the Shark (deceased)


Hand Size:
3 (17)


Like many villains of his day and age, the Shark was but a normal human, at least where his body was concerned. However, it was with the creations of his twisted mind that the Shark terrorized all the ships on the seven seas, making him a high tech villain.



Hindrances / Augmentations:



Atom Smasher (i): a particle accelerator built by Stephen either as a weapon or to further his understanding of Science, this device can be used to dispose of even the most intractable of foes. It can be fired to inflict intensity 15 Armor Piercing slashing damage each turn.

Submarine (a): the Shark had at least one submarine built with his advanced knowledge, with which he could traverse depths previously untrod by human experience. This vehicle, which he used in the perpetration of his many crimes, could move with intensity 1 speed underwater.


Boating (a): not only can Stephen design and build ships to traverse the sea and the waters below them, but he can also operate such vehicles, too! Whenever handling a ship or submarine, Stephen may resolve actions called for to control the vehicle at a reduced difficulty.

Engineering (i): despite his many shortcomings, Stephen is a competent engineer. He can readily apply his twisted intellect to the creation of any number of devices or structures, and should receive a reduced difficulty on actions to determine how well he can design and construct them.

Physics (i): Stephen knows a thing or two about physics, and has readily applied his innovative notions about basic properties of the world in the creation of various advanced devices. He may reduce the difficulty of actions related to the knowledge of physical phenomena by one level.


As the diabolical Shark, Stephen could naturally rely upon his many minions, the group of pirates known as the Deep Sea Raiders, to do his bidding. After all, he paid well and offered them the ability to indulge all of their criminal impulses as a part of his crew.


Greed: sure, Stephen explored many different aspects of the physical world and became an incredibly advanced scientist, but he did so for personal gain above all else. There's no other reason to become a pioneering submarine pirate, now, is there?


When lording over his undersea base as the Shark, Stephen wears a princely outfit. It consists of a green jacket with yellow buttons, green jhodpurs, tall, brown leather boots, a thick yellow belt, a thick red headband, and a long, flowing yellow cape.


Stephen is incredibly arrogant and assured of his personal superiority, but then he generally produced results despite his inherent pomposity. His minions gladly fed into Stephen's ego, but then they were getting paid well to do his bidding, so why not, really?

Real Name: Stephen Morgan
Occupation: deep sea pirate
Legal Status: citizen of unknown national origin, legally deceased
Marital Status: presumably single
Alias(es), if any: none known
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 5' 10"
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 190 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: the Shark has a long, lumpy nose, as well as large, bushy eyebrows.


While a lot of Stephen's origin is unknown, his education must have had some grounding in science, which he decided to push far beyond the pale. This is because, long before anyone else, he developed submersible technology that could go miles below the surface of the sea.

This could've been a great boon to humanity, but no. Stephen decided to use his new technology to become an undersea pirate! Stealing as he wished from ships throughout the seas, Stephen quickly developed a reputation, a crew of pirate minions, and an undersea base.

Known to the world as the Shark, Stephen began to buy into his own press, and decided that he was the king of the undersea. He made his last mistake, however, when he demanded tribute from the United States government. Roosevelt, you see, was having none of this.

Though he told the Shark he'd agreed to pay him off, in order to keep shipping lanes open, the wily President slipped Electro: Marvel of the Age into the boat that was to hold the Shark's booty. Piloted on a nearby ship by Professor Zog, Electro trashed the Shark's crew.

Fleeing to his undersea lair, Stephen's goons unwittingly led Electro right to, and through, his doorstep. Though he put up a good fight, momentarily capturing Electro and almost scrambling its molecular structure with his atom smasher, Electro was ultimately victorious.

In order to finally defeat the Shark and his Deep Sea Raiders, Electro simply smashed up the joint, allowing miles of ocean to squash them from above. Invulnerable to pressures such as this, Electro was able to simply swim away, leaving the Shark's corpse to rot undersea.

Unless, of course, he managed to escape this grisly fate somehow...!

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