Ty 6
Ty 6
Gd 10
Gd 10
Ty 6
Ty 6
Gd 10
Ex 20
Ty -5



The Sludge-Vipers, like most Cobra operatives, lack super-human powers of any stripe. They wield advanced, toxin-spewing weaponry, not to mention advanced personal protective equipment, however, so they can be considered high-tech villains, after a fashion.

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Hazmat Suit: the personal protective equipment of Sludge-Vipers is built to withstand most corrosives, doing so with Amazing (50) ability. It is also completely airtight, at least where the helmet's respirator is concerned, providing Excellent (20) resistance to inhaled poisons.

The suit is bolstered with a chest-mounted unit which provides air conditioning (since the suit is hot), as well as sensors to warn Sludge-Vipers of chemical hazards (Good (10) Atomic Sense). Furthermore, the helmet is shatter-resistant, providing Good (10) protection from head injury.

Sidearm: should they face foes protected from their Sludge, Sludge-Vipers also carry a conventional sidearm. They may discharge a single round from this weapon to inflict Typical (6) Shooting damage, or a three-round burst to inflict Good (10) Shooting damage.

Sludge Guns: each Sludge-Viper's weapon can be fed any organic material in the environment, and output weaponized Sludge! It works by rapidly decomposing its fuel, and then using the resultant methane as a propellant for the Sludge, which is a byproduct of this process.

This truly awful material is a staggeringly effective corrosive agent. Streams of Sludge the sludge gun fires inflict Incredible (40) Metabolic damage to its target, though against organic materials this damage is reduced by -3 CS (still effective against personnel).




Additional Talent(s): their standard talents assume that most Sludge-Vipers were assigned to this position after their time as a conventional Toxo-Viper. However, those who had served other roles within Cobra naturally retain whatever talents they brought with them.

Chemistry: whether being chemical warfare enthusiasts or too unruly to serve the group any other way, Cobra's Sludge-Vipers are all educated extensively in chemistry. They may attempt Reason FEAT rolls related to chemical knowledge at a +1 CS.

Guns: all Cobra operatives have the ability to wield firearms in combat, and Sludge-Vipers are no exception to this rule. They may discharge rounds from any standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifle or pistol as if their Agility was +1 CS higher than is listed above.

Martial Arts type A or B: furthermore, Sludge-Vipers are well-versed in the art of self-defense. They either wield type a, allowing them to Slam or Stun foes regardless of their comparative Strength or Endurance, or b, granting them a +1 CS to hit in unarmed combat.

Military: Cobra has a Byzantine, difficult to follow command structure, and it's quite possible that some of its Sludge-Vipers 'earned' their previous rank due to an inability to comprehend it. Most Sludge-Vipers are presumed to possess this talent, however.


The Sludge-Vipers are, at least officially, members of Cobra. As such, they can reasonably consider that organization a contact, albeit not a reliable one - they were Toxo-Vipers once! As he relies upon them to achieve his goals, however, they can call their patron, Cesspool, a contact.


The Sludge-Viper uniform is a hazmat suit! Primarily cerulean in color, this personal protective equipment features a yellow chest plate, yellow electronics packages on each hip, a yellow belt, yellow gloves, a yellow helmet with a red visor, and purple boots.


The Sludge-Vipers are Cobra operatives who literally brew up specialized toxic wastes to use against their enemies. Their ranks are ostensibly drawn from that of the Toxo-Vipers, extracting those who didn't wind up there as discipline cases - and are actually good at their jobs!

Personally selected by Cesspool to further his efforts on behalf of Cobra, the Sludge-Vipers recceive advanced new weaponry, personal protective equipment that's actually effective, and an extreme pay raise. All of this combines to make them supremely loyal to him.

As such, though not technically his employees, the Sludge-Vipers tend to be viewed as such by other Cobras. They don't hesitate to do Cesspool's bidding, after all, and will even do battle with other Cobras if they interfere with his operations and/or curtail his ambitions.

They're tolerated by the teeming masses of Cobras, however, because of what they bring to the table. Their sludge guns are more effective than flamethrowers at annihilating enemy personnel and equipment, and can typically be fired for a much, much longer period of time.

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