the Invisible Man

Gd 10
Ty 6
Ty 6
Ex 20
Rm 30
Gd 10
Gd 10
Rm 30
Fe +2



A brilliant scientist, Doctor Leonard Cade has been forever changed by an accidental exposure to chemicals of his own devising. These chemicals, along with highly advanced technology of his own devising, combine to grant him his impressive super-human abilities.

Known Powers:

Invisibility: Leonard can make himself and his clothing invisible, doing so at Remarkable (30) rank. Leonard is only invisible to standard light waves, however; folks with other supersensory powers can probably detect the good Doctor just fine.

Invulnerability to Fire and Heat: the chemicals that granted him the power to become invisible have somehow given Leonard complete invulnerability to fire and heat attacks. The Doctor can withstand any intensity of damage coming in this form.


While Doctor Leonard Cade has the power to become invisible, he was initially required to recharge his body with some sort of vibrational energy, lest he run out of 'juice'. He could use his power for a total of one hour before recharging it was necessary.

In time, perhaps due to overexposure to this process, Leonard developed past the need to use his equipment and chemicals to turn invisible. However, the power was no longer under his control, and he found himself constantly shifting between visibility and invisibility.


Vibro-Saucer: this energy emitting platform was initially the catalyst that Leonard required to fuel his power of invisibility. He could go a full hour on a single charge of this device's output, and could use a miniature, belt-mounted version of this device as well.

Disintegration Machine: this immobile device can be used to disintegrate matter with Incredible (40) ability. Doctor Cade can use this to dispose of waste materials, or as it turns out, people. Luckily for others, it is large and relatively immobile.


Temper: it would seem that Doctor Cade has a bit of a temper, as he has the nasty habit of killing his opponents. If attempting to remain calm in the face of attempts to harm or ridicule him, the Doctor must pass a Psyche FEAT roll at -2 CS to do so.


Chemistry: Doctor Cade is a competent chemist, who was apparently on to something good; his chemicals inadvertently gave him the powers of invisibility, after all! Leonard's Reason should be considered +1 CS when dealing with chemical matters.

Electronics: the good Doctor is also a potent electronics engineer, having built disintegration and vibratory devices with only vacuum tube technology to back him up. Leonard's Reason is considered +1 CS for the purposes of electronics design and repair.

Guns: though he excels in hand-to-hand combat, whether or not he's currently visible to the naked eye, Leonard has been trained in the use of most firearms. Whether standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic, Leonard can fire a gun as if his Agility was +1 CS in rank.

Martial Arts type B: while the Army helped him brush up on his technique, Leonard was more than competent in the use of his fists even before enlisting. He may attempt any unarmed melee strike, whether punching, kicking, or anything else, at his Fighting score +1 CS.

Military / United States: though he originally had other ideas to help improve the world, Leonard eventually signed up with the military when it set up its own super-human fighting force. As such, he knows military protocols and procedures like the back of his hand.


Initially, Doctor Cade had no known contacts to speak of. However, upon his eventual induction into the so-called Crazy Sues, Cade became a member of the United States Army, and came to be close with several members of this paranormal combat unit.


Whether or not he's 'on the job' as the Invisible Man, Doctor Cade wears a loose long-sleeved, red shirt, baggy red pants, a short red cape, a reddish-brown belt, large brown boots, and of course his signature, dark blue fedora - either alone or alongside his fellow Crazy Sues.


Doctor Cade wanted nothing other than to help the world, by inventing devices and breakthroughs in science that would make people's lives easier. After the incident where he gained his powers, he used them to battle crime, though he has little regard for the lives of his enemies.

Real Name: Doctor Cade (first name unrevealed)
Occupation: inventor, adventurer
Legal Status: American citizen with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Crazy Sues

Height: 5' 11"
Hair: brown
Eyes: blue
Weight: 165 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: initially, none. Later in his career, however, Leonard was constantly shifting between a state of invisibility and visibility, which was quite conspicuous.


Doctor Cade is a brilliant scientist. He's a master of electronic and chemical science with a Vision. He ultimately wanted to make the world a better place, doing so by inventing means to make the lives of people easier and more convenient. Unfortunately, this work was never completed.

You see, a consortium of corporate heads were well aware of Cade's work, and they didn't want him to make any progress, as it would put them out of business. These money grubbers sent a 'sneaking assassin' to put him out of action for good, one who almost succeeded.

The assassin broke into Leonard's laboratory, and shoved him into a conveniently open blast furnace, though the Doctor knocked lots of his experimental chemicals onto himself on his way in. Instead of being crisped, Leonard found himself fire proof, and even more, he was invisible!

Stabilizing his invisibility with his Vibro-Saucer, Leonard went after his would-be corporate killers. Smashing his way into their lair, he found his would-be assassin, punched him out, and chucked him out a fourth-floor window. He then descended upon the villain's masters.

They eventually found out that the Doctor was amongst them, at which point one of the consortium members, Mister Sporvan, pulled out a gun. Leonard struggled with Sporvan for the gun, a fight that caused the weapon to go off and kill Sporvan's partner in crime.

At this point, the police conveniently arrived, so the Doctor made his exit.

Mister Sporvan then escaped from the police and made for Leonard's lab, where he discovered the Doc's notes about his powers. Figuring out how it worked, he used the Doctor's Vibro-Saucer to render him visible when Cade returned to his lab later.

Beating on the power-depleted man mercilessly, Mister Sporvan almost defeated him, until Leonard once again made contact with the Vibro-Saucer. His powers and vigor restored, Leonard then shoved Sporvan into his disintegrator device, pretty much killing him instantly.

The police, having witnessed this chain of events, simply listed Doctor Cade and Mister Sporvan as missing - since, clearly, invisible men don't exist. Now free from the constraints of normal society, Leonard opted to become the Invisible Man, super-secret crime fighter!

As the Invisible Man, Doctor Cade went on to fight many more criminals. One such fiend included Deadpan Louie, a vile grave robber who enjoyed pilfering the resting places of the dead for the jewelry and other valuables interred with their former owners.

Going after Louie, Leonard roughed up his men, forcing the villain to seek him out in his well-known laboratory. Overpowering him, Louie's thugs pitched him into the river, giving Leonard an opportunity to fake his own death. He then lured Deadpan Louie into a trap.

When Louie and his thugs tried to rob Leonard's own coffin for its valuable secrets, he sprung into action! Dealing with his thugs in short order, the Doctor then held Deadpan Louie at bay until the police arrived, eager to bust the grave robber once and for all.

After this, the good Doctor ran afoul of the murderous Fatty, a thug who had a predilection for young actresses. When his latest prize wound up dead on his ship, Fatty had his goons pitch her over the edge to make things appear like a simple suicide.

But the Invisible Man was on the job, and by eavesdropping on Fatty and his buddies, he learned that the villain was also holding the dead girl's friend, Mary, as well. Trying to rescue her, Leonard was again overpowered when taking on an entire gang of thugs.

Left to die in a burning garage, the Invisible Man scoffed at his 'fate', being invulnerable to fire. Tracking down Fatty, he wrecked the man's boat, dealt with his thugs one at a time, and then blew his ship up - all while saving Mary from her friend's fate in the process.

After this successful string of crime fighting, Leonard was recruited (whether voluntarily or otherwise) into the United States Army, who was building a special unit of super-human operatives: the Crazy Sues. Eager to put his powers to good use, the Doctor served with distinction.

Though his ultimate fate is as of yet unrevealed, Doctor Leonard Cade was known to be with the Crazy Sues throughout their published adventures, and if he managed to survive until the end of the war, could very well be fighting crime to this very day!

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