the Force Exponentializer


Hand Size:
4 (25)


Though he used to just be a television repair man, Wilbur Queller was struck with the inspiration for a radical force-shaping technology after one too many accidental self-electrocutions. Making his strange ideas a reality, he now adventures as the Force Exponentializer!



Hindrances / Augmentations:



Force Divisor (i): this powerful force field acts to blunt kinetic energy that intersects with it. It provides Wilbur with intensity 12 (+3) damage reduction, which is enough to handle most every mundane attack targeted at his person - assuming it can even strike him in the first place.

Force Multiplier (s): built into his gauntlets, this technology greatly amplifies the amount of energy Wilbur can dish out with a mere punch. This essentially makes his armored gloves into concussion weapons, and he can use them to inflict +6 force damage with each attack!

Force Negator (i): this belt-mounted device allows Wilbur to negate the effects of inertia on his person. It thus allows him the benefits of super running, at least where acceleration is concerned. In other words, he can start and stop on a literal dime.

Force Projector (a): though he usually prefers to beat a foe into submission with his force multipliers, Wilbur does have the ability to attack at range. His chest plate, in addition to making his protective fields, can fire an intensity 10 kinetic blast at his leisure.

Force Rectifier (i): this handy force field acts to shunt kinetic energy bound directly towards Wilbur away from him at oblique angles. It thus grants him +3 deflection while it is active, which tends to be hard on Wilbur's surroundings... but keeps him alive while fighting crime.

Force Resistor (a): acting to overcome the force of gravity by applying an opposing force, these items (in Wilbur's boots) allow him to rocket through the air. He may fly with intensity 5 speed, or 150 miles per hour, without having to bother with things like acceleration.

Hard Points (s): all of Wilbur's devices are encased in metal of m.s. 12. This makes them highly resistant to being broken, and provide him +3 body armor when struck on the hands, wrists, feet, ankles, head, or upper torso - on top of his specialized force fields.

Linguistic Overdriver (i): built by Transistorized Ted, this device emits a powerful induction field that affects everyone within near missile distance of Wilbur equally. Those present benefit from the effects of intensity 5 hyperlinguistics, making communication a snap.

Smartphone (i): fickle where technology is concerned, Wilbur vacillates between smartphone brands and models frequently. But he always maintains one that can tie into cellular networks with intensity 3 ability (optimum five mile range), with gigabytes of file storage available.


Concussion Weapons (s): having developed multiple weapons of this type, Wilbur has learned how to use them mostly through trial and error. Though his education in concussion weapons may be dubious at best, he may wield them at one difficulty level lower than is normally necessary.

Electronics (i): originally a television repair man, Wilbur has repurposed his skills into the construction and maintenance of his revolutionary force-shaping devices. He can design, build, and repair these, or any other electronic devices, with a reduction in the inherent difficulty.

Languages / English and Portuguese (i): though he's a native of Merthyr Tydfil, Wilbur has taken to spending his holidays in either Portugal or Brazil, and has thus learned their spoken language as well. Thus, he can read, write and speak in these languages fluently.

Physics 2 (i): Wilbur was not initially interested in physics. However, he studied this science extensively after the jolt which put terrible ideas in his head, and can thus be considered a master physicist. He resolves related actions at a reduced difficulty, using Intellect or Willpower.

Repair / Tinkering (a): visiting Wilbur's workshop would expose the would-be explorer to all the various mechanical and electrical frankenthings he has produced over the years. Wilbur loves to tinker, and should receive a reduction in the difficulty of actions to make things into other things.


As the Force Exponentializer, Wilbur has made numerous friends with his heroic actions - and more than a couple of enemies. He's also a member of the Electronicists' League despite not approving of their membership in general... but at least this lets him keep an eye on them.

Particularly Crystalline, who he's smitten with (even if she barely recognizes Wilbur's existence).


Adventurer: Wilbur doesn't really fight crime to avenge anyone, or to protect others from villains. He doesn't even do it for the thrill of combat or any sense of obligation. No, he mostly adventures to adventure, finding the effort an end unto itself.


Wilbur's look can only be described as 'shiny'. Over a highly reflective, silver stretch fabric body suit, Wilbur wears a variety of chromed-out high tech devices of his own creation, including his metal gauntlets, boots, helmet, and chest plate, all of which have glowey bits on board.


Quite young for someone with so many high tech toys at his disposal, Wilbur optimistically imagines himself to be something of a super hero. When not randomly working freelance to ostensibly maintain a 'secret identity', Wilbur patrols the city, looking for trouble!

Or occasionally finds some when he goes on holiday in a search for mayhem world-wide. Which is how he tripped over his nemesis, the sociopathic Solder Monkey. The two hate each other more than they have the words to convey - and both have a lot of words at their disposal!

