Director White


Hand Size:
4 (25)


Colonel Mortimer Jacobs, also known as Director White or the Colonel, is naught but a normal human, lacking super-human powers of any stripe. He is a highly experienced combatant however, and has a few high tech / anomalous toys that he's seized on some D.A.A. operation or another.



Hindrances / Augmentations:



Automatic Pistol (a): though he's stolen powerful weapons from his foes over time, Mortimer doesn't trust 'em. As such, he carries this backup, which he can fire to inflict his Agility +4 damage in a single shot, +5 in a short burst or +6 in a fully automatic lead blanket.

Godfrey Knuckles (i): 'confiscated' from a Frankologist who had them made by a deionicist buddy of his, these knuckles have an effective m.s. of 27, and are made from a fantastic material that apparently emits antideionic energies, on contact, of intensity 13 power.

What this means is that, upon striking an immortal being, or someone who uses deific energies (like the priest of some deity), the damage inflicted will ignore their defenses (but not those from basic Strength), and will neutralize godly powers of equal or lesser intensity for an aura duration.

Iridium ™ Satellite Phone (i): to keep in touch with the D.A.A. and avoid being detected / recorded by terrestrial cellular telephone networks, Mortimer makes use of an Iridium brand wireless phone, which utilizes a custom-built low earth orbit satellite (LEOS) network.

While the phone can be monitored, it has been retrofitted with scrambling technology of complexity 10, which makes the thing even more valuable. The thing can be used anywhere on earth, though it still cannot make a call if its signal is jammed with any serious technology...

Psi Maul (s): made from a psi-active metal unknown to science, this sledge is inherently psitronic. Of m.s. 18, it can be used as any other hammer, but in battle it inflicts Mortimer's Strength +2 in physical (vs Strength) or mental (vs Willpower) damage, whichever is more effective.

Thaumatic Dissonator (w): swiped from the unstable technomage known as Transistorized Ted, this device (which resembles a pager) emits antiprobability particles upon being activated, which acts to disrupt magic spells, effects and powers within firing distance with intensity 13 ability.


Boxing (s): one of Mortimer's many fighting styles, this skill represents his ability to strike quickly and effectively. His boxing skill allows Mortimer to divide his pre-card play action score between two unarmed melee strikes, the last of which will occur as a contingent action.

Marksmanship (a): you don't serve in the Marines for twenty or so years without getting quite good in the use of most firearms. As such, Mortimer can utilize most any standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifle or pistol, as long as it's not an energy caster, at a reduced difficulty.

Military / United States (w): the source of all his practical adventuring talents, this skill describes the time Mortimer invested in the Marines. He has an instinctual understanding of the military way of life, and can lead (and has led) fighting men and women into mortal combat when he must.

Piloting (a): his primary military specialty, Mortimer was trained how to fly several of the military's top of the line combat helicopters - though he's been shot down more than once. He should receive a reduction in the difficulty of actions required to fly or perform maintenance on such vehicles.

Wrestling (s): supplementing his boxing ability, Mortimer can also incapacitate a foe with grapples and holds. If he damages a foe in unarmed melee, Mortimer can attempt an average difficulty Strength (strength) action to grab hold as a contingent action on each successive exchange.


As a co-founder of the Direct Action Americans, Mortimer can rely upon pretty much every member of that organization for aid should he need it - heck, he recruited half of 'em! He also has innumerable contacts in military circles, since he was a 'lifer' in the Marines until forced to retire.


Protector, with a secondary calling of Soldier: while he was originally content to serve in the military, Mortimer's eviction from the Marines came with a price: he learned of a massive threat to his beloved country, one he felt compelled to protect it from - at any cost!


Mortimer is all business on the job. He wears a solid white business suit that is surprisingly flexible, and allows an amazing range of motion. He accessorizes this with a white tie over a black, collared, long-sleeved shirt under the jacket, black leather walking boots, and chromed sunglasses.


Despite the bad things that have happened to him, Mortimer is quite a cheery fellow. Of course, having been a Marine for over twenty years, this cheer manifests in an exceptionally loud and bombastic fashion, and it's easy to assume he puts on such airs to annoy the heck out of people.

This especially since he has a mean streak a mile wide, and can grin that gleaming, ecstatic grin even when leading D.A.A. ops through merciless P.T. drills. His mean streak aside, he's actually in a good mood most of the time, unless confronted by super-powered nutcases of some stripe.

Real Name: Colonel Mortimer Jacobs, Ret.
Occupation: professional vigilante
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with no criminal record
Marital Status: divorced
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Direct Action Americans

Height: 6' 4"
Hair: gray
Eyes: brown
Weight: 254 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: the Colonel is a very large man, in both a vertical sense and in sheer bulk.


While he's usually just known as 'the Colonel', the man who would eventually become Director White has seen a whole lot in his life. The country he loves, the country he was born in, has grown so much since the sixties, and has changed for the better in more ways than he can describe.

From the civil rights marches he and his parents participated in to the fall of Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Mortimer has seen things proceed well for the United States. However, things are not all they seem, and Mortimer knows this - he sees his nation decaying from within.

A decorated combatant in two foreign wars, Mortimer was a lifer in the Marines until an 'incident' in Iraq, after which Mortimer was encouraged to retire. While he knew his men were innocent of the charges brought against them, he knew it was politically expedient to make them 'disappear'.

As such, he took the fall for his men, claiming responsibility for an incident which wasn't instigated by those under his command, but a rogue psi who was playing head games in his war zone for kicks. Though the the Marines were his life, Mortimer suddenly found himself apart from them.

At the same time, he had become aware that there were people roaming the world with abilities that rational men didn't understand. To this end, he began to wander the earth, looking for means of battling such individuals, since ordinary people were no match for that kind of power.

In his travels, Mortimer ran afoul of several groups possessed of startling capabilities, such as Mindwatch, the Society of Explicated Brethren, and even the Ologyology Foundation. Many members of these groups have given Mortimer a particularly hard time, some even hospitalizing him!

After an encounter with the Cult of Set, Mortimer was approached by a sorceress espousing the belief that the world was imbalanced, and it needed a counter to the forces aligned against it. After agreeing with this, Mortimer was then asked if he would like to build this counter.

Thinking this a good idea as well, Mortimer said yes - and was subsequently astonished when the sorceress healed his (formerly) lethal wounds. Grateful for her actions, and wanting to fight back against these super-powered villains, Mortimer asked what he needed to do to.

Soon after, with the help of this nameless wizard and F.B.I. agent Randi Cole, Mortimer founded the Direct Action Americans, an elite vigilante group that was dedicated to destroying all threats to the United States that the government couldn't handle, from drug dealers to terrorist states.

Over the years, the D.A.A. has grown into a powerful militia, though its membership has mostly stabilized at around one hundred active agents. This because the pool of candidates they accept into the organization is small, and the attrition rate for field ops is unfortunately quite high.

The D.A.A. has done some good despite the high mortality of its membership. This because it has managed to recruit a few folks with ascendant powers itself, folks with the skills and patriotic drive necessary to fight all of America's deadliest foes, especially those festering within.

While Randi takes care of mundane threats that slip through the cracks, and Director Blue focuses on entities that exceed their grasp at the expense of the people, Mortimer wars against secret societies that attempt to subvert the government - whether or not they have special powers.

He's not about to let these freaks take over his country, after all...!

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