Ex 20
Ty 6
Ex 20
Am 50
Pr 4
Ex 20
Pr 4
Fe 2
Gd -10



Monstro-Vipers are not human. They were perfectly good Range-Vipers until Doctor Mindbender subjected them to an experimental, cryptozoological chimeric gene cocktail. An amalgamation of human and numerous other creatures, Monstro-Vipers are an artificial species.

Known Powers:

Claws: while their right hands aren't usable like a normal humans, they still possess dangerous bear claws! A Monstro-Viper can swipe at their foes with these Incredible (40) m.s. sharp implements to inflict their Strength rank in Edged Attack damage.

Emotion Control: possessing the terrifying eyes of some unknown species of bat, Monstro-Vipers can use them to induce terror in others! Working at Excellent (20) rank, this power will cause those who fail an Intuition FEAT against it to panic at mere eye contact.

Fangs: presumably donated by their werewolf 'parents', all Monstro-Vipers possess large, dagger-like fangs. Thanks to these lethal implements, Monstro-Vipers may inflict their Strength rank in Edged Attack damage with each successful bite attack!

Growth: Monstro-Vipers cannot change their size, per se. But they're huge - about nine feet tall! Thus, they possess this power to describe their larger stature compared to normal humans. While they only have this power at Feeble (2) rank, Monstro-Vipers are supremely imposing!

Resistance to Cold Attacks: the entire body of each Monstro-Viper, aside from their bionics, is covered in a fine pelt of black and yellow fur, donated from all its component cryptid gene sources. This fur gives them Incredible (40) resistance to cold assaults.


Unlike their Bio-Viper counterparts, Monstro-Vipers have received numerous augmentations on top of the chimeric gifts Doctor Mindbender 'gave' them. Monstro-Vipers possess numerous implants and replacement parts of his design, cybernetics which function as follows:

* Cyber-Hand: as they lack opposable thumbs straight out of the laboratory, Monstro-Vipers each have their left paws replaced with a robotic, 'human' hand. This replacement part possesses a material strength of Amazing (50), and can be used to inflict +1 CS Blunt Attack damage.

* Gut Bomb Factories: this augmentation allows Monstro-Vipers to transform food into explosive leavings. These explode when disturbed, whether stepped on or flung at others, inflicting Remarkable (30) Force damage to all uncovered targets inside the area they detonate within.

* Rage Controller: without this circuitry, Monstro-Vipers would rampage until everything around them is vanquished. This implant stops that for the most part, unless a given Monstro-Viper fails an IPS check at the beginning of combat. Which happens all too often.

Limitations / Enhancements:

Implant Psychosis Statistic: like all electromechanically augmented beings, Monstro-Vipers are subject to this dreadful neurological condition. To avoid its effects, a Bio-Viper must pass a Psyche FEAT against the intensity of their IPS whenever they are under duress.

This FEAT is never automatic, for Monstro-Vipers are always ready for a fight! Failing this FEAT prompts a Monstro-Viper to completely lose it, and to rampage as they would prefer for the duration of a conflict. Since their IPS has a base value of Poor (3), this is a common occurrence.

Otherness: the combination of their horrific visages, fear-inducing gaze, and violent behavior marks Monstro-Vipers as both more than less than ordinary humans. While they don't care, this extreme character limitation gives Monstro-Vipers a -4 CS penalty on all NPC reactions.


Flail: consisting of a spiky ball chained to a stout wooden handle, this weapon gives Monstro-Vipers slightly more range in melee combat. They can swing this weapon to inflict their Strength rank +1 CS in Edged Attack damage, enough to flatten many soldiers in one hit!

Rifle: when they remember to use them, Monstro-Vipers may fire one round from this weapon to inflict Typical (6) Shooting damage, a short burst of such to inflict Good (10) Shooting damage, or fire them continuously to inflict Excellent (20) Shooting damage.


Unattractive: it should go without saying, but Monstro-Vipers are madman-made monsters! While humanoid, their features are not human at all, and those who find their bat eyes, werewolf fur, sasquatch legs, and protruding bones icky react to Monstro-Vipers with a -2 CS penalty.


Natural Weapons: while they may have lost most of the knowledge they possessed before their transformation from human into chimeric horrors, Monstro-Vipers possess a natural talent of sort in the use of their fangs and claws, which they may do with a +1 CS bonus.


None. Barely sentient still, the Monstro-Vipers produced by Doctor Mindbender are immensely powerful, but are dangerous to friend and foe alike. Only the Mega-Vipers care to associate with them at all, but then that's their job. Thus, they're only retained as long as they're useful.


For the most part, Monstro-Vipers don't bother with clothing. They're a fur-laden artificial species, after all! They do make one concession to modesty, however, wearing a bright red pair of trousers, even if the things are cut off just above the knees.


The clutch of things known as Monstro-Vipers were formerly a battalion of Range-Vipers that Cobra Commander 'volunteered' for yet another of Doctor Mindbender's chimeric genetic experiments. If he could build a Serpentor, after all, he should be able to enhance extant soldiers.

That was the idea, anyway. Reaching a bit after creating the Bio-Vipers, Doctor Mindbender sought out cryptid gene samples around the world. Mixing and matching them to his mad satisfaction, he spliced their code into the DNA of his 'volunteers', and the Monstro-Vipers were born!

While impressed with the results of his human-cryptid hybridization, Doctor Mindbender further augmented his Monstro-Vipers with cybernetics! Now robotically enhanced artifical cryptozoological hybrids, the Monstro-Vipers are nigh-unstoppable - but also nigh-uncontrollable.

Led in the field by Mindbender's Mega-Vipers, his furry and feral Monstro-Vipers often rampage alongside the Bio-Vipers. While their violent rages almost completely overwhelm their formerly human minds, Monstro-Vipers are at least good at a terror-inducing rampage here and there.

Extra Goodies:

Monstro-Vipers Universal Heroes Text File Download

Cobra directories featuring a version of Monstro-Vipers:


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