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Roy Shijitzu, the Psi-fox, possesses natural psionics which give him considerable control over his body. Furthermore, he's trained his mind to the point that he's also one of the most powerful telepaths on the planet. Finally, he's developed a considerable technological arsenal over the years, based on his father's work, which has culminated in fully sentient, psi-active robot warriors!

Known Powers:

Natural Psionics (Metapsionic Powers):

Animal Hybridization / Fox (a): this natural psionic art allows Roy to transform his body, in whole or in part, into a fox, eschewing his natural human form for a time. This power functions at rank value 30, granting him similarly powerful Resistance to Cold Attacks (if he has fur) and Super Senses / Smell (if he alters his nose), along with potential fangs - for a rank value 6 Slashing attack, in the form of a bite.

Trained Psionics (Psipathic Powers, Traditional Master):

Though Roy's natural psionics were of a physical nature, he instead wanted to undertake what he felt was a more cerebral schooling, which is why he tutored under a variety of psipathic adepts. He has since become a master of that discipline of psionic power, and has greatly eclipsed the prowess of his tutors. Thus far, Roy has demonstrated the following psipathic capabilities:

Telepathy (a): the core power of the psipathic discipline, this ability allows Roy to achieve direct, mind-to-mind communication with other people, at rank value 40 prowess. This allows him a maximum range of 1,000 miles, and he can talk to any number of people at once with this power; however, each doubling of people so contacted reduces its effective, Far range by -1 RS.

Illusion Projection (t): Roy can cause others to experience sensory input that, outside their mind, isn't actually occurring. Disbelieving such illusions, should Roy give someone reason to attempt such an action, requires an Awareness ACT roll against this power's rank value of 40. Roy can minimize the chance of this happening by wielding it within the same sector of his target.

Lie Detection (s): this psipathic skill allows Roy to peer into the mind of anybody in his vicinity, and determine whether or not they're telling the truth at that time. No roll to resist is allowed when Roy wields this power, unless its target is aware that lie detection is in play. If this is the case, they may attempt to resist by passing a Willpower ACT roll to stymie this rank value 50 effect.

Psi Bolt (a): this potent, rank value 50 psipathic art allows Roy to focus his telepathic energies into a burst of damaging power, a blast of raw psionic energy that inflicts power rank value Karmic damage if his opponent fails a Willpower ACT roll against its intensity. Since he can easily turn minds to mush with this attack, Roy usually reserves it as a last resort (unless he's really mad at his foe).

Jumbling (t): this talent allows Roy to remove another's ability to communicate entirely. If they fail a Willpower ACT roll against the use of this rank value 30 power, Roy's target will find all attempts to convey information to others failing spectacularly. Words in a sentence will come out in the wrong order, sign language will look like random motions, written words will be misspelled beyond recognition, and so on.

Inferiority Complex (s): if an opponent fails a Willpower ACT roll against this rank value 40 power, Roy can subject them to an inferiority complex. This prevents them from spending Fortune on any action, and the person will be hard-pressed to do anything, in fact. He or she don't matter, so why bother? The target gets a new ACT roll to resist each turn, whether or not Roy actively maintains it.

Mind Wipe (a): using this dangerous, rank value 20 art, Roy can remove extensive memories from a body's mind. An opponent receives an automatic Willpower ACT roll to resist, but failure of this ACT allows Roy to creatively delete as much or as little of said opponent's past experience as he desires - ranging from events on a specific day to his or her entire identity!

Nonapparent Vision (t): this rank value 40 power allows Roy to automatically disbelieve the sensory confabulation caused by subterfuge of any type; as long as the power is active, he can make an ACT against the intensity of illusions, disguises, changed shapes, and other such trickery to negate their effect on his mind or body (depending on the nature of the obfuscation).

Mesmerism (s): with this skill, Roy can install long-term hypnotic suggestions and commands into a target. When his foe fails a Willpower ACT against this rank value 50 power, Roy may either force him or her to obey his immediate command, or he may instead install a post-hypnotic suggestion that will persist in their mind for a maximum of fifty (50) days before wearing off!

