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The corporate sponsors of Agency 13, the Jensen Congress, has two members of its group directly participating in the Agency's investigations: Mike 013, the Agency's founder, and Michelle 232, it's erstwhile field support staff and current investigator. In the event that the Congress begins to act counter to the good of our world, this file has been assembled to counter their actions. - Mike 013.

Across the various timelines currently known, Mike Jensen (or whatever he or she was named locally) has demonstrated a predilection for science. Often woefully underfunded in his or her efforts, such counterparts have had to make do and further their knowledge under highly adverse conditions. This was the case with the founder of the Jensen Congress: Mike 001.

This Jensen variant was the first known to have developed the means of crossing the timelines - and his first trip led him to meeting another Mike almost instantly. Having manifested in that fellow's laboratory, Mike 001 had to quickly convince his counterpart that he wasn't participating in some sort of practical joke or vast conspiracy to humiliate him - his seclusion had rendered him somewhat paranoid, you see.

Seeing that he could help this other version of himself, Mike 001 stayed on in his counterpart's service for some time, helping him to complete his life's work: the development of practical force field technology! The two Mikes then exchanged scientific data, as each found the other's gear would come in very, very handy for a variety of purposes, and ultimately went their own, separate ways.

His mind expanded by the experience of both meeting and drastically improving the life of a variant earth counterpart, Mike 001 decided that he wanted to do more of such work. Not only would he be able to improve the lot of himself across the multiverse, but he'd be able to acquire technologies that he himself hadn't even conceived of - even if it was technically himself that was developing them!

To this end, Mike 001 began the exploration of variant timelines in earnest. His ultimate goal was now to create an association of sorts, whose membership would be limited to counterparts of himself. This cross-time association would act as a support organization dedicated to helping the various Mike Jensens in their endeavors, whether they be scientific, monetary, or simply of the intensely personal variety.

In relatively short order, Mike 001 had assembled a small 'core' of his variant selves, who helped him to construct a headquarters of sorts on an earth where sentient life never developed. There, the assembled Mikes (and so on) officially created the Jensen Congress, and its singular law: that each Mike Jensen is equal to all others, and that his timeline is sacrosanct - unless he lets any other Mike Jensens in.

Responsibly exploiting the resources of their uninhabited earth, the Jensen Congress quickly amassed all the financial muscle they would need to get started, and began its work in earnest. Within a relatively short order, the membership of the Congress grew to hold several hundred Mike Jensen counterparts, each exchanging science, technology and knowledge with each other to enrich the lives of Mikes everywhere!

The Congress itself, unlike a lot of other cross-time agencies, does not actively work to 'police' the timelines - with one notable exception. You see, in the course of its work, a few Mikes within the Jensen Congress have discovered that the timeline that its own Mike 013 hails from is something of an important nexus. Events in this timeline are often indicative of those in others - whether in a past or a future sense.

Thus, the Congress has begun to use Mike 013's timeline, which they call earth 13, to predict occurrences in their own - or to at least better understand things that have happened in their own pasts. So, when the Congress discovers other cross-time meddlers acting on earth 13, they work hard to stop (or at least minimize) the damage these interlopers cause, lest they sully the events of their own predictive researches.

When working to better understand earth 13, the Congress has made use of a group of investigative locals, assembled by Mike 013. This group, Agency 13, has vastly expanded the knowledge the Jensen Congress has about earth 13 as a whole... and by extension, the many and various worlds under it's purview. As such, the Congress does its best to give the Agency everything it needs to complete its work.

Within reason, of course.

There are literally hundreds of Mike Jensen counterparts that are represented by the Jensen Congress, and while files are extant for all of them, most of such don't really affect the Agency's work. Several Jensens, however, may very well interact with members of the Agency at some time or another during the course of an investigation, and thus are detailed here for convenience. - Mike 013.

Notable Mike Jensen Counterparts:

Mike 001: founder of the Jensen Congress, Mike 001 is the first known Congressman to cross time under his own power. Having worked hard to maintain the Congress however, Mike 001 hasn't really excelled in a specific area like his fellows. Availability:

Mike 001 (MSH Classic)

Mike 001 (4C System)

Mike 001 (Marvel Saga)

Mike 002: something of a super-villain, the Mike Jensen of Earth Two is the inventor of the Congress' force field technology. Though he misbehaves on his own world however, he's quite amicable to his counterparts across the multiverse. Availability:

Mike 002 (MSH Classic)

Mike 002 (4C System)

Mike 002 (Marvel Saga)

(Disco) Mike 003: a former Marine and extensive inventor, Disco Mike was something of a hero in his own timeline. As a member of the Jensen Congress, he has given them access to laser weaponry, and is well-respected by just about all of his peers! Availability:

(Disco) Mike 003 (MSH Classic)

(Disco) Mike 003 (4C System)

(Disco) Mike 003 (Marvel Saga)

Mike 013: Mike Jensen was driven to prove the validity his odd notions regarding space and time, and once he did so he met various variant versions of himself that felt the same. Having done this, Mike now seeks out new mysteries to occupy his time. Availability:

Mike 013 (MSH Classic)

Mike 013 (4C System)

Mike 013 (Marvel Saga)

Mack 066: unlike many of his cohorts in the Jensen Congress, Mack 066 is not a scientist. He is however a student of war, and has amassed considerable skill and experience in this area, both during his time as an Army Ranger and after! Availability:

Mack 066 (MSH Classic)

Mack 066 (4C System)

Mack 066 (Marvel Saga)

Mikalea 101: the fraternal twin sister of her earth's Mike Jensen, Mikaela is an inveterate computer hacker and programmer who has earned her way into the Jensen Congress on a technicality, and constantly works to improve their software. Availability:

Mikaela 101 (MSH Classic)

Mikaela 101 (4C System)

Mikaela 101 (Marvel Saga)

Michelle 232: though Michelle Jensen is one of the more recent 'Mikes' that Mike 013 encountered via the Jensen Congress, she's been one of his most reliable friends. So much so, in fact, that she often helps Agency 13 on its various clandestine jobs! Availability:

Michelle 232 (MSH Classic)

Michelle 232 (4C System)

Michelle 232 (Marvel Saga)

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