Gd 10
Ex 20
Ty 6
Gd 10
Ex 20
Gd 10
Ex 20
Rm 30
Sh 0



As do the majority of his teammates, Slipstream lacks any sort of ascendant powers, whether they issue forth from mystical and/or psionic studies, genetic mutations, cybernetic implants, or even freak occurrences that should otherwise be lethal in humans.

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Conquest X-30: Slipstream's first GI Joe fighter, the Conquest X-30 has a unique, forward-swept wing design. Its inherent instability is countered by a revolutonary computer control interface, which is expanded upon in its own vehicular description.

Flight Suit: since he can pull otherwise impossible aerial maneuvers while flying his Conquest X-30, Slipstream wears an enhanced, G-resistant flight suit on the job. This suit grants him a +1 CS to any FEAT roll required to resist high gravitational or centrifugal forces.

Sidearm: in the event that he finds himself unexpectedly deplaned, Slipstream carries a semi-automatic sidearm. He can discharge a single round with it to inflict Typical (6) Shooting damage, or several rounds to inflict Good (10) Shooting damage.




Aerial Combat: while he learned to fly well before joining the Air Force, Slipstream mastered the use an aircraft offensively there. Whenever he's engaged in a dogfight with another aircraft, or attacking ground or sea-based targets in a plane, Slipstream does so at a +1 CS.

Computers: before he discovered flying, Slipstream was a computer hacker and gaming junkie. He can build, program, and operate computers with ease, and can readily break into remote computers. His Reason is considered +1 CS where computers are concerned.

Guns: an essential part of Slipstream's military training involved learning how to effectively wield firearms. Whether he's utilizing a standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifle or pistol, Slipstream may do so as though his Agility was +1 CS in rank.

Languages / Armenian, English, French, and Greek: Slipstream has learned a bevy of languages in addition to his native one. This means that, while he cannot write in most of the languages listed here (though he can do so in English, at least), Slipstream can speak in these tongues.

Martial Arts type B: like his talent with guns of all stripes, this skill is a result of Slipstream's Basic Training courses. Thanks to this education, he may attempt any unarmed melee attack as if his Fighting was +1 CS higher than is listed above.

Military / United States: having enlisted so he could fly the best aircraft out there, Slipstream has learned the basics of military protocols and procedures. Furthermore, this talent accounts for a bevy of Slipstream's as-of-yet unnamed, floating Air Force contacts.

Piloting: once he discovered the joy of piloting, Slipstream joined the Junior Civil Air Patrol so he could fly as much as possible. When flying fixed-wing aircraft of any stripe, Slipstream may attempt any applicable Agility or Control FEATs with a +1 CS bonus.


As a member of GI Joe, Slipstream definitely has that group as a reliable contact, being just as good as Ace when covering the team's ground operatives while menaced by Cobra aircraft. Furthermore, the man's got dozens of contacts in Air Force and computer hacking circles.


When on missions for GI Joe, Slipstream typically wears his hi-g flight suit. It consists of tan trousers (covered by extra gray lining), a tan jacket with brown shoulder pads, black boots, gloves, and goggles, a black hip holster for his sidearm, and a brown helmet with a black chin strap.


Slipstream is full of swagger and confidence, and deservedly so, for he generally excels in just about everything he does. This applies whether considering his normal work-related activities, his aggressive table tennis playing, or the practical jokes he deploys against fellow Joes.

Real Name: Gregory B. Boyajian, grade O-2 (1st Lieutenant)
Occupation: fighter pilot, computer programmer
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: GI Joe

Height: 5' 9"
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 155 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Slipstream wears a thick moustache.


Slipstream was born in Provo, Utah, where he grew up to be a video game junkie and computer hacker. That is, at least, until he discovered his true love: flying. He continued to play games and dink with computers, but the man found his jam in the cockpits of high-flying aircraft.

As such, he joined the Junior Civil Air Patrol as a youth, and then ROTC in college, where he earned his Air Force commission. His crack skills in flight and with computers gave him quite the competitive edge in the Air Force, since most newer planes require talent in both.

His abilities were such that, when GI Joe required a new pilot to fly the experimental Conquest X-30, they chose Slipstream. On his first mission, though, he didn't get to showcase his skills all that well. But then, he flew the Joes' C-130 transport during the battle of Springfield.

His second mission, however, saw him depositing Snake-Eyes (disguised as Flint) into Sierra Gordo, so he could infiltrate one of Cobra's Terror Dromes there. Performing his part to perfection on this job, Slipstream then assisted the Joe team with numerous other aerial missions.

One such operation saw him and Ace fighting a battle of nerves with a Strato-Viper and his new spy plane, the Night Raven. The Cobra broke first, shooting Ace down over the Gulf of Mexico, and gave Slipstream quite a fight - though our Joe won out in the end, naturally.

Slipstream stayed with the team through thick and thin, even when it was detained by the minions of the so-called Jugglers after the Cobra Island Civil War. Of course, he did leave the team alongside everybody else when GI Joe was short-sightedly deactivated in '94.

(Historical Divergence)

What he did after this is as of yet unknown, but once the GI Joe team was put back together after the turn of the century, Slipstream eventually made his way back to rejoin the fight against the evil that is Cobra - and he's remained with the team to this very day!

Whether in an active or reserve status, Slipstream fought against Cobra with distinction, up through and during their instigation of World War III. Though Cobra almost took over the entire planet during these shenanigans, Slipstream and company won out in the end.

2003 Variations


After returning to GI Joe, Slipstream adopted a new flight suit. It is comprised of white trousers under blue padding, a white flight jacket over a red T-shirt, black leather boots and gloves, a white helmet with a dark green breathing mask, and a blue belt with a silver buckle.

2004 Variations


The Thunderwing Jet: after flying his Conquest for years, Slipstream finally got a new ride. The Thunderwing Jet, the latest product of GI Joe science, is an advanced fighter that puts everything else Slipstream's flown to shame. The Thunderwing Jet is described in its own entry.


Slipstream donned a new flight suit along with his new ride. It includes baggy gray trousers, a baggy gray, long-sleeved jacket with a high collar and breathing mask apparatus on front, gray leather boots, black leather gloves, a gray helmet with a black visor, and various gray straps.

2008 Variations


Slipstream's fourth GI Joe field uniform is simlar to his first. It consists of tan trousers (covered by extra gray lining), a tan jacket with a brown flight harness, black boots and gloves, silvered goggles, a black hip holster for his sidearm, and a brown helmet with a black chin strap.

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