Agency 13

An inventor of highly advanced, cross-temporal technology, Mike Jensen was one of the very first of his variant earth counterparts to join together with other, like Jensens to form the Jensen Congress. This group, a confederacy of sorts that includes Jensens from a wide variety of scientific backgrounds, has but one law: each Jensen is equal, and his or her world is off-limits to other Jensens unless invited in.

Mike himself, known to his fellow Jensens as Mike 013, never did invite other Jensens onto his timeline. Furthermore, he didn't use any of the advanced technologies and knowledge he'd gained through mingling with his fellows to alter his world any. This proved to be a godsend to the Congress, for they determined that Mike's timeline, which they knew as Earth 13, was a nexus for events in a large number of other earths.

Wishing to study Mike's timeline, to better anticipate and/or understand occurrences on their own worlds, the Jensen Congress came to an understanding with Mike 013. In exchange for his assembling a team of 'locals' to investigate things at the Congress' behest, they would benefit from the knowledge these investigators acquired - without actually entering Mike 013's timeline and meddling with things.

It helped that the Congress would foot the bill for all this work, as well.

Having no problem with this idea, Mike 013 assembled a group of two-fisted investigators to look into all manner of strange events and shady organizations, though in the course of his work he discovered that the Jensen Congress wasn't the only cross-time organization interested in his timeline. Upon realizing this, Mike 013 decided that something had to be done about these groups, lest they endanger the world.

Much less the purity of data that Agency 13 was uncovering. Thus, Agency 13 began to act against these groups in earnest, whether they be the relatively small Branch Empire or the multiverse-spanning Ubiquidyne. Mind you, adding this second mission to Agency 13's to-do list was easier said than done, as more than one of Mike 013's operatives didn't like the idea of this more proactive approach to their work.

The whole idea of their mission being investigative to begin with. However, the more stubborn elements of his employees eventually came around to Mike 013's way of thinking, seeing just how drastic an effect these cross-time agencies were having on their world. As such, Agency 13 has become a foil to threats local to their timeline as well as other organizations that threaten the peace across the multiverse itself!

Known members of Agency 13 include the following:

Agent Deathmonger: having a long history with both the United States Army and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, former Mrj. Michael Shaw is an expert in investivative work, and can keep his objectivity no matter how bizarre everything gets. Availability:

Agent Deathmonger (MSH Classic)

Agent Deathmonger (4C System)

Agent Deathmonger (Marvel Saga)

Chase Storey: a former investigative reporter and science fiction author of some repute, the man operating under the pseudonym of Chase Storey now has a new career path. Instead of just looking into various mysteries, he often fights evil! Availability:

Chase Storey (MSH Classic)

Chase Storey (4C System)

Chase Storey (Marvel Saga)

Michelle 232: though Michelle Jensen is one of the more recent 'Mikes' that Mike 013 encountered via the Jensen Congress, she's been one of his most reliable friends. So much so, in fact, that she often helps Agency 13 on its various clandestine jobs! Availability:

Michelle 232 (MSH Classic)

Michelle 232 (4C System)

Michelle 232 (Marvel Saga)

Mike 013: Mike Jensen was driven to prove the validity his odd notions regarding space and time, and once he did so he met various variant versions of himself that felt the same. Having done this, Mike now seeks out new mysteries to occupy his time. Availability:

Mike 013 (MSH Classic)

Mike 013 (4C System)

Mike 013 (Marvel Saga)

the Post-modern Girl: a computer programmer hired by Argyle's Wizardyne corporation, Harolene Zachs was experimented upon as a part of his byzantine schemes against his corporate superior - but has since joined Agency 13 as one of its investigators! Availability:

Post-modern Girl (MSH Classic)

Post-modern Girl (4C System)

Post-modern Girl (Marvel Saga)

Seņor Barnett: the child of two super heroes, Arpad Barnett didn't develop powers initially, living a cheerfully normal life. At least, he did until his uncontrollable technopsionic legacy caught up with him, and seemingly unhinged the man! Availability:

Seņor Barnett (MSH Classic)

Seņor Barnett (4C System)

Seņor Barnett (Marvel Saga)

Sir Tophat: after disappearing to seek his Purpose in life, Barnaby Clay was lost to human memory. He resurfaced years later as the one and only Sir Tophat, Voodoo Houngan extraordinare, a powerful mage determined to protect America from harm! Availability:

Sir Tophat (MSH Classic)

Sir Tophat (4C System)

Sir Tophat (Marvel Saga)

Sticks McLellan: a priestess of Nike with a predilection for extreme violence, Danielle McLellan was chosen by Mike 013 to be one of his special investigators of the bizarre - even if, more than anything, she smashes her way through most crises. Availability:

Sticks McLellan (MSH Classic)

Sticks McLellan (4C System)

Sticks McLellan (Marvel Saga)

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