the Mudfighter

An odd entry to the 1989 GI Joe arsenal, the Mudfighter is a short ranged, fighter/bomber aircraft. It's designed to dump an impressive amount of ordnance onto surface targets while having the ability to defend itself in dogfights with twinned Gatling cannons.

While it cannot quite match the offensive capabilities of Cobra's most dangerous aircraft, the Mudfighter is perfect for loosening up the ground-based troops of that terrorist organization - and instilling a bit of terror on its own with its loud, non-ducted, rear-mounted propeller.

The Mudfighter possesses the following vehicular characteristics:

Armored Cockpit (s): the cockpit of the Mudfighter has a blast-proof, puncture-resistant, anti-laser titanium shield. This heavy duty cover provides intensity 12, or +3 protection from attack, as well as a further +2 defense against the use of laser weaponry of any kind.

Body Armor (s): the Mudfighter itself is built rather tough, as it's expected to withstand assaults from the ground due to its designed purpose. The Mudfighter has an effective m.s. of 12, which allows it to fight on in the face of enemy fire.

Bombs (i): the Mudfighter is equipped with sixteen (!) AS-99 1 ton air-to-surface bombs. These inflict intensity 12 (fragmentary) damage each, adding a +1 for each additional explosive utilized (up to a maximum of 20).

Communications Array (i): the Mudfighter is equipped with a gigahertz frequency, frequency wobbler clandestine operations radio system. This provides its pilot intensity 9 communications (with a 500 mile maximum range), featuring intensity 10 signal encryption.

Flight (a): the means by which the Mudfighter delivers its ordnance, it can fly at considerable speeds. Though no jet aircraft, the Mudfighter can fly at intensity 7 speeds (at around 225 MPH), making it faster than most helicopters at least.

Gatling Cannons (a): the Mudfighter has two twinned, rotary-barreled cannons mounted beneath its armored cockpit. These guns can be fired together to inflict the pilot's Agility +7 damage in a short burst, raised up to +8 in a sustained rate of fire.

Radar (w): the nose of the Mudfighter is equipped with an advanced warning, infrared telescopic radar dome, which allows it to track targets in the air or on the ground with intensity 5 ability; this translates into a range equal to artillery distance.

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