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Like so many other members of the GI Joe team, Carla Greer is but a human being. She may possess a large amount of medical knowledge and a smattering of high tech equipment, but she has no special powers to speak of - she fights evil with just her training and her raw gumption!

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



First Aid Kit: in both a convenient carrying case and in her backpack, Doc carries a wide variety of emergency medical equipment with which to treat fallen or wounded Joes. She carries everything from bandages to burn cream to anesthetics to defibrillator paddles!

Tranquilizer Gun: Doc carries this device to quickly dull the pain of those who require her medical services... or to subdue any unruly Cobra thugs who menace her (without causing them undue harm). These darts work against human life forms with Excellent (20) ability.




Guns: while she's a pacifist, Doc has been educated in the use of most modern firearms as a part of her military training. As such, she can wield most standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifles or pistols as if her Agility was +1 CS higher than is listed above.

Martial Arts type A: similarly, Doc has been given a wide variety of self-defense techniques by the military. These are mostly inoffensive in nature, allowing her to use an enemy's energies against them - to inflict Slam or Stun results regardless of her comparative Strength or Endurance.

Medicine: her calling, Doc is a doctor by trade - and was even before enlisting! She has the ability to perform a wide variety of medical and surgical procedures, and can usually revive the fallen if she can treat them within twenty turns of their dropping to Shift 0 Endurance.

Military / United States: after enlisting in the military, Doc was trained in the Army way - as well as getting a lot of self-defense drills she hopes to never use. An officer, Doc is well-versed in the SOP, and can readily command a squad if necessary.


Doc is a member of the GI Joe team, and the group would go out of their way to help her in most any matter she needed it - and not just because the team loved her uncle. No, Doc has also earned her place on the team, and the Joes always look after their own.


Doc's field uniform is similar to her uncle's. It consists of a khakis jacket with medical insignia in a variety of locations, khakis trousers, black leather boots, orange web gear and belts to hold her field equipment, and a white holster for her tranquilizer gun.


Carla's got spunk. She's incredibly bright, absolutely determined and has more courage than you can shake a stick at. While she lives in awe of her uncle's reputation, she isn't intimidated by it, instead seeing it as a benchmark that she wishes to meet - if not exceed - for the Joes.

Real Name: Carla P. Greer, Grade O-3
Occupation: medical doctor, chaplain's assistant
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: GI Joe

Height: 5' 6"
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 130 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none.


As did her beloved uncle before her, Carla chose to become a doctor, the idea being to use her intellect and skill to help others. She gained her medical degree from Wayne State University, and then chose to do her residency in a Detroit hospital that desperately needed the help.

This work was hard on Carla, however, as the non-stop flow of perforated gang members that she had to treat became a vicious cycle. Thugs she'd patch back up would wind up under her care time and time again, or simply die in vicious gun battles days - if not hours - later.

Deciding to further follow in her uncle's footsteps, Carla subsequently enlisted, and completed the Army Medical Department Officer Advanced Course at the top of her class. Opting for a position as a special operations medic, she was snapped up by the GI Joe team immediately.

Knowing the character of her uncle quite well, since he was the team's original medic, the Joes were more than happy to have Carla on board. Mind you, she quickly earned her position on the team with her actions, not content to simply rest on Carl's reputation.

And it's almost like all is right in the world again, as there's once again a Doc on the GI Joe team - even if it's not the original. Unlike some situations where a new Joe took on the name of an old one for no good reason, Carla has done this in a most welcome fashion with uncle Carl's.

(Historical Divergence)

Joining the team just before World War III broke out, Carla got to know the group well enough that, when things fell apart and Cobra almost took over the entire earth, she was willing to help them fight it out to the bitter end - a fight the Joes managed to win - albeit barely.

Carla remains a Joe to this very day!

2016 Variations


Flare Gun: a recent addition to Doc's field kit, this item is great for signaling others visually from a great distance. It can fire a flare that burns with Excellent (20) intensity, and is easily visible up to a mile away, further if fired in dark conditions.


Doc's second field uniform is a small variation on her original. It is comprised of a khakis jacket featuring medical insigia, khakis trousers, black leather boots, brown web gear, brown and white belts, a white satchel, and a white holster for her tranquilizer gun.

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