Michelle 232

Gd 10
Ex 20
Ty 6
Ex 20
Am 50
In 40
Rm 30
In 40
Sh 0

Gd 10
Rm 30
Ty 6
Rm 30
In 40
In 40
Rm 30
Am 50
Sh 0

Gd 10
Gd 10
Ty 6
Gd 10
Mn 75
In 40
Rm 30
Rm 30
Sh 0



Michelle Jensen, or Michelle 232 as she's known to some, was originally a normal human, strictly speaking. She originally had only her high tech devices with which to fight evil, but months of telepathic torture reflexively activated her own, latent psionic potential.

Known Powers:

Natural Psionics (Psipathic Powers):

Psi Bolt (a): inadvertently activated thanks to overwhelming psionic interference in her mind over a very long period of time, Michelle 232 now has the ability to painfully lash out at others with but a thought, inflicting Remarkable (30) Karmic damage each time!

Natural Psionics (Supersi Powers):

Mental Invisibility (t): after an extensive period of telepathic torture by a (former) arch-nemesis, Michelle 232's mind reflexively developed this power. In essence, her mind is now invisible to psionic powers with Amazing (50) ability, and possess like Karmic resistance.

Limitations / Enhancements:



Boeing 234LR Chinook: the civilian version of the CH-47, this vehicle is a twin-engine, tandem rotor heavy-lift helicopter. It easily has enough space to transport the entirety of Agency 13 to and from special missions where the whole group is required, as well as room to carry a large array of equipment when needed. This aerial vehicle has the following characteristics:

Ex 20
Rm 30
Ex 20
Gd 10

* Communications Array: Michelle's customized 234LR is hooked up with a powerful radio transceiver capable of Excellent (20) communications, giving it a top range of 100 miles under ideal conditions. Of course, this comm gear is enhanced with Jensen Congress encryption, devised by Mikaela 101. A veritable mad computer scientist, her encryption works with Monstrous (75) efficiency.

* Laser Turret: this bottom-mounted device appears like an ordinary illuminator - but the light it emits is much deadlier! Using laser weapons technology devised by (Disco) Mike 003, this platform can rotate to strike anything around the Chinook, and has a forty-five degree vertical arc. This weapon can blast a foe to inflict Remarkable (30) Armor Piercing Energy damage with each deadly shot.

Of course, it can act as an infrared spotlight as well, illuminating targets for night vision goggles.

* Radar Array: the front of Michelle 232's Chinook is equipped with a powerful radar transceiver. It can readily detect targets moving within 100 miles of its airspace, as it functions with Excellent (20) ability. Furthermore, powerful computers onboard the Chinook can interpret radar signals reflected off aircraft and the ground to better determine what surrounds the vehicle.

Flight Pack: reverse engineered from the equipment of a foe she defeated on her own world, this device acts first to reduce Michelle 232's weight to zero by means of j-mass displacement, and then propels her about thanks to a modulated jet of ionic thrust. In effect, this small, backpack-sized item allows Michelle 232 to fly through the air at Excellent (20) speeds - or, rather, 150 miles per hour.

Omni-Scanner: this unilaterally useful, hand-held scanner was invented by Michelle 232 - though all members of the Jensen Congress possess one now. Working at Incredible (40) rank, this device is known to at least have the use of the biological sense, energy sense and nativity sense powers. However, it is quite possible that Michelle's omni-scanner has additional capabilities that have yet to be revealed to us.

Ray Gun: though (Disco) Mike 003 has devised practical laser weaponry, Michelle 232 prefers to use her own directed energy weapon, which she has (perhaps ironically) named a ray gun. Essentially a blaster, this weapon can fire a cloud of charged particles that, when they strike a target, will inflict Excellent (20) Force damage with each concussive impact.

The Transfinitron: probably the greatest invention she'll ever build by herself, this potent device can be used to pierce the 5th dimensional veil, allowing travel from the timeline it resides in to another. It can do this with Incredible (40) ability, and can store any number of destination timelines in its memory. Of course, it can always just pierce one randomly, but unless no destinations are stored, this is unnecessary.


