Night Creeper Leaders


Hand Size:
4 (25)


Night Creeper Leaders, depsite rumors to the contrary, are but normal humans - albeit highly skilled ones. Sure, each is a criminal mastermind in his or her own right, and is typically armed to the teeth even while asleep, but Night Creeper Leaders have no known special powers.



Hindrances / Augmentations:



Crossbow (a): though they're packing rocket launchers, Night Creeper Leaders still carry this intimidating ranged weapon. It can fire a bolt that inflicts their Agility +5 in damage, and the Night Creeper Leaders typically carry five of them ready on the weapon itself.

Grenades (i): supplementing their Shock Gun, Night Creeper Leaders carry two Cobra baseball grenades. They can toss these explosives anywhere within the normal range, which detonate to inflict intensity 10 fragmentary damage to uncovered targets within near missile distance.

Katanas (s): the Night Creeper Leaders usually have at least two swords on them at all times, even in bed! They may wield these long bladed implements, of m.s. 16, to inflict their Strength +4 in slashing damage with each deadly assault.

Knives (s): supplementing their swords, Night Creepers have at least two blades on their person at all times. They may wield these implements, of m.s. 13, to either inflict +2 slashing damage in melee or to cut through items of up to a like m.s., given enough time.

Shield (s): occasionally worn on their off hand, Night Creeper Leaders may use this primarily defensive item to block incoming attacks. Its reinforced wood is only of m.s. 10, however, so it will not stand up to particularly strong physical assaults.

Shock Gun (i): turning in their laser pistols, Night Creeper Leaders instead carry a man-portable rocket launcher! Giving them great destructive power with considerable range, the Night Creeper Leader's Shock Gun fires projectiles which each inflict intensity 10 fragmentary damage.

Shuriken (a): when other ranged weaponry fails them, Night Creeper Leaders always carry these standbys. These bladed implements can be flung by their wielder to inflict their Strength +2 in slashing damage, and Night Creepers usually have several of these on hand.

Slice-proof Pants (s): in addition to being comfortable, these trousers are highly resistant to slashing attacks. Useful in a world full of ninjas, these pants transduce slashing damage into bashing damage, reducing its intensity by -1 in the process.

Smoke Grenades: helping them ambush enemies and escape the authorities, these defensive weapons detonate to quickly fill their current area with obscuring smoke! This smoke lasts for an aura duration, requiring intensity 10 efforts (of an applicable type) to diffuse it early.


Advanced Guns (a): sure, they have their crossbows and throwing stars and even daggers in a pinch, but Night Creepers like to embrace the future. As such, they're well-versed in the use of most directed energy weapons, and should receive a reduced difficulty when firing them.

Boxing (s): part of their unarmed combat capability, Night Creepers can hit fast and hard when they wish. They have the ability to divide their pre-card play action score between two unarmed melee assaults, the second of which they may attempt as a contingent action.

Business / Finance (w): sharks in the board room as well as on the field of battle, Night Creepers constantly research the world's corporations, the better to raid them at a later date! They may bring their Willpower to bear on related actions, whether for legal or illegal purposes.

Crime (i): picking locks, sneaking about, disguising themselves, and a whole lot more are skills of the trade where Night Creepers are concerned. Experts in all things illicit, Night Creepers may reduce the difficulty of related actions, for they truly are professional criminals.

Detective / Espionage (i): where press releases fail, espionage work begins! Night Creepers are proficient in all modern espionage tactics, and excel at digging up secrets others would prefer to remain, well, secret. They may reduce the difficulty of actions applicable to such work.

Martial Arts (a): being ninjas, Night Creepers are master martial artists. They may reduce the difficulty on actions intended to dodge incoming attacks, catch thrown weaponry, and even to strike others in melee combat, by one difficulty level.

Leadership (w): while one must prove their worth as a potential master of the Night Creepers, many that have held this position possess considerable leadership qualities as well. This allows others following a plan of theirs a +1 bonus to related actions.

Martial Arts Weapons (s): supplementing their unarmed fighting prowess, Night Creepers can readily bring numerous martial arts weapons to bear with competence. Whether wielding katanas, nunchaku, kris, sais, staves, or even wakizashi, a Night Creeper may do so without penalty.

Stealth (w): whether or not they are aided by advanced technology, Night Creepers excel at remaining unnoticed - they often do so even while wearing garish and conspicuous clothing! While attempting stealth, a Night Creeper inflicts an increased difficulty on others trying to spot them.


The Night Creepers are a tightly-knit organization, and their Leaders can rely upon their subordinates for aid without question - unless their very leadership is being challenged. Night Creeper Leaders can count most of their clan's clients as reliable contacts, as well.


Greed: while an individual Night Creeper may demonstrate a perfectly valid secondary calling, the Leader of the bunch is undeniably motivated by the prospect of material gain alone. Everything they do is to amass vast amounts of wealth, for both the organization and themselves!


The first known Night Creeper Leader uniform, originally seen in 1993, is comprised of loose-fitting orange trousers featuring black tiger stripes, black 'soft step' ninja footwear, black wrist bands and web gear, a black skull cap, and an orange bandana often worn over their eyes.


Those aware of the Night Creepers' existence know to never, ever underestimate them. One does not become a Night Creeper without a lethal gestalt of financial, criminal, and martial skill, after all. And that's just regular members of this criminal organization!

They who would call themselves Leader of the Night Creepers must stand out beyond all the rest. This can come in the form of unmatched skill in one of their arenas of influence, the acquisition of untold riches for themselves and the Creepers, or some combination of the two.

Once recognized as the greatest of their peers, their Leader may don a uniform only they may wear in battle, as opposed to the usual Night Creeper ensemble. And this uniform itself may change over time, typically doing so when a new Leader is chosen by a plurality of Night Creepers.

This most often happens when the current Night Creeper Leader falls, as was the case when Aleph was slain by Snake-Eyes. Should a Night Creeper Leader prove unworthy of their position, however, they may be voted out - though violence between the would-be Leaders could occur.

1994 Variations


The second known Night Creeper Leader uniform, first seen in the year 1994, is primarily comprised of loose-fitting purple trousers, along with orange 'soft step' ninja footwear, orange wrist bands and web gear, a brown skull cap, and a purple bandana often worn over their eyes.

2015 Variations


Kunai (a): supplementing their usual daggers, Night Creeper Leaders recently began carrying these m.s. 12 blades. While useful in melee like a regular knife, these excel as thrown weapons, allowing a Night Creeper Leader to inflict +2 slashing damage, at range, at will.

Submachine Guns (a): trading their old rocket launcher in for twin Uzis, Night Creeper Leaders may fire one round to inflict their Agility +4 in damage, a short burst of such to inflict their Agility +5 in damage, or burn through a magazine to inflict their Agility +6 in damage.


The third known Night Creeper Leader uniform is a variation on the second, and primarily consists of loose-fitting purple trousers, along with orange 'soft step' ninja footwear, orange wrist wraps and web gear, a black skull cap, and a purple bandana often worn over their eyes.

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