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Possessing no actual powers to speak of (his weird hair growth issue notwithstanding), Michael can be considered a high tech hero, since he carries firearms that are essentially without need of reloading. These are the only advanced tech things he carries on him though, otherwise preferring to rely upon his own extensive training and expertise to see him though whatever situations may arise.

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Twin H+K USP Pistols: these heavily modified hand cannons are semi-automatic engines of destruction. They can be used to inflict rank value 6 Piercing damage with a single shot, +1 RS a burst of shots. Cooked up by the Jensen Congress, however, are the special clips on these guns that access an extraplanar storage space full of ammunition, allowing Michael to fire a truly heroic amount of bullets in a pinch.


Abnormal Attribute: not really a mutant, per se, Michael is nonetheless possessed of rather strange hair follicles. For some bizarre reason, the man can grow a tremendous amount of hair in a short period of time. Though he prefers a tight flat top styling for his hair, he nonetheless grows about a half inch of hair per day, his beard advancing at half that rate.


Blunt Weapons: though he prefers to enter a fight with his guns, Michael will nonetheless resort to mere clubbery if necessary. Not one to carry a club or club-like weapon on his person, Michael will usually improvise on the spot when he finds himself unarmed, most often with broken bits of boards, chairs, etc..., and can use such ersatz weaponry at his Melee value (no penalty for unfamiliarity).

Detective / Espionage: one of the skills Michael picked up during his time with the F.B.I. is his knack for exposing the facts lying under a mystery. In regards to surveillance missions, hard-boiled detective work, and downright craftiness in digging up the scoop, Michael is up there with the best of 'em, and can usually tell when a body is using such skills against him.

Guns: lacking super-human powers of any sort, Michael has had to train extensively in the use of guns to stay alive in the paranormal investigation game. As such, when wielding any gun, whether it be a standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic weapon, he may do so at his Coordination score +1 RS - and he usually prefers to take on paranormal threats with these.

Law Enforcement: after leaving the military a dissatisfied man, Michael applied for and received a job in the F.B.I., investigating all manner of crimes on a national level. Though he's no longer with the Bureau, Michael can legally carry a gun and make arrests should he return to the fold, and can easily pose as a government man - the attitude is part and parcel of his very personality.

Leadership: his time in the Army, coupled with his years as an operative of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, have instilled within Michael an inherent ability to lead others, whether they be militarily inclined or not. In combat, people under Michael's leadership may add 100 points to their Fortune pool should they have one, though this bonus will vanish should Michael's leadership disappear.

Martial Arts style B: while he's most effective when wielding his trademark Heckler and Koch hand cannons, Michael nonetheless can drop a body into a world of hurt with his bare hands - twenty years of government training will impart such knowledge on a man. In battle, Michael can add a +1 RS to any melee attacks he attempts while unarmed - punches, kicks, knee drops, etc...

Military: to begin with, Michael's career involved an extended stay in the United States Army after graduating from Columbia University with his Criminal Law degree. Of course, he didn't quite get what he wanted in life from the military, so he only stayed with them for about a decade. Nonetheless, he knows military protocols like the back of his hand, and can easily interpret military plans and commands.


As a member of Agency 13, Michael can naturally rely upon his fellows for help should he need it; after all, they need each other to keep alive and further Mike 013's worthwhile agenda. Of course, Michael has an extensive history in government circles, and has a considerable amount of contacts in both the Army and the F.B.I. that he can call upon should the need arise; this helps his investigations greatly.


Not a super-powered type, Michael doesn't rely on the whole Spandex ™ get-up, and shows active disdain towards the cape and cowl crowd. While on 'company' business - and almost all the time, in fact, he favors an exquisitely tailored black suit, coupled with a red silk tie, black leather shoes, and black, horn-rimmed sunglasses. The generous cut on the suit jacket serves to hide his gun holsters.


Michael is a person you can describe as driven. He pushed himself through college, and then two separate government careers in search of his purpose in life, ultimately finding it in his capacity as an Agency 13 investigator. This stoic detective finds that he increasingly enjoys delving into the paranormal mysteries the world has to offer, especially when they turn out to be hoaxes...

Real Name: Mjr. Michael Zachary Shaw, Ret.
Occupation: Investigator of the Bizarre, former F.B.I. agent, former Army man
Legal Status: American citizen with no criminal record
Marital Status: divorced
Alias(es), if any: various throwaway, assumed names
Group Affiliation: Agency 13

Height: 6' 2"
Hair: red
Eyes: blue
Weight: 180 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: well, other than the fact that he can acquire a five o'clock shadow within hours of shaving, none.


Michael's story began while he was a wee youth, during which time he developed a deep affinity for the Good Guy, and decided that he wanted to be a cop. This desire only grew with age, never devolving into a mere wish to wield authority for personal gain - he genuinely wished to help others. Though it was hard work, he eventually got his degree in Criminal Law from Columbia U.

Unable to get a job right away, Michael hooked up with the Army for several years. His hope was to get practical experience in the capacity of a security officer or some such, but mostly he dealt with the endless bureaucracy, tradition, and pig-headed aspects of the armed forces. Dissatisfied, Michael eventually left this unfulfilling position, and applied for a position within the Federal Bureau of investigation.

For a time Michael was happy, as he was able to get himself involved with all kinds of criminal investigations across the country. Most such work involved his going undercover for a time; with his bizarre hair growth, he could generate a 'biker' look within a week. However, things eventually went sour when Michael had to investigate a crooked U.S. Senator.

Several days into his probe, Michael got busted, supposedly for interfering with 'matters of national security'. Knowing this to be a bogus charge, he promptly quit the F.B.I. A short time later, Michael was approached by the mysterious Mike Jensen, otherwise known as Mike 013, who wanted to hire him as an investigator. An investigator who would look into matters of a paranormal nature.

Thinking this guy a crackpot, Michael nonetheless went along with Mike 013 to his new facility, still under construction in the western Nebraska town known as Rock. There, Mike 013 explained that he was but one of an innumerable number of Mike Jensen variants throughout the infinite streams of time, who comprised the so-called Jensen Congress, a strange group of cross-time inventors.

Prepared to leave, Michael was nonetheless impressed when Mike 013 proved this by introducing him to an improbable amount of Mike variants, more than could simply be produced by twin-like births. Of course, the advanced technology of the various Mikes helped sway him some, as well. Intrigued, Michael asked for more information about this Jensen Congress and their agenda for the world.

Knowing he'd nabbed Michael hook, line, and sinker, Mike 013 revealed that this earth - his own - was a nexus of sorts, where events from innumerable timelines had parallels, and that events here may be an indicator of things to come in many other realities known to the Jensen Congress. As such, Mike 013's duty was to investigate these happenings, to offer intelligence about possible futures.

The mere idea of investigating mysteries that would affect both his own home and worlds unknown was too tempting an offer to resist, and as such, Michael gladly accepted the job offer. Needing an appropriate code name, he revived an old alias he used in an undercover F.B.I. case long ago, and ever since, Michael - as Agent Deathmonger - has been a vital member of Agency 13!

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