Recon Sled's driver relies on to operate it, the vehicle also has a thermal imaging sensor it can use to spot targets by their heat signature, which functions at rank value 10.

Video Package: since the driver of the LCV Recon Sled cannot see in front of the vehicle directly, they must make use of a periscope mounted video camera. This unit feeds to a monitor inside the Deflector Windscreen, which works as long as the periscope isn't obscured.

Extra Goodies:

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