the Inveterate Invertebrate (deceased)


Hand Size:
3 (17)


The Inveterate Invertebrate is a B'ntri, a non-humanoid alien entity from beyond the stars... or at least, our own, Milky Way galaxy. Supplementing her considerable physical prowess is a rudimentary understanding of thaumentalism - enough to facilitate communication, and little more.


Additional Limbs / Tentacles (a): like all B'ntri, the Inveterate Invertebrate possesses eight wrinkly, wormy tentacles. They are alternately three and six feet long as they circle around her base, the former of which are for manipulation and the latter of which are for locomotion.

Since she has eight such limbs, the Invertebrate can add a +1 to her effective speed, as well as a bonus melee attack each exchange. Though omnidextrous, she cannot trade one bonus in to double another; the B'ntri nervous system simply isn't wired to accommodate such activity.

Corrosion (s): sure, the Inveterate Invertebrate's fangs are frightening to look upon, but the true digestive danger her body holds is its corrosive potential. Things placed in her maw will suffer intensity 8 Metabolic damage each turn they are exposed to her digestive juices.

On top of the gnawing. But wait, there's more! The Invertebrate has mastered the trick of spitting her digestive juices from her mouth - and with considerable range! She can subject anyone or anything within near missile distance to a spray of her horrible acidic mouth goo!

Fangs (s): before her horrible digestive juice can properly dissolve something she eats, the Inveterate Invertebrate usually punctures it up with her horrible fangs. She has eight of these dagger-like weapons, each corresponding to one of her tentacles' position around her trunk.

When using these weapons, the Invertebrate may inflict her Strength +2 in slashing damage with each bite, something she can attempt for as long as her target is within melee distance - or already in her mouth. And if the latter is the case, it's as good as done.

Universal Digestion (s): you'd think their claws and corrosive ooze would be bad enough, but the truth is that the evolutionary crucible that spawned the Inveterate Invertebrate and her ilk gave them the ability to derive sustenance from literally any solid matter.

Thus, they can eat anything they desire, and ultimately persist to horrify the universe at large, even if their preferred prey - sentient animal life forms - is unavailable. This makes the Invertebrate completely immune to ingested poisons, which get broken down like anything else.

Schooling: Novice / Thaumentalism:

Like many of her fellow B'ntri, the Inveterate Invertebrate didn't really develop her innate magical potential all that much. She has nonetheless picked up a spell or two in the cerebral arena, to better facilitate communications with her would-be dinners.

Enchanted Eye (u) (w): granting the Inveterate Invertebrate the power of sight, this intensity 5 spell conjures forth a large, visible magical construct resembling a human eye. While it can move with beyond visual range, the Invertebrate usually rests atop this psychoplasmic construct.

Telepathy (p) (w): enabling her to communicate with others, typically to taunt them before she consumes them, the Inveterate Invertebrate has considerable practice in the use of this spell. The Invertebrate may wield her telepathy with intensity 9 skill.

Variable Psionics (s) (i): though she doesn't have a whole lot of psychic spells handy, the Inveterate Invertebrate has the ability to copy any psionic ability present, either active or passive, in her vicinity. She may accomplish this with intensity 5 ability.

Hindrances / Augmentations:

Blind: having evolved beneath the surface of their rogue planet, B'ntri never found themselves exposed to light or radiation much (heat notwithstanding). While she has artificial infravision, the Inveterate Invertebrate cannot see in a conventional fashion whatsoever.

Magical Aptitude: thanks to an inherent knack for magic that all B'ntri possess for some reason or another, the Inveterate Invertebrate may add a +1 to any magical spell she attempts to make use of, a bonus which applies to every aspect of that spell save for the damage inflicted.

Omnidexterity: B'ntri can use all of their tentacles with equal ability, even if some have evolved with more dedicated purposes in mind. The Inveterate Invertebrate may not be able to 'double up' limb bonuses, but she may use any of her eight limbs for any purpose without penalty.




Wrestling (s): while her tentacles are already excellent weapons for the purpose of grappling, the Inveterate Invertebrate has trained extensively in this form of combat to improve them even further. As such, she may grapple foes with a further reduction of difficulty.