Real Name: Wilbur Queller
Occupation: freelance repair man, inventive genius, adventuring interloper
Legal Status: citizen of the United Kingdom with no known criminal record
Marital Status: divorced
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Electronicists' League

Height: 5' 10"
Hair: light brown
Eyes: brown
Weight: 166 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Wilbur has a particularly large nose.


Born into a modest family fortune, Wilbur had plenty of leisure time with which to decide what he really wanted to do with life. In time, he decided he wanted to be a television repair man because really, who doesn't watch television? So he attended schools to this end.

Eventually gaining a degree in electronics technology, Wilbur indeed became a technician, working on all manner of advanced devices for his fellow residents in Merthyr Tydfil. Even if the money was slowly declining as electronics became more disposable.

Very good at what he does however, Wilbur began to cut corners where safety was concerned. He regularly gave himself something of a jolt when working on his customers' devices, whether they be a simple portable music player or an oversized, big screen television.

One one fateful day, Wilbur was working on a ceiling-mounted projector in a customer's home theater when this tendency caught up with him. Wilbur nearly electrocuted himself when accidentally crossing his multimeter across the projector's power supply lines!

Blasted off his ladder and onto the tackily carpeted floor below, Wilbur lay twitching and moaning on the ground for hours, his customer having stepped out to pick up some groceries. However, while unable to call for help or even move, Wilbur was in fact quite conscious.

Overwhelmed with pain, his mind went to a weird place, and strange connections were made within it that would never have occurred normally. While a lot of these were nonsensical, one such inspiration stuck within Wilbur's thoughts, the concept behind a kinetic energy shaping device!

Eventually found and hospitalized for a day or so, Wilbur desperately clung to the notion in his head about this device, and made copious notes while stuck in his hospital bed. When he was finally released, Wilbur got to work on making this strange idea a reality.

Taking some time off of work, ostensibly due to his injury, Wilbur locked himself in the family basement and began to make things happen - at least, when he didn't run out to buy some component or another that he couldn't simply scrounge from the house's stable of electronics.

About a month later, Wilbur was successful! Having finally translated his alien thoughts into reality, he'd produced something akin to a mace, a long stick with a force field on the end, one which would discharge a heady amount of concussive energy on contact with anything solid.

Playing with his new toy for a short time, Wilbur then began to develop the technology he'd invented from whole cloth into a variety of specialized items. He built blasters, force field emitters, semi-solid force constructs, and even a means to negate his own inertia!

Why all the obsession with personal defense objects, you ask? Why, the better to become a hero with! Having read too many comic books and watched too many animated series in his day, the notion of becoming a costumed adventurer seemed natural to Wilbur, oddly enough.

Thus, he assembled his gear into a comprehensive costume, moved to London proper, and began to adventure. This mostly involved him heading out into the night, looking for trouble wherever he could find it. And since he was living in London, you can bet that Wilbur did just that.

Of course, he didn't just work in town. No, Wilbur enjoyed taking holidays in both Portugal and its former colony, Brazil, and would go out on 'patrol' there, too, whenever he was resident. At least, when he wasn't sunning himself on the beach, or lounging about in bars.

It was on one such trip that Wilbur first met the Solder Monkey. Happening across an inordinate amount of corpses one night, Wilbur began to look into things 'in costume', when he discovered the strange monkey-man blasting innocent homeless people with his death rays!

Imploring him to stop, Wilbur was assaulted by the freak of nature, and the two did battle on the streets of Rio de Janeiro! As it turned out, neither Wilbur or the Monkey could overcome their foe, and the two went on to serve as nemeses to each other for several years.

Though he couldn't end the Solder Monkey or the threat he posed to humanity, Wilbur could nonetheless contain him and his prevent doomsday in one encounter after another. But as it turned out, their conflict had not gone unnoticed, for the two were approached by a strange man.

This curious fellow, calling himself Transistorized Ted, wanted both Wilbur and the Solder Monkey to join his little club of inventors, the Electronicists' League. Thinking the whole idea stupid, Wilbur was about to refuse, when he wondered if his archenemy would actually join.

After all, the benefits of League membership is the sharing of technology with one another, since each would-be applicant had to submit one sample of their technology as the price of admission. Not wanting the Monkey to get the edge on him, Wilbur decided to sign up.

Exactly as Ted predicted he would. Thus, Wilbur passed along his Force Divisor to Ted, thinking that the most harmless sample of his kinetic energy shaping technology extant. And as it would turn out, the Solder Monkey made use of it as soon as was physically possible - out of spite.

But then Wilbur benefited from his League membership as well. He absorbed several new technologies in exchange for his own, and found the true love of his life - even if she doesn't realize he even exists. This is because Wilbur has become smitten with the vigilante, Crystalline.

Who is so obsessed with her own high tech work, as well as her own vigilantism, that she hasn't recognized what she actually has in common with Wilbur. Or so Wilbur believes. But Wilbur is patient, and intends to pursue his intentions with her as soon as she sees the 'light'...!

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