the Famileech


Hand Size:
4 (25)


The Famileech is a bizarre, post-human creature that constantly consumes all animal life it comes in contact with. It was originally a family of four, all of whom were rendered paranormal in the wake of the Pitt incident, and subsequently merged into this horrific entity.


Biological Vampirism (i): the Famileech wields this power at intensity 13, making it staggeringly deadly. On physical contact, it will invariably attempt to use this ability on others, for its bloated flesh constantly yearns to feed its boundless hunger.

If the Famileech achieves skin contact with another, it can begin to absorb them into its inexplicable mass, if it can pass a contingent, easy difficulty Biological Vampirism (willpower) action against them. It may continue this each exchange, until the would-be victim breaks free or dies.

Animal life forms drained of their Health and slain by the Famileech's overwhelming hunger are completely subsumed into it, and are for all intents and purposes unrecoverable. Those who manage to escape the Famileech's clutches before it is too late suffer no ill effect.

Aside from any loss of Health from successful rounds of vampiric assault, that is.

Growth (a): though it cannot control its volume, the Famileech has swollen in size due to its voracious, super-human appetite. Currently having grown to at least fifty times the volume of a standard human being, the Famileech has this power inherently, at intensity 25.

As a result, the Famileech has a +25 size factor. It thus suffers a -25 penalty when targeting foes of human size. Conversely, they benefit from a +25 to hit it, but the damage they inflict upon it suffers a -25 penalty.

The odd thing is that, unlike characters with normal growth, the Famileech cannot add its size factor to damage it inflicts upon others. It cannot bring its full mass to bear in combat, merely striking with oversized pseudopods, limiting its damage bonus to 'just' +10.

Shape Change (a): a primarily shapeless, amoeboid horror, the Famileech can easily change its shape. It can flow over even large obstacles with ease, form pseudopods with which to grasp at living beings, and you can sometime see hints of... people under its skin.

Hindrances / Augmentations:

Monstrous: it probably goes without saying that the Famileech is a pretty scary customer, one that will cause zero (0) Edge humans to flee from it on sight. Mind you, this is definitely in their best interests, for the Famileech is without any other impulse other than to eat them!








Animal Nature: the Famileech isn't too bright, being at first a mix of four minds, and now a blend of many consciousnesses. Of course, how many minds are inside the Famileech is irrelevant, really, for it only heeds the insatiable hunger for animal life that constantly eggs it onward.


Lacking a consistent form since it ceaselessly shifts in shape and size, not to mention the fact that it is almost always issuing forth new pseudopods to consume all within its environment, the Famileech wears no costume. Heck, it can't even wear clothing, really!


Beyond its hunger, the Famileech has little personality. When it first formed from the paranormally altered Robinson family, it betrayed hints of the individual members that comprised its mass, but now it houses so many human components that it only answers to its hunger.

Real Name: Leonard, Marge, Timmy, and Janey Robinson (among many, many others)
Occupation: none
Legal Status: citizen(s) of the United States with no known criminal record
Marital Status: Leonard and Marge were married to each other
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: none

Height: variable
Hair: none
Eyes: variable (it has many)
Weight: variable
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: the Famileech is a giant amorphous blob of flesh. This pink monstrosity is a writhing mass of rolling flesh and pseudopods, which occasionally betrays hints of those it has absorbed in the past just under the surface of its all too human skin.


While on a road trip to visit his mom, Leonard Robinson, along with his wife Marge, and his children Timmy and Janey, were stuck in gridlock near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As fate would have it, though, the Robinson family was never going to make it to their destination.

This was because, while driving towards the city, their car was engulfed in white light, which prevented them from seeing what was going on around them. By the time their eyes cleared, the Robinsons' view of events outside their beat up, red VW bug was similarly obscured - by debris.

They had been driving towards their destiny, for the Pitt was created before their very eyes. Far enough away to have avoided being disintegrated on the spot, their car was nonetheless close enough to be picked up by the intense winds generated by the crater's creation.

As the air around Pittsburgh was gone, atmosphere from all around was rushing in to fill that void, and these unnaturally strong winds picked up the Robinsons' bug like it was a tinker toy, pitching it over the edge of the Pitt. Sure enough, this definitely ruined their day!

Since their car slid down the (currently) smooth edge of the Pitt, the Robinsons landed at the bottom without being killed, but their bug was slowly filling up with the fluid that was draining in from the rivers surrounding the Pitt, not to mention the refuse that came down with them.

Before they could drown, the armored heroine Spitfire happened by the Robinsons while investigating the Pitt, and pulled them out of the morbid stew of river water and Pitt wreckage surrounding them. This turned out to be not so fortunate, though - at least for the world at large.

This is because, while the Robinsons lived, they were not left untouched by these events. Either the actual 'Black Event', or exposure to the subsequent creation of 'Pitt-Juice' at the crater's bottom, had wrought... changes in the Robinsons' physiologies.

While being treated in an Army hospital set up near the Pitt, it became apparent that they had developed a skin condition, one whose discomfort could only be alleviated when the family was in full contact with each other. While they weren't too happy with this, they knew it worked.

At least, until one fateful day when the Robinsons' bodies started to ooze and flow, leaving them merged into one awful composite blob of fleshy nastiness - one that was extremely hungry! The next time their military doctors saw them, in fact, turned out to be their last appointment.

This being because they ate one of the doctors, a government operative curious if there were any biowar possibilities in their 'skin condition'. After some of their doctors escaped, they had the Robinson family, which they then dubbed the 'Famileech', transferred to better facilities.

This anatomical horror eventually escaped, only to find itself beaten back for a time by Randy O'Brien, the Antibody, who was stationed at the military hospital at the time. Surrounding his very body with his antibodies, Randy made himself immune being absorbed by the family.

The ultimate problem with the Famileech was that the government didn't know how to help it and, as it turned out, didn't know how to end it, either. As such, they did something that apparently seemed sensible at the time - they dumped 'em somewhere in the Amazon rain forest!

Naturally, they claimed this was an accident to the CIA operatives assigned to clean up the mess it caused upon being exposed to an environment teeming with life for it to absorb. While it was just the size of four people before, it grew considerably upon arriving in the jungle.

So much so, in fact, that the Famileech transformed into a colossal amoeboid by the time the CIA's paranormal strike force arrived to stop it! Surrounding them while they camped out one night, the Famileech mercilessly attacked Friction, Glitter, Sponge, Twilight, and Chrome.

The latter victim of its hunger was somewhat ironic, as it was Chrome (or, as she used to be known, Spitfire) that saved the Robinsons' lives back in the Pitt. Anyway, these CIA paranormal recruits did their best to fight the Famileech, but barely managed to escape with their lives.

Or rather, most of them did. While four of the CIA's paranormal force got away from the Famileech, Twilight didn't, falling to the monster's dread appetite despite her power's adverse effects on it. Her fellows looked for her for about a day, but never found any trace of her - or her body.

After they left the scene, the Famileech was left to its own devices, and its ultimate fate - not to mention the fate of everyone in the area it was deposited in - has yet to be revealed. But surely, its mere presence bodes ill for all involved.

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