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Physically speaking, Mike Jensen, or Mike 013 as he's taken to calling himself, is a completely normal human. He has no special powers to speak of. However, he's quite a genius, particularly where interdimensional physics is concerned. Combine this with an insatiable habit of tinkering with electronics, and you've got yourself a high tech hero that is capable of building devices that can cross the planes!

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Man-Portable Transfinitron: a remarkable condensation of his original cross-time travel gear, this device is built to appear like nothing other than an oversized belt buckle. While most of the Jensen Congress concentrated on finding new timelines, Mike worked on making his tech more efficient and produced this item. It works as well as the original, which is described below (though he hasn't shared this gear yet).

Force Suit: this advanced body suit has been lined with microscopic energy emitters that act to provide Mike a rank value 30 force field, capable of protecting him from most mundane assaults. Additionally, these energy emitters are equipped with vectored energy motivators, allowing Mike 2 RS of deflection. His protection breaks down as follows:

RV 20 / RV 30 / RV 4 / RV 0 / RV 0

M1911A1 .45 cal Pistol: his backup piece, this pistol is what Mike refers to when using his shotgun laser is either impossible or impractical. This handy dandy cannon can be fired to inflict rank value 6 Piercing damage in a single shot, or rank value 10 Piercing damage in a burst (the M1911A1 is a semi-automatic pistol). The clip holds seven rounds, though Mike always has one chambered and ready, too.

Omni-Scanner: this unilaterally useful, hand-held scanner is a godsend where Mike's investigative work is concerned. Working at rank value 40, this device is known to at least have the use of the biological sense, energy sense and nativity sense powers. However, it is likely that Mike's omni-scanner has additional capabilities that have yet to be revealed to us.

Shotgun / Laser Cannon Combo Unit: this shotgun can be used as normal, inflicting rank value 6 Piercing damage with bird shot (for a +2 RS to hit), rank value 10 Piercing damage with buckshot (for a +1 RS to hit) or a slug for rank value 20 Piercing damage, and can hold five rounds per load. However, the Jensen Congress built a handy surprise into Mike's primary firearm.

In addition to working as a perfectly normal shotgun, Mike can flip a switch which extends a (normally shielded) laser emitter into the barrel. He can use this either as a harmless laser pointer (usually for effect) or can instead let loose with a rank value 20 laser beam, which inflicts Armor Piercing Energy damage in a single shot, raised +1 RS for each doubling of time it is applied to a foe (+4 RS maximum).

The Transfinitron: probably the greatest invention he'll ever build by himself, this potent device can be used to pierce the 5th dimensional veil, allowing travel from the timeline it resides in to another. It can do this with rank value 40 ability, and can store any number of destination timelines in its memory. Of course, it can always just pierce one randomly, but unless no destinations are stored, this is unnecessary.




Advanced Guns: supplementing his training in standard firearms, Mike has been taught how to utilize advanced, energy-based weaponry - there is a difference in the handling, you know. Whether he's utilizing a weapon that fires energy-enhanced projectiles (like a rail gun), or something that projects actual energy beams (like a laser pistol), Mike may do so as though his Coordination was +1 RS in value.

Detective / Espionage: Mike has always been a fan of investigative work, but until he was properly trained by the Jensen Congress in real detective techniques, it was a mere hobby for him. Now, however, Mike can make effective use of surveillance (electronic or otherwise), passive or hostile information gathering methods, or simple hard-boiled detective work when necessary.

Electronics 2: his first true love, Mike has worked with electronic devices since he was a wee youth, and can be considered an expert in the creation, repair, and development of new electronic devices, whether they be digital or analog. When engaging in electronics work, if mundane or fantastic, Mike should do so as though his Intellect was +2 RS higher than is listed above.

Guns: more cerebral in nature than most of his operatives, Mike wasn't really all that combat-ready when he formed Agency 13. As such, Mike required extensive training to allow him to use his personal equipment effectively. Having received such, Mike can now make attacks with any standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifle or pistol at his Coordination +1 RS.

Martial Arts styles A and B: though he has been trained in the proper use of guns (of any stripe), Mike prefers to use his bare hands in combat, should he have to fight. As such, when engaging in unarmed melee, Mike may inflict Pound or Concuss results regardless of his comparative Brawn or Fortitude scores, and when doing so Mike makes such attacks at his Melee score +1 RS.

Physics / Temporal Mechanics: Mike's intensive studies into the nature of time itself have revealed to him the existence of variant time streams. Using equipment he'd developed to enter these time streams, in fact, was what caused Mike to discover the newly forming Jensen Congress in the first place. His expertise regarding other dimensions within his time stream is still unknown.

