Modron, Quadrone


Hand Size:
2 (10)


As are all other modrons, the countless hordes of quadrones are extradimensional clockwork beings, hailing from the highly orderly plane of Mechanus. Their fantastic alien physiology is a bizarre blend of flesh and gears, and this, combined with their inherently magical nature, is the source of the quadrones' many and various ascendant powers.


Modron Physique: the children of Mechanus, the infinite masses of modrons are a potent blend of organism and mechanism. Modrons seamlessly combine the two diametric designs into a seamless whole, a feat which is made possible by their highly orderly, magically charged bodies. Quadrones are no exception to this rule, and have access to these powerful abilities as a result:

* Agelessness (s): all modrons, regardless of rank or station, are ageless in nature. Instead of having the longevity power, which implies an eventual lifespan, modrons simply do not age whatsoever. In fact, if not slain by accident or design, a modron may effectively live on forever, adopting new and more versatile forms as it ascends the ladder of law.

* Body Armor (s): both organic and inorganic in nature, all modrons have some manner of resistance to physical attacks. Essentially, base modrons should be treated as having intensity 4 (+1) protection from attacks of a conventional sort. This is often enough defense to discourage assault by most mundane beings against the highly capable quadrones.

* Invulnerability to Emotion Control, Illusion, Mind Control, Paralysis / Sleep, and Vampirism (s): all modrons, even the lowly quadrone, are completely immune to these attack forms. As beings of ultimate order, they are able to shrug off such effects with ease - though they can readily perceive when such assaults are used (albeit unsuccessfully) against them.

* Resistance to Acid, Cold, and Fire attacks (s): the modron physique is highly resistant, albeit not totally immune to, the effects of extreme cold, heat, and corrosives - this despite their partially metallic nature. They possess intensity 4 (+1) damage reduction against such attack forms, allowing them to maneuver in most hostile environs with relative ease - which comes in handy during the Modron March.

Additional Limbs / Arms (a): most quadrones have four arms, and can bring all all of them to bear in battle. Thanks to these doubled limbs, most quadrones can make up to two melee attacks in one exchange, the last of which will occur after everybody else has made their primary actions in said exchange. These are occasionally unarmed melee attacks, but quadrones are usually heavily armed.

Circular Vision (w): quadrones, while lacking a 'face' on each of their six sides, nonetheless have sensory organs of some sort or another all over their body, granting them the ability to have a 360 degree by 360 degree (all around, top and bottom) awareness of their environment. This awareness isn't necessarily visual, but it is functional.

Infravision (w): quadrones, like the duodrones, have the ability to see into the infrared spectrum of light. Working at intensity 6, this lets them peer up to 180 feet into the dark, whether it be natural or artificially generated. While rarely necessary on Mechanus, this comes in real handy in the more sinister planes of existence.

Super Senses (w): quadrones have highly acute sensory organs, granting them the ability to utilize all five of the standard senses at 150 percent of your average human's acuity. In other words, quadrones wield all five senses at an enhanced level (call it intensity 5), whether their sense of sight, hearing, taste, smell, or touch is involved.

Wings (a): instead of having an extra set of arms, some quadrones have been equipped with a set of wings. These metallic instruments allow a quadrone to fly at intensity 2 speeds (around sixty miles per hour), or simply hover in place indefinitely. While this negates the quadrone's devastating combat ability, it is nonetheless handy in most situations.

Hindrances / Augmentations:



Modrons, if on a special mission, can be equipped with just about any type of necessary device. Quadrones, if they know they will be going into battle, will arm themselves with two bows or four similar weapons (if of the four armed variety) or just one bow or two similar melee weapons (if of the two armed variety). These are usually +3 weapons.


Law (i): more than anything else, the modrons are ultimate masters of law, knowing their own clockwork plane in and out. They extend this basic knowledge of What Should Be to all aspects of existence, and should make any Intellect action based on the knowledge of orderly systems at one difficulty level lower than normal, using either Intellect or Willpower if regarding Mechanus, and with an autotrump concerning Regulus.

Leadership (w): knowing how to spread resources around and delegate tasks like no other beings alive, quadrones have this skill as a general matter of course. If they can pass an average difficulty Willpower action, they can add a +1 to the action scores of anybody they lead. If the quadrone loses its ability to lead, however, this bonus turns into a -1 penalty.

Repair / Tinkering (a): furthermore, in their capacity as the caretakers of Mechanus (as far as they are concerned, at least), modrons have a preternatural knowledge of mechanical systems. In addition to allowing them to keep the gears of their home plane running smoothly, this skill doubles as an effective first aid skill for modrons, letting them utilize basic medicinal skills on their brethren.

Skill / Bows (a): quadrones have the inherent ability to use bows - to deadly effect. In battle, quadrones may reduce the difficulty of bow attacks by one difficulty level, and if they have four arms, they are allowed to make two ranged attacks in one exchange naturally. No other modrons have this ability, making quadrones exceedingly deadly in ranged combat.


Soldier: more so than any other beings in the multiverse, modrons live to further the influence of law and order. They follow the orders of their superiors instinctively, for to do otherwise is incomprehensible. While this calling sounds more militant than modrons really are, it should be noted that they are virtual exemplars of the soldier mindset.


A more advanced and refined intelligence, as compared to the tridrone, quadrones are the elite of Mechanus' labor forces. Often, they're the ones who order most of the lower modrons into action (in general maintenance situations and the like), as they have the ability to observe, plan, react to the unexpected, and act to remedy situations.


Each and every quadrone is six foot tall. The majority of its body is a three foot by three foot by three foot cube, upon which is attached two legs, and either four arms or two arms and two wings. The front face of a quadrone's 'cube' holds its vaguely humanoid face, which is the only exposed organic part on its body. Also, quadrones have several odd, non-visual sensory organs on each of their six sides.

Ecological Niche:

In addition to their role as the relay between pentadrones and tridrones in the modron system, quadrones are most often field officers in the modron armies. In conflict, they can bring over a thousand modron soldiers to bear (via the 'dozen' chain of command principle) and as such are rightly feared on the battlefield - especially against the mortal races.

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