Roger Price

Pr 4
Ty 6
Am 50
Am 50
Gd 10
Gd 10
Rm 30
Gd 10
Sh 0



Roger Price is a man who, after a short association with the so-called Star Child, was slain by this nascent cosmic being. Guilty about this act, the Child brought him back from the brink of oblivion with a new body, one suffused with the energies of the Star Brand itself. While he held these energies for only a short time, the presence of the Star Brand in Roger's body has changed him forever.

Known Powers:

Immortality: after the Star Child resuscitated him and gave him the power of the Star Brand, Roger was rendered immortal. He can be killed, but he won't die. If brought to zero health points and Shift 0 Endurance, his body will assume a regenerative form, a sort of fish-headed, pink humanoid looking thing with really loose, baggy skin (until he's all healed up). Nothing can stop this regeneration from occurring.

Longevity: while not ageless, Roger has assumed an exceptional life span as a side effect of bearing a portion of the Star Brand's power for several months' time. He most assuredly has at least a 2275 year life span; 70-35 (standard human life span minus his likely age when he gained the Star Brand) x 64 (power rank cubed) + 35 (again, his age) = 2275.

Limitations / Enhancements:



the Star Brand: though he wasn't consciously aware of its presence in his body, Roger nonetheless had been imbued with a portion of the Star Brand's power for several months. He couldn't really make use of its veritable wish-power, but still received the benefits of having that receptacle of power within him. It altered his Strength and Endurance as is shown above, and made him nigh invulnerable.

A totally subconscious power, this ability gives Roger 8 CS of damage reduction against physical and energy attack, making him immune to all but the most powerful of assaults. He didn't need to concentrate on keeping himself invulnerable, as he wasn't even aware he had this power - it was simply a sort of background element. Should he have had the Star Brand for a longer period of time, he may've learned how to use it better.


Lame: Roger walks with a pronounced limp, as something in his past has adversely affected either his left leg or hip. As such, he can walk as though he only had Feeble (2) endurance for the purposes of speed (1/2 area per turn). It should be noted that while he was imbued with the Star Brand's power, Roger did not suffer from the effects of this quirk; in fact, his body was virtually 'perfect' during this time.

Sense / Vision 2: Roger's vision is bad - very bad; in fact, you could go so far as to call it rotten. Without his thick glasses, he must make all of his vision-based Intuition FEAT rolls at -4 CS. It should be noted, however, that while he was imbued with the Star Brand's power, Roger did not suffer from the effects of this quirk; in fact, his body was virtually 'perfect' during this time.


First Aid: Roger worked for the Red Cross as a general staff minion and occasional active relief worker. As such, it is assumed that he is qualified to administer first aid to ailing people should they need it. When he goes to work on a person, any Endurance loss they are experiencing will halt immediately, and recipients of his aid will in fact recover one lost Endurance rank.


Roger Price can undeniably rely upon his wife, Jane, for aid should he need it, as the two are happily married - and have undergone quite a harrowing string of events in the wake of the Pitt disaster together. Furthermore, Roger can rely upon the Star Child for aid should that entity emerge from the bizarre temporal loop it resolved itself within, as the two were close to being friends with each other.


Roger didn't wear a costume while adventuring, primarily because he didn't go adventuring. He had no notions of super-heroism, as he wasn't really sure what powers he may've gained via the Star Brand. However, he had quite a fanciful costume in his dreams, one based on Ken Connell's public 'union suit', though his imagination had added a large-collared white cape and a black visor to the mix.


Roger is a trustworthy, caring person, which is why he works with the Red Cross - to help others in need. He feels great love for his wife, Jane, and will do anything to protect her, even if this involves getting himself killed - as has happened before. All he really wants out of life is to live happily with Jane and to make the world a better place - even if he does so one person at a time.

Real Name: Roger Price
Occupation: Red Cross clerk / relief worker
Legal Status: American citizen possibly wanted by the US Army for questioning regarding his rebirth
Marital Status: married
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 5' 7" (6' 3" for several months)
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 190 lbs (230 lbs for several months)
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Roger walks with the assistance of a cane, and has a thick set of glasses. He also wears a thick black beard. While he bore a portion of the Star Brand power, he was made into what the Star Child perceived as the optimum human male, gaining in height and muscular bulk significantly. However, he has since returned to his normal state.


Roger Price was an employee of the Red Cross who, with his wife Jane, was happily living out his life until about the time Ken Connell went public with his powers. Soon after, Jane's friend Maddie (Debbie) Felix came to their doorstep in a state, and told them a sordid tale about her boyfriend (Ken) and how he had denied the parentage of her unborn child. But, before they could do anything about it, the Pitt happened.

At Maddie's insistence, Roger and his wife took Maddie to view the remnants of Pittsburgh, but events took a tragic turn when, shortly after getting past a military roadblock, Maddie went into violent birth, and died as her child was born to the world. This child then rocketed off into space, leaving Roger and Jane in the middle of an utter wasteland and (after they buried Maddie) at the mercy of several mutated creatures.

The Star Child suddenly returned to save the Prices, though he left again as a US Army patrol descended upon the couple. The Prices were then quarantined in a military installation while the government debated what to do with them, a situation that would last for several months. While they waited for their fate to be determined, Roger and Jane were visited yet again by the Star Child.

Hungry for information about the world, the Child tried to probe Jane's mind, and when Roger tried to stop it, the Child reflexively killed him with an energy discharge. When Jane freaked out over this, the Star Child grew confused, and left to think things out. Guilt eventually overcame the Star Child, and he soon returned to revive poor Roger - doing so by stimulating healing within his blasted corpse.

Revived, Roger found that his body was different, as he had unheard of strength and stamina, and an Olympic-sized figure - he'd grown over half a foot overnight, and had significantly increased the amount of muscle tissue he had on his formerly modest frame. The military had a field day with this resurrection, and studied poor Roger up and down until the Star Child's next visit.

As the powerful being was about to leave earth for an extended period of time, he wished to say goodbye to his only friends. Before he left, however, Roger and Jane implored him to rescue them from their imprisonment at the Army's hands, and the Star Child readily agreed to do so. At Roger's request, he also returned the man to his original, normal physique, removing the Star Brand from his body.

Roger then lived out a relatively normal life for several more months, until the Star Child summoned him to a gathering of the Star Brand's wielders, where he revealed the paradoxical origins of the Star Brand, and told them that he was going to seal himself, Ken Connell, and the Old Man in a temporal Mobius loop to save the very existence of space-time.

Returning Roger to earth with another Star Brand wielder, Jacob Burnsley, the Star Child then went about saving the world, leaving Roger, Jacob, and the rest of humanity to live for itself. Roger has yet to appear in any subsequent tales, so it is assumed that he lived happily ever after - at least as well as anybody on his earth could, considering what was looming in the future for his earth.

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