This makes her an incredibly dangerous foe against even enemies who are considerably stronger than she, for her leverage can easily shuttle them into her mouth - and a rapid, unexpected grave. Any hold she inflicts must be checked each exchange, but may be maintained indefinitely.


Truth be told, the Inveterate Invertebrate does not have that many contacts - she's eaten most everyone she's ever met. She could consider the Grim Determinator a contact, being a B'ntri she came to earth with a while back, but how reliable the connection between them is is unknown.


Demolisher, with a secondary calling of Greed: the Inveterate Invertebrate eats sentient beings solely for the challenge of it all. She does so regardless of the effects her abject gluttony, which is overwhelming, has on her victims and their loved ones.


What costume? Like most B'ntri, the Inveterate Invertebrate does not bother all that much with clothing or accessories. Her body is a weapon forged in the crucible of evolution, while clothing would simply hamper her movements as she runs down her lunch.


In many ways, the Inveterate Invertebrate fits the mold of the stereotypical B'ntri to a T. She doesn't really have many hobbies aside from hunting, and doesn't really care to pursue superfluous avenues of knowledge - which is one reason her magical prowess is so minimal.

Thus, the Invertebrate is almost always talking about eating - usually to whoever it is she's about to eat. She's mostly a loner otherwise, shunning the company of others because she doesn't see the need for friendship. After all, why play with your food?

Real Name: the Inveterate Invertebrate (adopted name)
Occupation: drifter, murderer
Legal Status: citizen of the nameless B'ntri home world, likely wanted dead (and not alive at all) on any number of planets
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 15' 6" (totally extended), 8' 3" (normal stance)
Hair: inapplicable
Eyes: inapplicable
Weight: 325 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: the Invertebrate's body consists of a central trunk, for the lack of a better term, ringed by eight wormy, elastic tentacles, which alternate between three and six feet long. At the center of this trunk is a maw with eight large fangs.


Unlike most B'ntri, the Inveterate Invertebrate is actually from her species' home world. Though they cleared out of the place centuries ago, wishing to have something of a challenge in their culinary delights, some come back from time to time. And engage in their biological 'duty'.

Thus the Inveterate Invertebrate was born there, on a nameless world drifting aimlessly outside the Milky Way Galaxy, with naught to eat but whatever local fauna had escaped the binge eating of her fellows before they skipped 'town'. And there wasn't much of that.

Luckily for the Inveterate Invertebrate, she was found by a small party of B'ntri who came to her world to collect a group to properly invade what they thought was a fresh new planet: the earth! Desperately wanting off the nigh-dead rock of her birth, the Invertebrate happily went along.

Things didn't go well upon the B'ntri ship's arrival on earth, however, for they were followed there by a Mhunghus with a bone to pick with one of their crew. It attacked and downed their ship, and gave the B'ntri a good run for their money, to boot!

Before they could finish it off, however, Hates-Wizards-Like-Nobody's-Business was aided by several ascendant natives, natives who took great delight in hunting evil creatures of a supernatural bent. And when you get down to it, B'ntri technically qualify as such.

By the time these natives, the so-called Variety Show, had finished with them, only two B'ntri escaped. One was the Grim Determinator, who joined up with a local sorcerous cabal for his own purposes, and the Inveterate Invertebrate - who ran away as fast as she could.

Moving in the general direction of away, the Inveterate Invertebrate headed north, crossing the border from her landing point in Mexico to eventually take up residence in the seemingly quiet, nondescript metropolis the natives called Omaha, Nebraska.

Drawn there subconsciously like many other ascendant humans are thanks to a strange rift to the Between nestled within the city, the Inveterate Invertebrate began to stalk and eat the natives, though she found their feet were distinctly unpleasant for her to dine on.

Which proved to be her downfall. You see, her leaving these pairs of severed feet all over the back alleys of Omaha attracted the attention of some nearby investigators of the bizarre: Agency 13! They sent two of their crack operatives, Señor Barnett and Sir Tophat, to check this out.

Rapidly tracking the Inveterate Invertebrate down, these two fell into an ambush she'd lain for them, but they both proved too much for her. Though she fought hard, the Invertebrate was defeated by Agency 13, being slain beyond hope of revival in the process.

Or so they hoped, at least.

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