Learned Resistance: as a sort of hormeosis, Michelle developed a natural resistance to Karmic attack due to her overwhelming exposure to it over a long period of time (on top of her new, natural psionics). Thanks to this, she benefits from an additional +1 CS to resist such.

Loner: on the other hand, her experiences at the hand of her (former) arch-nemesis has made Michelle 232 skittish around others, particularly in groups. As such, Michelle must pass a Psyche (will) FEAT at -2 CS to stick around whenever a crowd grows in her vicinity.


Advanced Guns: learned through trial and error, this talent represents Michelle 232's mastery of her ray gun and other, similar weaponry. Whenever wielding advanced, directed energy weapons, Michelle 232 may do so as though her Agility (dex) was +1 CS in rank.

Electronics 3: while most members of the Jensen Congress are incredible electronicists, Michelle 232 puts most of them to shame with her astounding skill. She can design, build, and repair all manner of electronic devices as if her Reason (log) score was +3 CS in rank!

Martial Arts types B and C: though rarely unarmed, Michelle 232 knows how to fight without weaponry quite well. She can add a +1 CS to any effort to strike a foe in unarmed melee, or when otherwise attempting dodge, escape, grapple, or weave maneuvers.

Physics: having gained an otherworldly grasp of physical principles by reverse engineering a foe's highly advanced equipment, Michelle 232 can readily exploit her new knowledge to understand extant phenomenon or to build a variety of reality-bending devices.

Piloting: even before she 'invented' her flight pack, Michelle 232 was a competent pilot, having used commercially available aircraft on her many adventures beforehand. As such, she can make Control FEATs on most airplanes and helicopters and such at a +1 CS.

Repair / Tinkering 2: in addition to being able to build all manner of electronics, Michelle 232 is well-versed in reverse engineering things - whether electronic or mechanical. She can perform such work at a +2 CS, whether fixing something or rebuilding it as something else.


Michelle 232 has numerous contacts on her home world, as she is a world-renowned scientist and famous two-fisted adventurer there. Mind you, she's reluctant to return home after the fatal incident involving her former arch-nemesis, having wanted to make a fresh start.

Which is why she's thrown herself into her work with the Jensen Congress, studying the world it identifies as Earth 13 with such single-mindedness. This work has made her a member of their investigative group there, Agency 13, despite her really wishing to be left alone.


Since she used to be a super hero in her own timeline, Michelle 232 often wears 'tight' clothing. She's notorious for her skin-tight silvery body suit, one which she has adorned with a steel mesh belt, steel mesh webbing, and black plastic cases for her high tech gear.

She accessorizes this ostentatious outfit with golden boots and golden gloves - because the rest of her uniform isn't shiny enough.


Michelle is a scarred individual. She was tortured for several months by one of her many foes on Earth 232, and her mind almost turned to jelly in the face of his overwhelming and unceasing psionic assaults. Though she survived this, Michelle now has considerable 'people problems'.

This terrible experience hasn't put a damper on Michelle's love of science, however. Though she prefers to work alone under almost all circumstances, Michelle still has the exploration 'bug', and continues her researches for both herself and the Jensen Congress.

Real Name: Michelle Jensen
Occupation: adventurer, inventor, scientist
Legal Status: citizen of the United States on 'Earth 232' with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: Agency 13, the Jensen Congress

Height: 6' 2"
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 175 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Michelle tends to look unhappy whenever she's in the vicinity of anyone. The more people are present around her, the less amused her appearance (and ultimately, demeanor) become.


On an earth teeming with super-humans, Michelle Jensen quickly acquired the love of the 'normals', for she was a costumed adventurer who lacked ascendant powers of any stripe. No, while her fellows were born with fantastic powers, Michelle had to build all her own - from scratch!

Like most of Mike Jensen's cross-time counterparts, Michelle has a particular knack for electronics. However, her skills surpass almost all of her fellows, and she managed, in time, to build for herself a respectable arsenal of gear with which to fight crime on her world.

Whether she was building her own equipment from scratch or reverse engineering that which she 'confiscated' from other high tech criminals, Michelle made quite a name for herself at home. She even donated her technologies to the government as a reflection of her patriotic inclination!

