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Mikaela Jensen, known to the Jensen Congress as Mikaela 101, is a normal human. Well, mostly. While she lacks special powers of any variety, she nonetheless has a staggeringly keen mind, and access to a wide array of advanced technological devices of the Congress' manufacture.

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Blackberry ™ Smartphone: though she doesn't use it to make calls, Mikaela enjoys this device for its ergonomic keyboard and ability to store vast amounts of data. It can connect to conventional terrestrial networks with rank value 4 ability (five mile range, give or take).

Combining her abilities in signal processing with Mike 013's cross-time theories however, Mikaela's Blackberry ™ has been modified, and can now send text messages and the like to different timelines. This helps her keep in touch with her friends in the Congress at all times!

Blaster: while the Jensen Congress makes laser weapons available to all its members, Mikalea lacks the patience for such weaponry. Instead, she uses a blaster built by Michelle 232, which fires piles of charged particles that inflict rank value 20 Force damage per shot.

Force Field Generator: manufactured for her by Mike 002, this device is disguised as an ordinary necklace. Suspended around her neck on a golden chain, this miniature field projector can create a rank value 30 protective barrier, which defends Mikaela as follows:

RV 20 / RV 30 / RV 4 / RV 0 / RV 0

Mike: this computer, built for Mikaela by her brother before his untimely death, is still leaps and bounds ahead of those used most anywhere - on any earth. It's not sentient by any means, but Mikaela is working on that with her staggeringly advanced work in computer science.

While Mike was originally about the size of a conventional personal computer, Mikaela has shrank 'him' with the help of both Mike 013 and Michelle 232, who rival her late brother in raw electronics skill. Mike is now but the size of Mikaela's Blackberry ™ smartphone.

The Transfinitron: Mikaela doesn't know the first thing about transdimensional physics or cross-temporal theory, but she possesses a Transfinitron. Built for her by Mike 013, she primarily uses this large platform to cross between her world and Earth Zero.

This because the Transfinitron can pierce the 5th dimensional veil with rank value 40 ability. It can store any number of destination timelines in its memory - once they've been found, at least. Of course, it can always just pierce one randomly if desired - if only for Science!


Advanced Guns: learned through trial and error, this skill represents Mikaela 101's mastery of her blaster and other, similar weaponry. Whenever wielding advanced, directed energy weapons, Mikaela 101 may do so as though her Coordination was +1 RS in value.

Computers 3: her mind advanced beyond the vast majority of humanity's,, and further focused upon the ideals of computer science, Mikaela 101 is likely one of the greatest mortal masters of software. She should make Intellect ACTs regarding such at a +3 RS.

Electronics: though not the master of the electron her brother was, Mikaela 101 has begun to study this science to help her work with telecommunications. She can design, build, operate or even repair most electronics at her Intellect value +1 RS.


Mikaela 101 is primarily invested in her work with the Jensen Congress, and can consider the group a reliable contact - she's their chief programmer, after all. In particular, she's on very good terms with Mike 013 and Michelle 232, who helped her to get over her Mike's demise.

On Earth 101, Mikaela is a known computer hacker with numerous criminal contacts. While she cannot legally wield a computer on her home world any longer, Mikaela 101 could presumably access several computer contacts there if she were to disregard the terms of her parole.


Mikaela 101 mostly wears casual clothing at all times, rarely deigning to use the Spandex ™ her fellow Congressmen and Congresswomen seem to enjoy. She is partial to loose-fitting blue denim overalls however, which she wears over black leather Army boots and a white T-shirt.


Mikalea isn't good at social interaction, which is why she prefers to communicate with others through online means. She finds the buffer of the keyboard a good way to let her frame her thoughts and speak more coherently, which is why she doesn't even bother with a telephone usually.

She's also quite beyond most others when it comes to computer programming. Her subconscious is constantly churning out new algorithms and subroutines, and she's wary about not immediately putting them to 'paper' lest they slip her mind - which makes her seem quite obsessive.