Repair / Tinkering: in addition to his extensive knowledge in electronics technology, Mike also has quite a handle on the mechanical aspect of devices. This skill allows him to deconstruct any mechanical object and, once he's learned how it works, he can use this knowledge to either reproduce said device or use its parts to build a totally different machine - and he receives a +1 RS to applicable ACTs when doing so!


Creator of the mysterious Agency 13, Mike can naturally rely upon his subordinates as contacts - the Agency isn't just a company, it's a group of investigators united in their cause. Mike is also a member of the Jensen Congress that is vital to that organization's future plans, and as such he can probably get anything he needs from them, ranging from personnel to resources to equipment, should he only ask.


When on the job, Mike wears a skin-tight red body suit, one which acts as a force field generator. On top of this suit, he wears a pair of blue jeans with several pockets, black leather work boots, and black leather webbing that holds a front-mounted holster for his M1911A1, a back-mounted holster for his laser shotgun, and several pockets for his various, non-combat devices (like flashlights, compasses, etc...).


Mike is the perennial explorer of mysteries, finder of lost things, and discoverer of that which was previously unknown. He loves to dig up ancient ruins (though he's not an archaeologist), solve crimes long-forgotten, and similarly deal with mysteries of the Human Condition. However, he's used to doing this alone; Mike is still adjusting to being responsible for a group of like-minded folks.

Real Name: Mike Jensen
Occupation: adventurer, investigator into the bizarre, inventor
Legal Status: American citizen with no criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: several temporary, throwaway names
Group Affiliation: Agency 13, the Jensen Congress

Height: 6' 3"
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 190 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


Mike Jensen has always been something of a wanderer, cerebrally speaking, in that he's always thought about things differently than other people. Concepts like space, time, and other seemingly fixed physical phenomena have always been on Mike's mind, and ever since he was a wee youth he conceived of ways that he could mold them. Of course, he was pretty much alone in his studies.

You see, the scientific community thought rather poorly of his multidimensional theories, and as such, Mike received scant funding for his researches. However, providence shines upon this man, and after a couple of years, Mike made his big breakthrough - he pierced the 5th dimensional veil, and walked from his earth clean into another one. That was three years ago.

Shortly thereafter, he was contacted by a then-small group calling itself the Jensen Congress, an organization comprised of twelve cross-time variants of himself, men (and women) who wished to basically help Mikes across the multiverse fulfill their potential. The group grew quickly, eventually gaining over two hundred additional Mikes to fill out its membership.

Having set up shop on a variant earth devoid of human life, the Jensen Congress consolidated its power, coming up with its only law. Essentially, it stated that by joining the Jensen Congress, the various Mikes (and Michelles) across time would vow to never interfere with the affairs of another Mike's (or Michelle's) earth without permission. This principle has kept the Congress effective since its beginning.

At any rate, Mike (having been given the name Mike 013 after joining the Congress) decided not to interfere with the natural progress of his earth, allowing it to continue without the effects of Jensen technology altering its course. This proved very useful to the Jensen Congress over time, however, when they learned that Mike's earth, earth 13, is a nexus of sorts.

Holding echoes of events and shadows of important people from countless variant realities, earth 13 could serve as a sort of guide to the present (and possibly future) for many other worlds touched by the Jensen Congress. Of course, they couldn't properly study it without Mike 013's approval. It took some doing, but the Congress finally convinced Mike that it was necessary.

However, he wouldn't allow the Congress unfettered access to his earth. Instead, he decided to allow them access to but one building, one in the middle of nowhere, from which they could study his timeline. However, it would undoubtedly be necessary for more ... personal efforts to be made in some matters, and as such, Mike decided that he would need other folks from his own world for this job.

To this end, he founded Agency 13. The group, bolstered by information from the many Jensen worlds, could look into all manner of troublemakers across the earth, and can research groups and individuals and entities of import that have no parallels on the other Jensen worlds, should they arise there at a later date. Of course, his own investigative abilities weren't that good yet, so he'd need top notch detectives.

After the Jensen Congress outfitted him with some fancy high tech toys, and gave him the resources and training he'd need to put Agency 13 together, Mike 013 began to recruit the folks he knew would be perfect for the task at hand. Over time, he pulled together Agent Deathmonger, Seņor Barnett, Sir Tophat, Chase Andrews, Sticks McLellan, and the Post-Modern Girl into a lean, mean, investigative machine!

For some time now, Mike 013 and his Agency have investigated all manner of threats, from various secret societies hell-bent on world domination to other cross-time agencies looking to horn in on the Jensen Congress' turf. However, Mike and his Agents have held fast against these threats, and continue to look into the bizarre across earth 13 to this very day!

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