In time however, Michelle's heroic antics eventually acquired her a nemesis: the telepathic sadist known as the Broker of Thoughts. Though he was amused by her perfidy at first, the man quickly got tired of his schemes being interrupted by Michelle, and he ultimately decided to do her in.

After maneuvering Michelle into a trap, the Broker had his goons neutralize her - and then drag her into his lair. There, he set about utterly destroying her mind, inflicting horrific torture after torture upon it with his telepathic abilities in an attempt to break her.

Fascinated by her strong will, the Broker continued with his tortures month after month, though he critically miscalculated what was going on in Michelle's head when he found he couldn't sense her mind any longer. Thinking it gone, he went into Michelle's cell to gloat over her.

At which point she astonished the Broker by not only getting up, but single handedly beating him to death! Escaping the now-dead Broker of Thoughts' complex, Michelle wandered the world for a time, her mind slowly healing from the terrors it had suffered over the last six months.

Though in truth, the damage was done.

Formerly a rather gregarious and outgoing young woman, Michelle had been changed by her ordeal, and no longer felt comfortable in the presence of others - no matter how shortly they entered her awareness. As such, she slowly retreated into the lab, avoiding contact with her fans.

While Michelle slowly faded from public awareness, her work proceeded apace. She didn't want to be around people at all, but she still had an intense love of science - and since nothing else motivated her these days, Michelle threw herself into her scientific inquiries with abandon.

Growing on principles of physics she learned through the creation of her flight pack, itself 'confiscated' from an earlier foe, Michelle eventually built her greatest creation: the Transfinitron! The idea was to use this device to explore the idea of cross-time travel - to see variant earths!

Imagine her surprise when, after stepping through the platform of her Transfinitron, Michelle exited through the platform of another! Momentarily confused, Michelle was then greeted by a mad scientist named Mikaela - one who bore an uncanny resemblance to herself!

Though Michelle was initially wary, Mikaela explained that the two were counterparts of each other, two of many stretching across the timelines. She then revealed the existence of a loose association of other counterparts who had also mastered the art of moving sideways across time!

Intrigued, Michelle was quickly introduced to, and eventually offered membership in, the Jensen Congress. Hailing from what they called Earth Zero, a version of our world that never developed human life, this group acted to further the interests of all the Jensens' endeavors.

Though she didn't like the idea of being around people, much less joining a large association of such, the truth was that Michelle found the Jensen Congress' offer to be something she simply couldn't refuse - at least from a scientific standpoint, anyway.

Besides, if she had to put up with people, at least they were her.

Joining up with the Congress, Michelle gained the designation of Michelle 232, since hers was the 232nd world the Congress had cataloged. Michelle then proceeded to enter into an exchange of technology and knowledge with the group, which greatly broadened her horizons.

In particular, Michelle grew to enjoy the company of Mike 013, a fellow who seemed almost as bright as she was. While most of the Jensens of the Congress were ostensibly the same individual, the truth was there were subtle differences in each Jensen - for good or ill.

While the individual histories of each Jensen forged them into experts regarding one area of electronics science or another, Michelle seemed to excel in all of them. And Mike 013 appeared to have a similar, generalized mastery of the art - if not at quite a level that Michelle herself had.

Thus, when it was discovered that Mike 013's world was a particularly indicative nexus of sorts, reflecting events that occurred on countless other earths (or was a harbinger of things to come on such), Michelle volunteered to help him and the Congress to help him study it in depth.

Though Mike 013 prohibited other Jensen Congress members from otherwise entering his world, they had free reign throughout a complex he would build for them away from most other people, ultimately in the small western Nebraska town of Rock - arguably as remote as was possible.

Of course, Michelle quickly grew to be the exception to this rule. Needing someone he could trust to serve in a support role for the 'locals' he'd assembled to look into various things, Mike 013 quickly grew to rely upon Michelle 232's services as the group's pilot.

Among other things. In fact, Mike 013 trusts Michelle so implicitly that he's even sent her out in the field with his various operatives now and then, as he's pretty sure she's not about to do anything to mess up his timeline - or any others.

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