Chase Storey


Hand Size:
3 (17)


For the most part, Chase Storey is a normal human, lacking ascendant powers entirely. His recent career move to paranormal investigations with Agency 13 has seen him adopt a few items that are a bit more advanced than most folks have access to though, making him a high tech 'hero'.



Hindrances / Augmentations:

Addicted: Chase is an unrepentant user of stimulants. If denied the use of a cigarette or some sort of high caffeine beverage (preferably Mountain Dew ™ or Red Bull ™) for more than a day, he'll be at a Willpower score of zero (0) until he can score some.


Blackberry ™ Smartphone (i): this highly advanced device is like unto a miniature handheld computer. It can hold several gigabytes of data as is needed, though about half of that space is occupied by Chase's classical music favorites.

In addition to storing pertinent information about the current subject of his investigations, Chase uses the phone to keep in touch with sources and to further research things online. It has intensity 3 communications range under ideal conditions (about five miles).

Stun Staff (i): built for him by the various Mikes and Michelles of the Jensen Congress, this staff complements Chase's generally non-lethal manner of threat removal. This weapon has an effective material strength of 18, despite being mostly hollow.

When idle, it is approximately a foot long. However, it can be extended with the press of a button to about six feet in length. Furthermore, the tips are equipped with tasers, which allow Chase to inflict stun attacks of intensity 12 potency with a thrust of this weapon!


Artist (w): after his time as a journalist made him more jaded, Chase began to write for himself. Drawing on his experience, he generally crafts near-future sci-fi adventure novels, and gains a response bonus upon the completion of such works.

Boxing (s): though he's never really considered himself much of a personal combatant, Sticks insisted that Chase learn how to defend himself. Thus, he can now divide his pre-card play action score between two unarmed melee attacks, the second of which will occur as a contingent action.

Detective / Espionage (i): it should be noted that, as an investigative journalist, Chase is well versed in a variety of fact-finding techniques. He excels in digging up obscure tidbits of knowledge, and has a working knowledge of most surveillance equipment.

Journalism 2 (i): his original claim to fame, Chase is an experienced journalist, having gotten his start on a prominent cable news network. He can easily generate compelling accounts of his experiences, and can dig up almost any knowledge on a challenging difficulty Intellect action.

Skill / Staff (s): since the Agency determined that Chase needed a personal weapon, and the man loathes guns, they gave him one of their own design. He's since been trained in its proper use for self-defense purposes, and may wield it at a reduced difficulty.


As a member of Agency 13, Chase may readily rely upon his fellow investigators of the bizarre for most any help he may require - whether on the job or off. Of course, Chase has had a long history in multiple fields of work, and has many additional contacts that he can draw on.

For instance, Chase worked for a cable news network and with a prominent publisher in each of his previous careers, and knows 'people' high up in the chain of command in each. Furthermore, he has numerous additional, as of yet unnamed sources that he can call upon in a pinch.


Explorer: Chase can't help it, but this calling is in his blood. He's always been particularly aware of his surroundings, and can't help but dig into anything within that doesn't quite add up - and being quite smart, that makes exposing most mysteries mere child's play to him!


Chase doesn't have a costume, per se, but usually wears the same outfit most of the time. It includes a long-sleeved white men's dress shirt with a blue tie, tucked into a black pair of trousers, along with black socks, black leather shoes, and a brown canvas duster.


Chase is many things to many people. He is a journalist, a writer, an investigator. He's a stimulant addict, a showboating loudmouth, an obnoxious jerk. But despite all his flaws (and there are many), the man somehow comes across as eminently likable to others.

Real Name: Chase Craft
Occupation: investigator, author, former cable news network reporter
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with a minor criminal record, both at home and abroad
Marital Status: divorced
Alias(es), if any: too many to recount
Group Affiliation: Agency 13

Height: 6' 1"
Hair: blonde
Eyes: brown
Weight: 190 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Chase wears his hair particularly long, sort of a counterpart to his 'business' attire. He occasionally wears round-rimmed sunglasses to add to his 'look' - though whatever he's trying to portray with them is known only to Chase.


Most of his peers in school figured it was inevitable that Chase would become a reporter. He had that annoying habit of being able to easily see through their fabrications and tall tales, not to mention the fact that he could never, ever let a mystery lie uninvestigated.

Sure enough, he got a journalism degree from Ohio State and did some time on the local news before being snapped up by a prominent cable news network after an expose he produced on a state senator's predilection for underage prostitutes. And Chase was an instant hit!

The network got great ratings every time they put Chase on, and his stories proved to have a considerable amount of teeth. Within a few years, Chase had built a (justified) reputation for himself as a man willing to expose the seedy underside of American life.

The problem was that the more such stories Chase uncovered, the more jaded he grew towards his fellow man overall. Thus, slowly growing tired of his career, Chase began to write fiction on the side, mostly as a distraction in-between assignments from the network.

At one point a friend of Chase's that worked in publishing got a look at some of his writings - and felt he simply had to publish them! Chase wasn't sure about this though, so he insisted that if he were to do so, he would do it through a pseudonym: Chase Storey.

This arrangement worked well for Chase, and in time he'd developed a second career as a notable science fiction author. He made buckets full of money with his science fiction series, based on the time-lost Earthling Ernest - ostensibly the last human in a future he never made.

In the end, Chase's 'duplicity' was discovered by rabid stalker-fans who did a bit of investigative work on their own, and suddenly the man found himself to be the story. Unable to perform any real journalistic work after this, Chase eventually left his job at the cable news network.

He continued to write sporadically, his fans always clamoring for more of Earthling Ernest's further adventures, but Chase felt he was missing something important in his life. While creating fiction was fun, he found he still wished to write about the real world.

Growing his hair out and donning a duster in an attempt to waylay those used to his former, clean-cut look, Chase began to dig into mysteries on his own dime. He worked for a few months as a pro bono private investigator in the Greater Los Angeles area, and really enjoyed himself.

And then he met Mike Jensen. As it turned out, this fellow was putting together an investigative agency that would look into serious matters, things hiding well beneath the outer 'skin' of our society. Things that Chase was very, very good at unearthing back in the day.

Unable to refuse such an offer, Chase Storey became a member of Agency 13. Of course, the sort of things he wound up investigating were beyond his wildest imagination - while he was used to scandals, he wasn't prepared for the paranormal conspiracies laid bare before him!

Though this sort of thing was entirely new to Chase, he knew a good story when he saw one. Throwing himself into his work with reckless abandon, Chase has become a great asset to the Agency - and is constantly finding new material for Earthling Ernest to run afoul of!

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