the Corporations of Variant Earth 13

This is a partial guide to the strange corporations that have cropped up in Variant Earth 13 which, more than anything else, have something to do with ascendant humans. Either they work to exploit them, employ them in some capacity or another, or are actually ran by such, these companies all work to pad the bottom line on the backs of super-human beings. These (usually) nefarious outfits include;

Ariel-Shijitzu Systems, Inc.: founded in the fifties by the late Max Ariel, this company has since passed into the ownership of his wife and children, and assumed a more global stance. A-S Systems is an international developer and seller of robotics technology, and is on the verge of a major breakthrough in artificial intelligence tech, as well.

the Jensen Congress: something of a non-profit organization, the Jensen Congress is a confederation of variant earth version of, well, Mike Jensen. This group exists as an agency dedicated to helping the various Mikes (or Michelles, or whatever) of the multiverse aid each other in their various goals, donating resources and technology to the cause (whatever it may be).

Permutational Industries: founded back in the 1800s as a snake-oil outfit, Permutational Industries has undergone enough changes to earn its current name. They sell a variety of alien-based biotechnology items to various government agencies, and are working out the kinks of a new, revolutionary organic circuitry technology they've dubbed Technohol.

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