Trained Psionics (Technopsionic Powers, Traditional Student):

Having finally embraced the family's work in advanced robotics, Roy determined that his second area of study should involve technopsionics - mind over machinery! He is making little progress in this area thus far, what with his business and criminal enterprises getting in the way of practice times, but Roy has nonetheless demonstrated the mastery of the following technopsionics to date:

Knowledge (a): core of the technopsionic discipline of power, Roy can use this power to temporarily acquire the use of skills - any skills - he desires. He may wield this power at rank value 10, which allows him four 'bonus' skill 'slots' while it is maintained. This can come in the form of four discreet skills, two level two skills, one level three skill, or any mathematically sound variation therein.

Artificial Power Source (t): a much more energetic ability than all his previously mastered psionics, this talent allows Roy to provide the power a device requires to perform work. Currently he can only wield it at rank value 20, but this lets him fuel technological effects that are of that rank value or less. While it sounds small, this is more than enough to operate an automobile - or a taser - indefinitely...!

Limitations / Enhancements:



Ariel-Shijitzu Systems, Inc.: Roy has, at his disposal, a vast amount of this corporate entity's holdings. This allows him to utilize just about any of the advanced tech at its disposal (since he's directly responsible for most of its creation). Furthermore, this company accounts for his exceptionally high Lifestyle, as he's in charge of the company's American operations altogether.


Rank Value Boost / Fortitude: Roy is naturally more durable than most ordinary humans, likely thanks to a psionic evolution that manifested in the form of his animal hybridization power. As such, his Fortitude rank value has been increased by +1 RS, and his Health score has been adjusted accordingly. Of course, this doesn't help his ego problems any, does it?

Dulled Sense / Vision: Roy's visual acuity, on the other hand, isn't quite up to par with the rest of his supposedly superior shell. As such, he is forced to make all Awareness ACT rolls based on vision at -2 RS, unless he's wearing a pair of glasses with a prescription specifically designed with him in mind. He really hates doing so though, as it tends to 'humanize' him more.


Business / Finance: a natural whiz at math and monetary practices, Roy's Intellect score in such matters should be considered +1 RS. This allows him to avoid most commercial scams, run his business with considerable competence, and even keep his check book balanced quite nicely. There are quite a few advantages to growing up in a corporate environment, aren't there?

Computers: though his father was generally more interested in the hardware side of things, Roy took a keen interest in software. After all, how does one build thinking machines without mastering the thinking part? His Intellect in this area should be considered +1 RS, whether he attempts to utilize, repair, build, design or program computer hardware or software.

Electronics: similarly, Roy has a love of the transistor that almost rivals that of the Electronicists' League! Having official schooling in such matters (and even a nifty degree hanging on the wall in his office), Roy is a certified electronics engineer. He may attempt any ACT rolls involving the use, repair, construction, or design of electronic devices at a +1 RS to the applicable trait.

Engineering 2: a skill he picked up from his father even before attending college proper, Roy Shijitzu is more than adept in the construction of things - in fact, one might say it's in his blood. Whenever he decides to design or build anything, whether it's a car, a robot or a skyscraper, Roy may attempt to do so as though his Intellect was +2 RS higher than is indicated above.

Martial Arts styles A and B: though not as well-versed in self-defense as the monks who taught him his psipathy were, Roy can nonetheless defend himself should he be unable to bring his powers to bear. For instance, he makes all unarmed melee attacks at a +1 RS, and can inflict Pound or Concuss results against any opponent, no matter how high his comparative Brawn or Fortitude is.


Naturally, Roy can depend on any of his relatives (of either Ariel or Shijitzu fame) for aid in the event of an emergency, especially since their financial well-being currently depends on his robotics developments. Furthermore, he can likely depend on the various super-human folks working for him, as he's arranged matters in such a way that they need him around in the long run.


Nominally, Roy usually wears an extremely expensive suit while attending to his business. However, he's occasionally seen in a pair of 'lucky' greasy overalls while monkeying around in his robotics lab on the twenty-sixth floor of the Ariel-Shijitzu building in Pleasantview. When doing the super-human thing, he simply wears black Spandex ™ shorts and a pair of sneakers.