Real Name: Mikaela Jensen
Occupation: inveterate computer hacker
Legal Status: citizen of the United States of Earth 101 with a considerable criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: any number of disposable aliases used on internet forums and communities
Group Affiliation: the Jensen Congress

Height: 6' 1"
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 152 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none.


Mikaela Jensen, currently known as Mikaela 101, is something of a quandary in the Jensen Congress. The problem, you see, is that she's a member of a group that is supposed to consist entirely of Mike Jensen counterparts from across the multiverse - and she isn't one.

The twin sister of her world's Mike Jensen, Mikaela grew up very close to her brother. The two obsessed over technology, with Mikaela pushing the boundaries of software while Mike instead 'did' the hardware. The two may well have revolutionized computers in their timeline, in fact.

However, a random tragedy removed Mike from his world at an early age, when a medication-addled senior citizen plowed his sport utility vehicle right through the Jensen family home. Mike died instantly in this horrible accident, and his inadvertent killer got off scot-free.

This unhinged Mikaela some, having lost the best friend she'd ever had so abruptly. Quickly growing tired of the 'normal' world, Mikaela began to use her computer skills for evil, wielding them through the computer Mike built for her to work out her aggressions.

And she had many, many aggressions.

Ultimately jailed for her online antics, Mikaela was despondently considering suicide when she received a most unexpected visitor in prison: it was Mike! Of course, this man claimed not to be 'her' Mike but another one - saying he hailed from a place he called Earth 13.

Thinking him some kind of crazy person, or perhaps a hallucination on her part, Mikaela initially waved this 'Mike' off as false. Until, that is, Mike 013 demonstrated the truth of what he was saying - namely by whisking Mikaela out of jail and onto the world known as Earth Zero!

There, Mike 013 explained that across the various timelines, variant versions of himself were known to dabble in super science - much like her Mike was an expert in computer hardware. These Jensens had combined their efforts into a Congress of like-minded peers.

Though by its very definition the Jensen Congress' membership was limited to variant versions of himself, Mike assured Mikaela that she could likely get in on a technicality, since she was the fraternal twin of her own Mike - and a certifiable genius in computer programming herself.

Assuming she wanted in, that is.

Liking the idea of helping out her brother - even if it wasn't technically him, really, but different versions of such - Mikaela readily jumped at the chance. She felt the need to get her affairs in order however, and thus asked Mike 013 to return her to prison.

Six months later, Mikaela finally earned her freedom, getting parole for her many crimes - though she was barred from using computers as a condition of that liberty. She was okay with that, thinking she would not touch a computer again... at least, within her own timeline.

Before leaving her earth, which the Jensen Congress knew as Earth 101, Mikaela asked Mike 013 to help her again, this time by recovering the computer her brother built for her. Though it was awaiting demolition in a police impound, Mike 013 had no problem with this.

She was a Congresswoman now, after all! Easily recovering Mikaela's computer, Mike, with his high tech goodies, Mike 013 then collected Mikaela and took her to Earth Zero. There, she went to work building the Congress its own operating system and various software applications.

She wanted their gear to be as efficient as possible!

While the Jensen Congress reverse engineered Mike to adopt its secrets, Mikaela began to branch out scientifically, and has also become an expert in radio telecommunications - in particular, the transmission and reception of signals with nigh-unbreakable encryption.

Thus, Mikaela, now known as Mikaela 101 to her peers in the Congress, brings two important skills to the table. In addition to developing their incredibly efficient and secure software, Mikaela has also helped them to achieve virtually impregnable communications in the field.

Of course, she's still a hacker at heart, so Mikaela has naturally inserted a 'back door' or two into both her software and her communications scheme. She primarily did this to be able to eavesdrop on her fellows should they suddenly turn on her... or her good buddy Mike 013.

That and because she's nosy.

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