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Jesus Smith, otherwise known as Master Smith, is a former member of the Society of Explicated Brethren, and thus a competent spellcaster. He's also quite the physical combatant, and has several belief-based powers thanks to his time shepherding the Zen Hell-Kites!

Known Powers:

Schooling: Disciple / Physiomancy

For several years, Master Smith honed his combative magics under the auspices of the Society of Explicated Brethren - until he got tired of them telling others how to live. In his time with the Society, Smith is known to have mastered these spells:

Contact Absorption (p): Master Smith can use this rank value 20 spell to absorb something's physical properties. He gains its m.v., along with matching Brawn and Fortitude (limited to this spell value), and the general characteristics of its energy and shape.

Danger Sense (p): something that has helped him stay alive after leaving the Society, this spell gives Master Smith an awareness of imminent danger. Functioning at rank value 30, it gives him a thirty second warning of any harm about to befall him!

Eldritch Palm (p): Master Smith can create two auras of pure concussive force, one of which manifests around each of his hands. While this spell is active, he may thus inflict rank value 30 Force damage in melee with each devastating strike.

Empathy (p): probably his most useful tool for finding new candidates for membership in the Zen Hell-Kites, this spell lets the Master sense individuals who are full of rage. This spell works for Smith with rank value 20 effectiveness.

Linguistics (p): a spell which allows him to communicate with almost anyone he battles, Master Smith can use this magic with rank value 10 ability. He can thus make use of ten additional languages at any one time - typically those most common on earth.

Longevity (d): Master Smith has been alive for a very long time - much longer than one would expect. Having gained this rank value 20 spell upon his fortieth birthday (give or take a day), he now has an eventual lifespan of 240,040 years.

Believer Psionics (Metapsionic Powers):

Invulnerability Aura (a): when he finds himself in combat, Master Smith may forego his standard empathic resistance. This is replaced with his so-called 'battle trance', which gives him complete immunity to all empathic assaults entirely!

Resistance Aura (s): when not actively in battle, Master Smith nonetheless has significant resistance to empathic powers. This power functions at his Awareness +4 RS - which is rank value 200 resistance for this nominal leader of the Hell-Kites.

Believer Psionics (Psikinetic Powers):

Flaw Sense (s): a step above and beyond his fighting logistics quirk, Master Smith can perceive the weakness(es) of a person, place or thing with rank value 30 ability, spotting physical weaknesses on a red ACT or mental weaknesses on a blue ACT.

If he can take advantage of this weakness, Master Smith can inflict power value (or +1 RS) damage against inanimate objects. Against the living, he may inflict +1 RS damage when exploiting a weakness, and causes a Concuss result if his foe fails a yellow Fortitude ACT.

Limitations / Enhancements:



Space Spurning Sash of Sigmund: this alliterative and sorcerous sash, seemingly woven from metallic fibers, allows its possessor the ability to teleport with rank value 20 skill and range (100 miles per 'hop'). It possesses an effective m.v. 50.

Swirling Sword: this strange weapon is a broadsword whose coloration shifts from second to second. Charged with philosophical chaos, this m.v. 100 blade inflicts Master Smith's Brawn +1 RS in Slashing damage, but also exposes its target to Probability Fallout!


Enemy 2: while he was originally a member of the Society of Explicated Brethren, Master Smith left them after realizing what they were really about. Since no one 'leaves' the group, as far as they are concerned, this powerful organization will attempt to kill the man on sight.

Fighting Logistics: his intense combat indoctrination has given Master Smith an extremely tactical mind. After but 1d10 rounds of combat with a foe (not turns), Master Smith should receive a +1 RS to all subsequent Melee ACT rolls he makes against said opponent.


Languages / English and Spanish: above and beyond what his linguistics spell lets him do, Master Smith always retains the use of these two languages. Having grown up in a bilingual home, he may read, write and speak in both languages fluently.

Lore: before he became a master combatant, Master Smith was steeped in the forgotten lore of magical practitioners long past. He knows all about sorcerous things, and should receive a +1 RS to any Intellect ACT roll required when recalling such knowledge.

Martial Arts style B: aiding him in the use of his eldritch palm, this unarmed fighting style helps Master Smith to connect in unarmed melee. He should receive a +1 RS to his Melee in such combat, whether punching, kicking, or even biting a foe.

Weapon Skill / Swords: though he most often fights unarmed, usually to take advantage of his magical prowess, Master Smith has learned how to effectively fight with a sword. He may handle any such weapon as if his Melee was +1 RS higher in value.

