the USS Flagg

The largest and most expensive hardware in the GI Joe arsenal, the USS Flagg (named for the team's late founder, General Flagg) is a Nimitz class aircraft carrier. Greatly extending the Joes' reach in their fight against terrorism, the Flagg has these capabilities:

Admiral's Launch (i): this small vehicle is a motor boat the commander of the Flagg (in other words, Keel-Haul) can use when he needs to investigate something personally, or perhaps ferry a Very Important Person to and from the ship. It moves with intensity 2 Super Swimming.

Armored Fuel Delivery System (i): this support vehicle is designed to easily and safely fuel aircraft on the USS Flagg, usually when preparing them for takeoff. It is heavily armored to protect from enemy fire (they'd detonate easily otherwise), having an m.s. of 14.

Blaster Anti-Ship Guns (a): on the port side of the Flagg's bow and on both sides of its stern, these 75mm cannons are designed to deal with hostile ships attempting an approach. These powerful weapons can be fired to inflict their gunner's Agility +8 damage per deadly burst.

Brig: naturally, the USS Flagg has the means of detaining people that need to be held captive - the GI Joe team is an anti-terrorist outfit, after all. Those held within the brig of the Flagg must deal with m.s. 15 bars if they wish to escape it.

Computer Room: the fire control center on the USS Flagg has access to a large variety of computer networks offered by the Pentagon, information from which is filtered into its main computer room. The Flagg's computers are capable of the standard set of features.

Communications Room (i): the USS Flagg also benefits from a powerful communications system, that can talk with all of its aircraft in the field or other ships. Functioning with a truly impressive range, the Flagg has intensity 9 radio communications (500 mile range).

Crew's Quarters: requiring over a hundred highly trained sailors to operate, the USS Flagg must naturally house these dedicated seamen in relative comfort. There are enough cabins to house each sailor, in addition to larger quarters for its officers.

Hangar: the principal function of the USS Flagg being air force deployment, it can store several aircraft below deck - in addition to those that are normally 'parked' on the surface of the ship. It can hold a total of 64 aircraft on the ship at any given time.

Hydraulic Crane (s): the 'Hook Up' crane mounted on the aft deck of the USS Flagg has a 70 ton rating, giving it an effective Strength score of 17 for the purposes of hauling gear onto the ship - and for dragging other ships along with it.

Infirmary: this room holds all the gear necessary to treat injuries that may befall the crew of the USS Flagg in the line of duty, from those inflicted in combat to naturally occurring ailments. Can act as a simple doctor's office or an emergency room, as needed.

Low Tow Tractor (i): this support vehicle is designed to pull aircraft on the deck of the USS Flagg, either to position them for takeoff or to drag them back into the ship for later use. This high torque, transaxled vehicle has an effective Strength of 15.

Mess Hall: designed to effectively serve meals to the rather large crew of seamen necessary to operate the USS Flagg, this compartment can store vast amounts of food and prepare a whole lot at any given time, along with the room to serve it (combination kitchen / dining room).

Missile Box (i): mounted atop the fire control center, this unit is loaded with six powerful surface-to-air missiles, with which the USS Flagg can defend itself from enemy aircraft. They inflict intensity 12 damage when fired singly, with a +1 for each additional missile fired.

Phalanx Close-In Weapons Systems (a): a recent upgrade, these anti-missile weapons are the final line of defense of the USS Flagg. These 20mm cannons use their own radar system to track missiles (with intensity 8 power), and inflict the operator's Agility +7 damage per burst.

Power Plant: like other Nimitz class carriers, the USS Flagg is powered by two A4W nuclear fission reactors, which combine to generate a total of 140,000 shaft horsepower - more than enough to keep the Flagg running for a good 23 years without needing an atomic refueling.

Radar Network (w): the USS Flagg is equipped with a comprehensive radar net, with emitters on the bow, aft, and atop the combat center itself. These provide the Flagg intensity 9 threat detection, and allow a +2 to a fire control operator's attacks.

Workshop: the USS Flagg has the tools and parts necessary to maintain its air fleet - no matter what fighters the GI Joe team is using on a given mission. It can keep such vehicles operating as long as they are flight worthy - the Joe's air techs are very good at their jobs.


The USS Flagg has a length of 1092 feet (333 meters), a flight deck width of 252 feet (76.8 meters), a displacement of 98,235 - 104,112 tons (the latter being under a full load), 40 chambers for the purposes of damage inflicted, for an effective m.s. of 20.

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