Gd 10
Ex 20
Ty 6
Ex 20
Gd 10
Rm 30
Ex 20
Rm 30
Sh 0



Like the vast majority of his GI Joe teammates, Lift-Ticket lacks super-human powers of any sort, whether they be mutagenic, sorcerous, psionic, or of any other origin. He is nonetheless a highly skilled helicopter pilot, and is quite handy with airplanes as well.

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Helmet: a part of his standard flight suit, this helmet provides Lift-Ticket Good (10) protection against physical attacks that strike him in the cranium. Its goggles offer him Remarkable (30) screened senses / sight, and it has a microphone he can patch into his current ride.

Knife: you never know when you're going to have to cut something - or someone - in the field. As such, Lift-Ticket always carries a blade with him on the job, which can be used to inflict Edged Attack damage in melee, or to cut through items of up to Incredible (40) m.s.

Sidearm: while he's a combat helicopter pilot, Lift-Ticket knows that he may have to get more personal now and then. He can either discharge one round from this pistol to inflict Typical (6) Shooting damage, or fire a three-round burst to inflict Good (10) Shooting damage.

Tomahawk: it's sometimes hard to picture Lift-Ticket outside one of these heavily armed helicopters, as he's served at the stick of one for most of his time as Joe - and the team has made use of them for quite a few years. The Tomahawk is expanded upon in its own description.




Aerial Combat: while he can fly a helicopter or airplane, a significant part of Lift-Ticket's Warrant Officer Flight School training involved learning how to fight in the former. When attempting airborne combat maneuvers, Lift-Ticket may attempt applicable FEAT rolls at a +1 CS.

Guns: Lift-Ticket has become well-versed in the use of firearms - mostly those of American make, but a few more on top of that, just in case. Whether he's using a standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifle or pistol, Lift-Ticket may do so at a +1 CS to his Agility score.

Martial Arts type B: trained in the use of unarmed combat should he find himself otherwise without weaponry, Lift-Ticket can attempt any unarmed melee attack, whether it be a punch, kick, head butt, knee smash, or whatever else, at a +1 CS to his Fighting score.

Military / United States: the military has been good to Lift-Ticket, and he's happy to regularly return the favor. In addition to knowing military protocols and procedures like the back of his hand, this skill also accounts for his other talents, and two free military contacts.

Piloting: his primary task on the GI Joe team, Lift-Ticket is naturally adept in the operation of both fixed and rotary wing aircraft, even if he prefers to fly the latter by far. When operating any such vehicles, Lift-Ticket may attempt Control FEATs at a +1 CS.


As a member of GI Joe, Lift-Ticket can easily rely on the world's greatest anti-terrorist force for assistance should he find himself in trouble - after all, such trouble usually comes about as a result of his work with the team. He has numerous other military contacts as well.


Lift-Ticket's first field uniform consists of a long-sleeved green shirt under a tan vest with red shoulder pads, green trousers, black leather boots and gloves, a black leather belt, black pouches and holsters for his gear, red knee pads, and a distinctive red, goggled flight helmet.


Lift-Ticket has been described as skillful, persistent, and lucky. He's an unexpectedly bright fellow who enjoys what he does, and is real good at it. He's happy to be in the Army as it allows him to both learn a viable trade and see the world while he serves his country.

Real Name: Victor W. Sikorski, Grade WO-2
Occupation: helicopter pilot
Legal Status: American citizen with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: GI Joe

Height: 5' 10"
Hair: platinum blonde
Eyes: blue
Weight: 165 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


Lift-Ticket was like a lot of kids who joined the Army, in that he did so to get away from home - and fast. The difference between Lift-Ticket and these other kids, though, is that he's pretty darn sharp when you get down to it - he scored extremely well on the Army aptitude tests.

After qualifying for West Point Prep, the Officer's Candidate School, and the Warrant Officer's Flight School, Lift-Ticket then showed how smart he really was by choosing the last of the three - it was the only one that offered training applicable to civilian life.

Arriving in flight school, Lift-Ticket was educated in the operation of fixed and rotary wing aircraft, and quickly proved just how well he handles such craft under pressure. His excellent performance got him noticed by GI Joe recruiters, and they snatched Lift-Ticket up quick.

Though the Joes already had a competent helicopter pilot, the team feels growing pains every year, and Lift-Ticket was more than welcome in the Joes' ranks. In fact, on his very first mission, he got to fly his trademark Tomahawk helicopter in the team's assault on Springfield.

A heavily armed rescue and transport helicopter, Lift-Ticket felt right at home in the Tomhawk, and he's used it during his fair share of GI Joe operations against Cobra. When not piloting a Tomahawk, though, Lift-Ticket often co-pilots the Joe's C-130 with Wild Bill.

Lift-Ticket worked for the Joe team in both capacities until its untimely dissolution back in '94, due to the government's lack of understanding of the threat that Cobra posed to the world. His activities during the time the Joes were out of commission are as of yet unrevealed.

(Historical Divergence)

However, Lift-Ticket readily returned to the Joe team when it was recommissioned just a scant few years later, and remains on the roster to this very day, fighting the evil forces of Cobra - as well as any other terrorist whack jobs - that threaten freedom both domestically and abroad.

After all, the Joe team needs more than one helicopter pilot to ferry the team around!

2009 Variations


the Ghost HAWK: sometimes it's hard to picture Lift-Ticket outside of his Tomahawk, but he manages it on occasion. His most recent ride is the Ghost HAWK, a refresh of the GI Joe team's old Sky Hawk VTOL craft! The Ghost HAWK is described in its own vehicular entry.


Lift-Ticket's second field uniform includes a long-sleeved green shirt under a tan vest with red shoulder pads, green trousers, black and tan leather boots, black leather gloves, belts, black pouches and holsters for his gear, red knee pads, and a distinctive red, goggled flight helmet.

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