Haughty and arrogant doesn't begin to describe Roy. He believes himself superior to all other beings, human or not, thanks to his extensive training in psionics, technology, and business practices. Of course, his natural power and durability has only egged this dangerous attitude on, which causes him to occasionally underestimate folks that get in his way.

Of course, there is another side of Roy, one that folks rarely see. You see, he shares his late father's dreams, and really strives to build truly intelligent machinery, in the form of sentient robots. To this end, he devotes most of his personal time and energies to the achievement of this goal, believing that it is his destiny to father a whole new form of life.

Real Name: Roy Shijitzu
Occupation: inventor, executive, criminal conspirator
Legal Status: American citizen with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 5' 7"
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 170 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: he has a bizarre haircut, which consists of a mostly shaved head, save for two locks that dangle in the front of his face at all times.


Roy Shijitzu's story is a long and involved one. To begin with, he grew up in what can only be called an eccentric family, what with his being one of Max Ariel and Onika Shijitzu's many children. While most of the kids were satisfied with simply living off of the works of their parents, Roy took an active interest in the development of the electromechanical technology that made the family rich.

As such, he took a double major in college, learning the ins and outs of both electronics and business. However, while studying to learn the specifics of both fields, Roy's mind started to wander from time to time, and he dreamed strange and dangerous dreams, dreams that culminated with the first manifestation of his bizarre, natural psionic power.

Totally freaked by this, Roy was disturbed by the nature of his animal transformations at first, particularly the altered perception that came with his dramatically enhanced sense of smell. However, by the time he graduated from college - with highest honors - Roy had come to terms with his uncanny existence, though he really just went from one extreme to another.

You see, Roy decided that he was superior to other humans, who seemed frailer and less evolved than himself, and who simply couldn't do what he could. As such, he became discontent with the temporal world, and wandered the earth in search of a purpose. He eventually found his way to the far east, and was noticed by an ancient order of psionic monks, who sensed his inherent power.

As such, they took it upon themselves to train him in the proper use of his potential. At first, they tried to teach him the metapsi discipline, what with his fascination with physical power and his head start in that area, so to speak. When he declined, they then attempted to teach him power over technology, since he was already skilled in that area. Again, he declined.

His area of interest was in the power of mind to mind communication, despite an apparent predisposition towards the other two areas the monks tried to steer him in. As such, they agreed to go along with his wishes, and taught him the principles of the psipathic disciplines of power, hoping to temper his vast superiority complex and reign in his desire for power.

This was, of course, because these monks knew that there were several agencies of a psionic nature walking the earth, and they didn't want Roy to attract their attention - either towards him or themselves. This ultimately failed however, and Roy's ambition and cunning simply couldn't be dampened. When he learned everything he thought he needed, Roy returned to the States.

Finding that his father had died during his absence, Roy immediately took his place as the family inventor, taking charge of the Ariel-Shijitzu corporation's American operations, since his little sister wasn't doing anything to really advance the company any, living an exceptionally hedonistic and expensive lifestyle. Ousting her, he then returned the A-S corporation to a position of excellence.

Once he'd reestablished the company in the international technology market, Roy picked up where his father left off, and began to work on the construction of truly intelligent robots. He had an advantage over his father in this work, however, as he'd gained rudimentary training in the application of psionics to technology from his monkish instructors, and knew the human mind in and out.

As such, it was only a matter of time before Roy created the neuropathic processor, an effective 'brain' for electronic devices, a neurocomputer that was open to influence from telepathic powers, like his own. As such, Roy was able to finally actualize old Max's dreams recently, in that he built his first sentient robot, Mutilator 001 (first of a series, he'd hoped), and it worked. It was alive.

Once he'd created his prototype, Roy decided to figure out how to mass produce the things, to create an army of Mutilator combat robots. He would sell these devices to whoever could pay for them, to insinuate them into all manner of governments worldwide. Once there, he planned on using them to blackmail said governments into doing business only with him.

At least, for their technological needs. This, then, would make the company (and thus, him) richer and more powerful than many of his wildest dreams. However, Roy has yet to figure out how to mass produce sentience, so his work is slow going. So far, he's only managed a couple of Mutilator robots, each of which love him like a father or, as he sees it, a god...!

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