Zephyr Jones

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Zephyr Jones is a normal human, physically speaking. He lacks ascendant powers of any stripe, whether they be physical mutations, alterations caused by Science run amok, or even mythological echoes in his family tree. His only claim to abnormality is his curious spacecraft.

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Space Ship: his singular claim to fame, aside from a staggering misunderstanding of astronomy, this craft is how Zephyr gets from planet to planet. Built from his father's designs, this rather unique device has the following abilities and vehicular statistics:

RV 20
RV 150
RV 30
RV 30

* Flight: the Ship Zephyr flies through space has the ability, according to him, to move '5,000 miles per minute', or 300,000 miles per hour. This translates into rank value 150 flight while outside of an atmosphere; not quite light speed, but not bad really.

* Environmental Independence: Zephyr's space ship can sustain humanoid life for extended durations. Including a large storage bay for pre-packaged food and air recycling units, the Ship wields this ability at rank value 3000, letting it go four months without resupply.

* Super Flight: though Zephyr claims a specific top speed for his Ship, it seems to be able to move much faster than he believes. The Ship has this power at rank value 2 (two light years per turn), enabling it to rapidly reach distant stars in no time flat!




Martial Arts style B: in addition to being able to fly the space ship his father designed, Zephyr is also good with his fists. Whenever engaging in unarmed attacks, he may do so as though his Melee trait was +1 RS higher than is listed above.

Pilot / Air and Space: while his astronomy skills are sorely lacking, and his engineering skills aren't too good, Zephyr was nonetheless able to operate the space ship his father designed quite well. He makes maneuvers in it as though his Coordination score was +1 RS in value.


Zephyr Jones has few contacts he can rely on. They include his trusty cohort Corky Grogan, as well as the princess of the Birdmen on planet Sunev, and of course the Mad Astronomer, who would not have his large supply of stardust if not for the mind-boggling efforts of Zephyr's flying.


While adventuring, Zephyr Jones wears an outfit more fitting a regular pilot, which includes a loose-fitting blue jacket, a loose-fitting pair of blue trousers, a blue belt, a brown leather aviator cap with a pair of goggles on top (if only for show), and brown leather boots.


Zephyr Jones is a young, eager explorer, intent on fulfilling his father's work, no matter how risky it may be. He's driven to make his way to space, and ultimately to Mars itself, despite the staggering number of setbacks and acts of sabotage that seem to be preventing him from doing so.

Real Name: Zephyrus 'Zephyr' Jones
Occupation: explorer, adventurer
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 6' 2"
Hair: reddish-brown
Eyes: green
Weight: 190 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


Zephyr Jones is a man with a mission. He has taken it upon himself to complete the dream his father chased before his untimely demise: Dr. Morrison Jones wished to travel to Mars in an experimental spacecraft of his own design, but never managed to make his dream come true.

Though he was dead and his ship was only partially completed, his son Zephyr decided to complete his father's mad mission, and finished the construction of his father's curiously designed spacecraft. Not that he seemed to have a clue about some of its more potent abilities.

Once the ship was finished, he announced to great public fanfare his intention to travel to the planet Mars. Accompanied by his stalwart friend Corky Grogan, Zephyr readied the craft and, with a large crowd to see them off, launched the impossible thing into space!

After a mishap that Zephyr attributed to sabotage, the duo had to make an emergency landing on a lost world. The winged natives of this planet, identified as 'Sunev', claimed that their world broke off from earth long ago, and all that remained of their home world was their language.

You know, modern English.

Meeting the leaders of Sunev, the self-titled Birdmen, Zephyr and Corky were greeted with open arms. They shared much of earth's advanced technology, such as television, radio and the internal combustion engine, though the Birdmen were not so forthcoming with their Elixir of Life.

This of course because the Birdmen were at war with another race of winged humanoids like themselves. The so-called Parrot Men were otherwise identical to the Birdmen, save for their apparent extreme ugliness - and their overwhelming hatred of all things made by the Birdmen!

One such Parrot Man, Roudo, set the earthlings up as traitors to seize their innovations for his own people, but Zephyr and Corky turned the tide on him by convincing the King's daughter to get their guns for them off their ship; naturally, Zephyr didn't share this technology at all.

Breaking out of their prison, Zephyr and Corky fought off a large force of Parrot Men with their machine gun and small arms, and became a hero to the Birdmen as a result. Particularly after exposing the vile Roudo as a Parrot Man infiltrator of the otherwise peaceful Birdmen society.

Though heaped with praise, the duo felt they couldn't stay.

Packing up, they headed back to earth. Telling the tale of the strange new world they'd discovered, Zephyr and Corky found that nobody believed them, and mostly wrote them off as crackpot attention hounds. So, in time, Zephyr decided to try for Mars again.

As they were about to head out, the duo were stopped by an old man imploring them to head to a star instead. Laughing this old coot off, the duo then launched their ship, only to find that he'd stowed away in the back of the ship - and was holding them at gunpoint to get his way!

Introducing himself as Reagan Lexico the Mad Astronomer, he stated he needed to visit the star Cygni to collect, from its surface, a substance he dubbed 'stardust'. Taking exception to this, our heroes cleaned his clock, only to find his armed daughter on board as well!

Though armed, she pleaded with them to help her father in his quest for stardust, saying that if he was right, a mere pound of the substance could cure all of the world's ills in one go. Deciding to help her despite Corky's protestations, Zephyr agreed, setting down on a 'minor star' soon after.

Or at least what he thought was a star.

Igniting the gases on its surface, he used the explosive propulsion somehow to make his way to what the doctor believed to be the star Cygni. After smashing through a rogue planetoid on the way, Zephyr and company make it to 'Cygni' and land on its surprisingly solid surface.

Given a treatment of special gas cooked up by the Mad Astronomer, Zephyr and Corky moved about the strange atmosphere looking for signs of life and/or stardust, only to find their 'passengers' were captured by 'Cygnians', short, fiery men resembling dwarves of myth in appearance.

Attacking them with their on-board fire extinguishers, Zephyr and Corky warded off the Cygnians and rescued the Mad Astronomer and his daughter, dropping a whole lot of their would-be attackers into a 'bottomless cave' in the process. Zephyr then readied the ship for takeoff!

After the Mad Astronomer collected about fifty pounds of his stardust, the ship took off, headed for earth once more. Since all of our illnesses have not yet been cured, however, either they never made it back home or the stardust did not work as the Mad Astronomer had predicted.

The world may never know!

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