Moon-Man (deceased)

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This mysterious fellow, he is the Moon-Man! As far as anyone knows, he lacks any super-human powers of any stripe, merely wading into the fight against crime with naught but his two fists and his many and various skills to back him up.

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Helmet: like many of the Crazy Sues, Moon-Man wears a helmet while he's in action against the Axis powers. This protective implement provides him rank value 6 resistance against assaults which strike him in the head - though this protection doesn't extend to his face.

Pistol: a backup for his submachine gun, this Colt M1911A1 is Moon-Man's trusty sidearm. It fires bullets capable of inflicting rank value 6 Piercing damage with each shot, raised by +1 RS whenever Moon-Man fires it in a semi-automatic burst of lead.

Submachine Gun: upon being enlisted into the United States Army, Moon-Man began to carry around this high powered firearm. This weapon can inflict rank value 6 Piercing damage in a single shot, raised by +1 RS in a semi-auto burst, or +2 RS when fired fully automatic.




Acrobatics: the Moon-Man is described as being more than a little acrobatic. He can climb up most vertical surfaces with ease, and gains a +1 RS on all dodging, escaping, evading, and weaving maneuvers he should attempt in his monthly fight against crime.

Guns: though he didn't originally wield firearms as a crime fighter, the Moon-Man began to do so as a member of the United States Army's Specialized Unit: Enhanced Soldiers program. He may wield all conventional firearms at his Coordination trait +1 RS.

Martial Arts style B: the Moon-Man is competent with his left and his right, and as such he makes unarmed attacks with a +1 RS to his Melee value. He's so confident of his brawling ability that he does not carry any damaging weapons with him on 'patrol'.

Military / United States: after being inducted into the Crazy Sues, the Moon-Man was trained in the Army's Standard Operating Procedure. As such, he can consider the military a reliable contact, and can fight in a combat unit with relative ease.

Science! The Moon-Man is described as a master of multiple sciences; it's possible this is how he can afford to wage war against the forces of evil once a month. The exact science(s) he is a master of are currently unknown, though it may well be all of them.


The Moon-Man originally had no reliable contacts as a crime-fighter. Though formerly wanted by the police for his erratic vigilante action, Moon-Man eventually joined the Crazy Sues, who he can consider - along with the military overall - a reliable contact.


Once a month, the man known only as the Moon-Man dresses up in a black, long-sleeved shirt with a huge yellow moon emblem on it, short black shorts, a yellow belt, a black half mask, sturdy black leather boots, and a short yellow cape with a blue 'Moon-Man' medallion holding it up.

When he's active alongside the Crazy Sues, Moon-Man wears conventional military fatigues atop his costume. These consist of olive drab trousers and long-sleeved shirts over a white T-shirt, along with a green helmet, brown boots, a brown belt, and dark green webbing.


The mysterious Moon-Man seems ever vigilant against the threat posed to society by those who would prey upon it, but is also rather obsessed with the style in which he actually opposes the forces of evil. While he means well, he may be more than a little bit 'off'.

Real Name: last name unknown
Occupation: adventurer, scientist
Legal Status: American citizen with no criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: Moon Man, Moonman
Group Affiliation: the Crazy Sues

Height: unknown
Hair: brown
Eyes: blue
Weight: unknown
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: the Moon-Man has a very solid chin.


He who the world may or may not know as the Moon-Man is quite a wealthy individual. He maintains a large penthouse high above the city, one with a clear view of the crime that may be transpiring below. And when the full moon rises, he springs into action against evil!

Yes, once a month, the Moon-Man dons his uniform and seeks injustices to set right. On one such night, he was leafing through the paper, and upon learning that an entire orphanage was poisoned at a Christmas dinner, he deduced that Boss McGool and his cronies were behind this.

Leaping into his roadster, the Moon-Man sought out McGool's secretary, Nadia, and promptly broke into her home. Seizing her out of nowhere, he caused the poor woman to faint with fright. Presuming she had Evidence in her purse, he swiped it and headed back to the Moon-Penthouse.

Pulling the Moon-Car into his secret entrance, he rode up in the elevator inside his roadster, and then hatched the next part of his plan. Breaking into the orphanage, he found that the meat they had on hand was quite spoiled rotten - apparently his wild hunch was right!

Subsequently breaking into McGool's apartment, the Moon-Man menaced the ersatz provider of orphanage food, and roughed up two of his cronies when they investigated the ruckus. Leaving, he promptly returned to poor Nadia's house, and lay in wait.

Seizing her again upon her arrival at her apartment, the Moon-Man forced her to sign a prepared confession, and then left for McGool's place to torment him anew. Unfortunately, however, he found that McGool had left, but had forgotten a receipt for his train ticket out of town.

Trying to escape this meddling weirdo, McGool nonetheless had to face him again on his train, as the vigilante pursued him relentlessly. The Moon-Man roughed up the scammer and leapt out of the train with him in tow - though the now-unconscious villain landed much harder than he.

Dragging him to his car, the Moon-Man then delivered McGool to the police, along with the evidence he'd collected thus far. Leaving the police chief scratching his head about just who this costumed fellow was, the Moon-Man made his escape and headed back home.

The extent of the Moon-Man's further crime-fighting career is as of yet unknown. However, it is known that he was ultimately inducted into the United States Army's Specialized Unit: Enhanced Soldiers program - otherwise known as the Crazy Sues.

Receiving proper training from one Sergeant Byrd and the one and only Captain America, Moon-Man and the other Crazies were slowly forged from a group of malcontent, super-powered loners into a lean, mean fighting team - which the Allies used to great effect.

Moon-Man, among many other super-humans working for the Army, fought many fascists in support of the main Allied forces, in multiple combat theaters. It was when the Crazy Sues were working to drive the Nazis out of Germany, however, that Moon-Man met his ultimate fate.

Attacked by surprised when pacifying the French countryside as they followed the routed Germans, the Crazy Sues took heavy fire. The first casualty in this incident, sadly, was the Moon-Man, who was mowed down by multiple bursts of machine gun fire.

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