Weapon Specialist / Swirling Sword: something he brought with him after quitting the Society, Master Smith has trained extensively in the use of this blade. He can use this broadsword at an additional +2 RS, and gains a +1 initiative modifier when wielding it.

Weapon Master: Master Smith has had a very long time to get the hang of most weapons, whether for his personal use of when training others how to wield them. Thus, he never suffers penalties for unfamiliarity with any weapon he has in hand.


While he is not officially the leader of the Zen Hell-Kites, what with it essentially being leaderless, Master Smith has been a member of this group for well over a hundred years. He has seen the Hell-Kites though a variety of different emergencies since becoming one of its elders.

Smith is often recognized as the chief Hell-Kite despite neither wishing for nor claiming this honor, and can readily count the group as a contact. After all, the vast majority of its current membership was recruited by him, and the group as a whole deeply respects the man.


Master Smith doesn't wear a flashy outfit - whether working within the Zen Hell-Kites' compound or on some mission or other for it. Regardless of what he's doing, Master Smith simply wears a plain white karategi, complemented with soft brown leather shoes.

And of course, his steely sash.


Master Smith has always been a firm believer in letting everyone choose their own path - and letting them deal with the consequences of such. He maintains that life is the best teacher there is, and that only by making mistakes can one eventually find their true self.

This is why he quit the Society so long ago, and has spent almost every waking moment since working for the Zen Hell-Kites. He endeavors to ensure he can enable as many people as possible to strike out on their own in the world... regardless of their ultimate aims.

Real Name: Jesus Smith
Occupation: combat instructor, recruiter
Legal Status: citizen of the United States who is legally dead (though he's obviously still alive)
Marital Status: widower
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: Zen Hell-Kites, former member of the Society of Explicated Brethren

Height: 5' 7"
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 180 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none.


While he's been known as Master Smith for over a century now, this nominal leader of the anarchistic Zen Hell-Kites was born as Jesus Smith in a rural Texan home. His household was relatively egalitarian for the time, and Jesus was raised speaking both parents' tongues.

This proved to be quite an advantage to the man when, upon eventually leaving home, he wandered the earth for a time to 'find' himself. Jesus' travels took him far and wide, and the man ultimately found what he considered the Answer to his life in Argentina.

There, Jesus met an ancient wizard, one who saw a great potential in him. Offering to help express that potential, that wizard then began to train Jesus in the mystic art of physiomancy. Within a few years, he had grown to become a disciple of the art, and was quite physically powerful.

In time, Jesus fell in with an association of sorcerers who identified themselves as the Society of Explicated Brethren. This organization purported to be a society of men intent on furthering magical knowledge across the world. At first, this sounded like a great thing.

Thus, Jesus worked with the Society for several years, thinking he was helping the world when he was in fact seriously hampering global knowledge of sorcery. This, of course, because the Society believes that only the Society knows how to best use magic for the world's benefit.

Upon being asked to help terminate a young mage solely because she wouldn't bow to the Society's will, Jesus finally realized what the group was all about - and abruptly turned on those evil men who would have him murder in their name. Naturally, the Society took exception to this.

Since this time, the Society of Explicated Brethren have hunted Jesus incessantly, and at one point almost managed to finally put him down - save for the efforts of a young martial artist. This woman single-handedly beat down all of Jesus' antagonists - and did so bare handed!

Knowing karma when he saw it, Jesus journeyed with his savior to the home of her strange order, then called the Machine Gun Buddhists. Upon learning what they were all about, Jesus joined up with them, and spent several more years in study - this time, learning the art of battle!

Long lived due to his magical prowess, Jesus has stayed with the Machine Gunners ever since, though in the decades since they have changed their name to something less impolitic: the Zen Hell-Kites! In fact, he has been a senior member of the organization for over a century now.

In this time, he has grown from a mere novice into one of the group's most deadly fighters. In fact, most of the Hell-Kites looks to him for leadership, not that he asks them to; no, the Hell-Kites themselves have no single leader, simply being an association of independent warriors.

That's not to say that he hasn't done great things for the group. Using his magical powers and equipment, Jesus regularly walks the earth on a search for new Hell-Kites. He tries to find individuals who could do great or terrible things - if only they knew how.

This when he isn't training said initiates. Jesus takes a direct hand in the education of most Hell-Kites whenever he can, and most of them look upon him with a reverence he almost finds uncomfortable. Almost. But then, being known as a 'Master' has its perks, after all...!

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