the Pirahna

A complement to Cobra's proven Moray, the Pirahna shares its color scheme and most of its offensive capabilities. It just comes in a much smaller package, being a one-man combat speedboat, and is much cheaper for Cobra to produce. It has an m.s. of 10, and these characteristics:

Cobra-band Radio (i): Cobra gear uses a communication system of its own, not beholden to conventional broadcast standards. The Pirahna in particular has a transceiver which operates with intensity 5 range (25 miles), and benefits from intensity 9 signal encryption as well.

Concussion Missiles (i): there are four of these surface-to-surface projectiles mounted on the Pirahna, two on its rear spoiler and two beneath the craft. They can readily hit anything in front of the vehicle, inflicting intensity 10 damage each, raised by +1 for each additional projectile used.

Depth Charges (i): the Pirahna is equipped with two depth charge launchers, allowing it to strike at foes deep beneath it. These canisters can explode on contact to inflict intensity 13 fragmentary damage to whatever they hit under the Pirahna.

Staal Guns (a): there are two of these pivoting weapons mounted on the Pirahna, situated on each side of its cockpit. They can fire a short burst of ammunition to inflict the pilot's Agility +6 in damage, or be fired continuously to inflict their Agility +7 in damage each.

Super Swimming (a): built for speed, the Pirahna can cruise through on the waves with almost reckless speed. It can achieve intensity 3 velocity, around 90 miles per hour, though it is a bit harder to control at anything over 60 miles per hour (increased difficulty).

Torpedoes (i): these two side-mounted projectiles drop into the water and race towards their target when triggered. They can strike opponents on the surface or beneath the waves, inflicting intensity 12 damage each, raised by +1 if both strike the same at once.

Extra Goodies:

the Pirahna Saga System 13 Text File Download

Cobra directories featuring a version of the Pirahna:


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