Gd 10
Ex 20
Ty 6
Ex 20
Gd 10
Ex 20
Rm 30
Gd 10
Fe 2



Like her fellow 'X-treme' X-men, Heather is a mutant, an otherwise ordinary human who was born with a little extra in her genetic structure, which gives her a unique power. Unlike the other X-men, however, she is also part Shi'ar, too. Surprise!

Known Powers:

Body Armor:
originally, Heather's skin would undergo a dermal transformation when she used her ultimate power, giving her Incredible (40) ranked protection. This power stayed on after her Shi'ar heredity fully manifested however, and protects her in the following fashion:

In 40 / Ex 20 / Ty 6 / Fe 2 / Sh 0

Claws: after her half Shi'ar nature came to the fore, Heather's hands changed. They now bear talon-like claws at all times, likely of a material strength equal to her armor skin (Incredible (40)), which let her inflict Edged Attack damage in melee combat if she chooses.

Ultimate Power: Heather's primary mutation is her ability to spontaneously manifest whatever power is necessary in a given situation. The power acts like a cross between environmental and situational adaptation, countering all manner of situational threats equally well.

Not only that, but this power seems capable of generating whatever ability Heather needs to accomplish a needed task (super strength to defeat armored foes, water control to save drowning folks, wings to fly if falling). Furthermore, this new power only takes one action to manifest.

The trick is that, while she can bring these new powers to bear, the selection of a given power is seemingly a subconscious act, and thus it is not known if she can switch powers on the fly. Regardless, all of Heather's situational powers function at Incredible (40) rank.

Limitations / Enhancements:







First Aid: trained in first aid, Heather can resuscitate a person who is currently dying. With the use of this talent, Heather can halt the loss of Endurance in a body, help them to instantly recover one lost rank, and can stabilize folks at Shift 0 Endurance for up to 5 rounds.


It may go without saying, but Heather can naturally rely upon her brother, Davis, for help in a pinch. Also, Heather seems to be on pretty good terms with the so-called 'X-treme' X-men, having befriended them during their trip to Australia, and subsequently joining them.


Heather has recently adopted a super-heroic 'costume' while hanging out with the 'X-treme' X-men. It consists of red stretch fabric trousers with blue racing stripes on the side, a red stretch fabric 'tank top', blue gloves, oversized blue boots (with red buckles), and a blue choker necklace.


Heather is a down to earth, centered young woman. Even before she acquired her incredible roster of powers, she gladly used her abilities to help others. She's still adjusting to her new, non-human look however, despite her fellow X-men's support and encouragement.

Real Name: Heather Cameron
Occupation: lifeguard, adventurer
Legal Status: citizen of Australia with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the X-treme X-men, X-corp

Height: 5' 10"
Hair: blonde, later golden
Eyes: blue
Weight: 105 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: originally, none. After Heather's Shi'ar heredity manifested, her skin adopted its golden, armored state permanently, and she developed both talons and strange Shi'ar markings on her face.


When Miles Warbuck was murdered, Heather and Davis Cameron found themselves subjected to an unseen danger. Their true, secret father, Warbuck was the so-called Viceroy, a crime lord on the Australian continent, and his end meant that they, too, were marked for death.

The party responsible for his death discovered Miles' secret photo album, and began searching for his children. Heather and Davis had been hidden away in a seemingly normal life so Miles' career wouldn't put them at risk, but his foes feared them assuming his former position.

When the so-called X-treme X-men journeyed to Australia to help their friend Gambit, who had been framed for Warbuck's murder, they stumbled across the Camerons' existence. All the while, they were being stalked by a band of Boxers: assassins working for the Chinese Triad!

Meeting up with the Viceroy's offspring, Storm and Thunderbird explained the situation to the Camerons (since they had no clue that Warbuck was their real father), and the two mutants vowed to safeguard them from whoever was out to kill them, becoming targets of the Boxers as well.

When the assassins attacked, Heather was forced to reveal her own mutant powers during the fight, and accounted for herself quite well. When questioned later by the X-men, Heather admitted after the fight that she'd been using her powers to help folks who'd needed it while on the job.

After meeting the X-men, heroism can be somewhat catchy, and Heather decided to join them for a time. This lasted until the team fought to prevent an invasion from a variant earth, during which time Heather suddenly manifested several pronounced Shi'ar characteristics.

This totally freaked out Davis, whose latent mutant powers had recently been activated by Sage. Thinking her a monster or some such, he fled for parts unknown, leaving Heather with a choice. Though she liked being an X-man, she felt the need to deal with her brother's issues.

As such, she left the X-men with Thunderbird on a quest to find him. The ultimate result of this quest has yet to be revealed. It is known that Heather worked for the X-corporation in Genosha for a time, however - at least, until Cyclops shut the company down for security reasons.

It is also known that Heather is one of the few mutants known to have retained her powers in the wake of the M-day fiasco of the Scarlet Witch's making. What she has chosen to do with herself in the wake of this mutant catastrophe has yet to be detailed.

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