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Larry Oxmount is a mutant, a human born with a little extra 'something' in his genetic structure, an addition that has caused his body to change into a seething cauldron of molten rock. As he has not yet learned how to control his powers, he cannot change back to normal, either.


Body Transformation (a): Larry has the mutant ability to transform his body into an intensely hot form of molten rock. Liquid in nature, he can ooze through virtually any opening, and assume most any shape; however, he usually retains a humanoid form. He has these related powers:

* Aura / Rock (a): while he's amazingly hot, Larry is usually coated with a solidified 'skin' of rock on his exterior, which gives him the appearance of a shifting, humanoid lump of burning coal. This acts to prevent excess thermal leakage, and allows him to interact with normal matter.

* Body Armor (s): though his body is remarkably cohesive, Larry is nonetheless liquid in nature. As such, plenty of attacks harmlessly pass through his body - and objects that strike him may be melted as a result. He possesses intensity 8 (+2) damage reduction against physical attack.

* Heat Generation (i): Larry's body is a constant, intensity 16 inferno. Any object that penetrates his solidified 'skin' will suffer this rank in Energy damage, as will anything subsumed into his body mass (a rather horrible way to die, when you get down to it).

* Invulnerability to Fire and Heat Attacks (s): one significant benefit of his transformation is that, while in his 'Magmanimous' form (currently a constant state of being), Larry is completely immune to these attack forms, which may or may not be of some consolation to him.

* Plasticity (a): finally, Larry's body is somewhat pliable; while he cannot change into any shape he can imagine, he can mold his form as he sees fit, allowing him to assume a human shape, elongate slightly, and even subsume others into his body (!), with intensity 10 ability.

Hindrances / Augmentations:

Bruiser: Larry's not too bright, and isn't inclined towards combat. He tends to lash out impotently at his surroundings, but rarely does any damage to things on purpose. He uses his Agility instead of Strength to determine whether or not he hits in melee (but Strength for damage still).

Monstrous: Larry is also frightening to behold, for he is a walking mass of lava to the untrained eye. As such, zero (0) Edge humans will tend to flee on sight whenever Larry appears on the scene, and he does little to stop them, as he much prefers the quiet of their absence.




Driving (a): while he was never a professional race car driver or any such thing, Larry used to be a truck driver. In addition to this, he was fascinated by various land-based vehicles, and mastered the use of as many as possible, giving him a difficulty reduction on all driving actions.


Though nobody knows his 'secret identity', Larry can't depend on his friends or relatives for help, for he doesn't wish to let them know what he has become. As such, his only reliable contacts would seem to be his fellow members of the Tenacious Ten (those who can stand him, at least).


Vestige of Humanity: Larry feels that he is no longer human (and strictly speaking, this is true). As such, he goes out of his way to find some means to change back to normal, which while definitely possible, seems to elude him. At least, when he's not sulking about his current state.


None. It may go without saying, but being that he is fluid in form, not to mention the fact that he is a seething cauldron of molten rock and other normally solid materials, Larry does not wear a costume of any sort. He makes quite a distinctive visual 'statement' without one, truth be told.


Larry's not all that bright, but he definitely knows what he wants out of life - and being a molten monster isn't it. Furthermore, maintaining a semblance of a human shape drains a lot of his brain-power, and as such, he tends to be pretty dim in a fight.

For instance, 'Magmanimous KILL!' is his favorite catch-phrase.

Real Name: Larry Oxmount
Occupation: thug, former truck driver
Legal Status: citizen of Canada with no known criminal record as of yet
Marital Status: divorced
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Tenacious Ten

Height: 5' 9" (8' 6" in Magmanimous form)
Hair: brown (inapplicable in Magmanimous form)
Eyes: blue (glowing orange in Magmanimous form)
Weight: 210 lbs (976 lbs in Magmanimous form)
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: in his human form, Larry is unremarkable. As Magmanimous however, he is rather unique in appearance. He appears to be an exceptionally tall man made out of what looks like coal, though he betrays intense, inner energies on occasion.

This can occur during extreme movements or in combat. Either way, this results in splits in his 'skin' where muscles would ordinarily begin or end in a human. When this happens, heat and orange light will spill out of these splits (and his 'eyes' are always doing this, as well).


Larry Oxmount used to be an ordinary joe, an average trucker. He wasn't a particularly nice guy, but he wasn't a heel, either - he just did his job as best as he could, both to pay his own bills and to cover his child support and alimony; his marriage had ended a few years back.

This all changed, however, when his latent mutant powers came to the fore one dark night, after his truck slid off the road on a run up into the Northwestern Territories. With his truck demolished, and no other traffic approaching for hours, he was in serious danger of freezing to death.

This was not to be, though, for his body reflexively activated his dormant mutant genes, and Magmanimous was born! Horrified by the 'lava man' that he'd become, Larry drifted off towards the Arctic Ocean, hoping to douse his roiling energies for good - but this plan ultimately failed.

He walked further and further north, on the bottom of the ocean after he ran out of land, but by the time he reached the North Pole, Larry realized that even the coldest ocean on earth couldn't destroy him. He then sat there in the salt water for about a year, boiling the water around him.

Though he had not yet determined what to do with his miserable existence, Larry was summoned forth by Elys, a powerful dragon from another plane of existence, who had a use for him - she wanted him to rid her of several pesky heroes that had been dogging her heels.

Too despondent to really agree to anything, and not really evil, Larry had to be convinced to help Elys - which she managed by promising to return him to normal once these so-called heroes were out of the picture. Wanting this more than anything else, Larry agreed to the dragon's terms.

As such, when these heroes did indeed show up at Elys' Antarctic hideout, Larry sprung into action with the rest of Elys' thralls, the so-called Tenacious Ten. Of course, things did not go as Elys would have liked, and she was defeated - shortly after the Tenacious Ten themselves.

Though initially left for dead, Larry was nonetheless teleported to safety after the Tenacious Ten were defeated. Waking up in a California orchard, Larry found he'd managed to set the place on fire merely by being in the area, which didn't help his despondency any.

Trundling off towards the ocean shortly thereafter, Larry has presumably returned to his undersea self-exile, though it's possible another villain might convince him to rejoin the Tenacious Ten at a later date... possibly with the same promises Elys made him.

Though Larry just might require a bit more proof that such is possible beforehand...!

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