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Founder of the Jensen Congress, Mike 001 is a completely normal human, at least in a physical sense. His mind rests near the limits of the human capacity for science and innovation, and he's thus created a large number of advanced, high tech devices with which to adventure!

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Force Field Harness: worn over his usual T-shirt, this webbing is lined with a large number of directed energy projectors of Mike 002's design, which combine their efforts to create a force field! This rank value 30 barrier protects Mike 001 as follows:

RV 20 / RV 30 / RV 4 / RV 0 / RV 0

Laser Bracer: using (Disco) Mike 003's science, this wrist-mounted device projects a coherent beam of light energy: a laser! This beam inflicts rank value 20 Armor Piercing Energy damage, adding +1 RS for each doubling of turns it is applied to a target (maximum +4 RS boost).

Omni-scanner: designed by Michelle 232, the omni-scanner is a mainstay of all Jensen Congress members. It is known to be, at the very least, equipped with the biological sense, energy sense and nativity sense powers, all functioning at rank value 40.

The Transfinitron: while several of his counterparts have built analogues of this device, Mike 001 is the first documented Jensen to have crossed the timelines. He can do so thanks to his Transfinitron, a large platform which crafts portals leading to variant earths.

This oversized device can pierce the 5th dimensional veil with rank value 40 ability. It can store any number of destination timelines in its memory - once they've been found, at least. Of course, it can always just pierce one randomly if desired - if only for Science!




Advanced Guns: though he's never touched a conventional firearm, Mike 001 has been trained in the use of advanced, energy-based weaponry by his counterpart, (Disco) Mike 003. He may wield energy casters and electronic projectile weapons at his Coordination score +1 RS.

Electronics: to build the devices his knowledge of time predicted, Mike 001 has studied the ins and outs of electronic science. Thus, he can operate, build and repair analog or digital electronic devices as if his Intellect was +1 RS higher than is listed above.

Leadership: though he's not a natural born leader, Mike 001 has developed his skills in this regard as a part of his stewardship of the Jensen Congress. When leading a team, he can add one hundred (100) points to its Fortune pool, assuming it bothers to form one.

Martial Arts style B: though he prefers to avoid violence, Mike 001 has learned how to defend himself, at the insistence of Mack 066. Thus, he may add a +1 RS to his Melee score when engaged in unarmed combat, whether punching, kicking, or even biting someone!

Physics / Temporal Mechanics 2: Mike 001 has always had time on the mind. In fact, he eventually turned this obsession into practical knowledge, and now possesses a keen understanding of time itself. His Intellect in such areas should be considered +2 RS in value!


Founder of the Jensen Congress, Mike 001 is held in high regard by his fellows. Though he lacks any special priviledge in the group due to the very nature of its charter, other Jensens often (though not always) defer to his wisdom in matters of import to the group.


Mike 001 doesn't really wear a costume, per se. Dressing more casual than many of his fellows, Mike 001 simply wears a white T-shirt, blue jeans, red Converse ™ sneakers, and a black leather belt with an oversized belt buckle - or some variation on this theme - while at 'work'.


Mike 001 is always looking for something new - whether it be in some timeline he's already discovered or a new world entirely. This urge has compelled him to aid his cross-time counterparts, both out of a sense of personal duty as well as the opportunity to learn something new!

Real Name: Mike Jensen
Occupation: adventurer, inventor
Legal Status: American citizen with no criminal record
Marital Status: married
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Jensen Congress

Height: 6' 3"
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 155 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


For all of his life, Mike Jensen was obsessed with the nature of time. He had a large catalog of ideas involving just how it worked... and how it could be manipulated. While college dispelled many of these, it only reinforced Mike's ideas in a few of his temporal notions.

Such as traveling from one timeline to another! Though his notions were generally mocked by the scientific community, Mike nonetheless pursued his work on cross-time theory in-between odd jobs at 'real' companies that were doing 'real' science - the dream never died.

Since none of his peers would help to fund his researches, Mike vowed to keep them to himself in the event of a breakthrough. He at least had the support of his wife Marlene, a science fiction author who believed in the spirit of Mike's work - if not the actual science involved, anyway.

You could imagine her surprise when, one day, Mike demonstrated that he'd perfected something he'd named the Transfinitron: a platform which would build a doorway to another, variant timestream. Taking Marlene along for its inaugural journey, the two quickly met another Mike!

Though Marlene rapidly went home, suddenly finding a whole new inspiration for her novels, Mike stayed on with his counterpart for a while, helping him to achieve his own dream: the creation of force field technology. This took some time, but had nonetheless invigorated Mike's spirit.

With his wife's blessings, Mike traveled to additional timelines, assembling an association of sorts consisting of variant earth versions of himself: the Jensen Congress! This group was formed solely to help other Mikes achieve their dreams, no matter what they happened to be.

On each of his travels, Mike collected a new 'alternate history' his wife could use to bolster her career, while he met another Mike (or Michelle, or whatever) that could add to his knowledge - and vice versa. In time, the Jensen Congress consisted of several hundred Mikes.

Mike 001, as he came to be known, spent most of his time working to maintain this group. His work allowed many of his counterparts to truly excel in whatever area they chose to specialize in, even if it prevented his own scientific work from proceeding much further.

But Mike 001 doesn't mind this, as his exposure to a wide array of variant selves has fast-forwarded his general knowledge level, and has given him a wide variety of 'inventions' that he can sell at home to ensure that he or his wife need never to work a 'mundane' job ever again.

A considerable trade-off to be sure, but well worth it in his eyes!

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