Flexo the Rubber Man (deceased)


Hand Size:
3 (17)


Flexo the Rubber Man is an artificial being, a sort of construct built by Doctors Joel and Joshua Williams, out of 'living rubber, filled with a secret gas, and operated by remote control'. For all intents and purposes, just consider him a robot.


Body Armor (s): Made from a top-secret, rubber-like compound, Flexo is supernaturally flexible in general (hence his name). In addition to this, he is blessed with intensity 12 (+3) resistance to various attacks, whether mundane or energetic in origin.

Elongation (a): Flexo's rubbery body easily lives up to its namesake, allowing the hero to stretch and contort his shape considerably. He possesses this power at intensity 12, allowing him to stretch any part of his body anywhere within far missile distance of his person.

Flight (a): Flexo is also equipped with the impressive ability to fly, which he can do at intensity 3 air speed - around 90 miles per hour. Were he a bit more aerodynamic, he could possibly go faster - but this is more than enough to get him where he needs to be.

Radio Transceiver (i): Flexo is sentient, though he can be controlled by his two creators as they see fit, via a radio link to the Rubber Man. This radio link has intensity 7 range, or 100 miles, before Flexo is considered 'out of range'. Where Flexo keeps this transceiver is unknown.

Resistance to Disease and Poison (s): an android, Flexo isn't prone to the failings of organic beings. He has intensity 16 (+4) resistance to Disease and Poisons. He also doesn't age; as long as he properly maintains himself, he won't succumb to system degradation.

Sleeping Gas (s): Flexo's surprise attack is his ability to emit a powerful knockout gas from his big yellow collar. This gas can be used to subdue unruly ruffians with intensity 12 ability, upon a successful easy difficulty Sleeping Gas (strength) action, for an aura duration.

Hindrances / Augmentations:

Reprogrammable: thanks to his built-in radio link, Flexo can easily be controlled by the Williams Doctors, or anybody else with similar equipment. Though he doesn't seem to mind working with the Williams, Flexo is at zero (0) Willpower for the purposes of resisting their commands.






Flexo can probably rely on his creators, Doctor Joshua and Joel Williams, for aid if he should need it. However, they're usually relying on HIM for help when they're in a hot spot, so their aid should be dependent on the situation, of course.


Protector, with a secondary calling of Soldier: though he is commanded to do so by his human creators, Flexo seems to have no problem engaging in various acts to protect them and the innocents he encounters from harm.

Of course, half of the dangerous situations Flexo finds himself in were caused in some part by his imperfect parents, so he may just be cleaning up after them.


Flexo wears no costume. What you see is what you get!


In construction, Flexo has a brilliant red, rubbery body, save for his yellow shoulders, elbows and knees. He is primarily humanoid in form but, vaguely amorphous in aspect. His head is cylindrical, with triangular eyes, over-sized ears and an ever-present grin.


Little is known about the personality of Flexo. He appears to be a sentient being, and has a desire to help people by fighting crime. However, he's never been seen while not under the control of his two creators, who likely don't care too much for the notion of his freedom.

Real Name: Flexo the Rubber Man (name given him by his creators)
Occupation: adventurer
Legal Status: none
Marital Status: not applicable
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: ARMOR

Height: 6'
Hair: inapplicable
Eyes: yellow and black
Weight: 700 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Flexo looks somewhat like a red Michelin Man.


After years of experimentation, Doctors Joel and Joshua Williams perfected their greatest creation: Flexo the Rubber Man! This robot is fully sentient, though the doctors see fit to control him via remote radio link most of the time. And they usually use him to fight the scourge of crime!

Flexo has been seen during no less than four separate missions against criminals. The first was to prevent the evil Doctor Murdo from fashioning a Death Ray from some radium he'd stolen - with the unwitting aid of the Williams brothers, of course.

His second adventure saw Flexo retrieving a secret torpedo repeller the Williams' had developed - which was promptly stolen from them. Thanks to Flexo, they not only recovered the repeller but dealt with its thieves most permanently.

Flexo's third outing saw him and the Williams brothers facing off against the Iron Duke, a mobster who had an arson-based insurance fraud scheme going on, and didn't care who got killed in the crossfire. Flexo fixed his wagon, but good!

He next saw action in Nazi Germany (from the look of things), rescuing the Williams Doctors during their bid to liberate an experimental explosive formula from the fascists who had themselves stolen it from an American scientist that feared its power.

The further nature of Flexo's actions against criminals, spies, saboteurs, and would-be world conquerors have yet to be revealed to the public - since Flexo appears to have slipped off the radar, so to speak. In fact, he had only recently been sighted once again.

This when Flexo was drafted, after a fashion, into the ARMOR organization's effort to liberate a variant earth conquered by Nazi zombies. Cheerfully tagging along with the so-called Ducky's Dozen, Flexo joined the effort of various heroes from a bygone era to save another world.

Fraught with peril, this mission saw many casualties amongst the Dozen, including poor Flexo. Made from living rubber, he had little defenses against being consumed bodily by two zombified goats of myth, Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder, who had already eaten Odin himself!

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