the Mean Dog

The Mean Dog is another 6WD vehicle the GI Joe team first put through its paces in 1988, but it's different than the others in one startling way. You see, the Mean Dog can split into three separate components when necessary, depending on conditions in the field.

Though it is very advanced, technically speaking, the Mean Dog is also built very tough. This is quite fortunate, for it is typically driven by the GI Joe operative known as Wild Card, who has a tendency to break anything he touches. The Mean Dog has these capabilities:

Automatic Cannon Vehicle (i): the rear half of the Mean Dog, this powerful vehicle is driven by an V-10 830 BHP super-charged main engine drive - and it needs that power to haul its weaponry around. When separated, the ACV has intensity 2 Propulsion (60 MPH).

Body Armor (s): the Mean Dog's components are lined with 70mm thick aluminum and hardened steel plating, giving it an m.s. of 12 and providing its occupants like, or +3, protection. This armor defends everyone except for the brave operator of the Mean Dog's Spitfire cannon.

Communications Array (i): each half of the Mean Dog is equipped with a gigahertz frequency, frequency wobbler clandestine operations radio system. This makes for intensity 5 communications power (with a 25 mile range) that has intensity 10 ranked signal encryption.

Deflection (i): both halves of the Mean Dog are equipped with sloped deflection armor on their front canopies. This grants them -1 deflection against frontal attacks, no matter the type or origin that such attacks may take.

Fast Attack Scout Vehicle (i): when necessary, the front half of the Mean Dog can split off from the rear, moving along thanks to a tripod wheel that extends from its linkage with the ACV. The FASV possesses intensity 3 Propulsion, moving at up to 90 MPH.

Fire Ring Turret (a): the FASV portion of the Mean Dog is equipped with a .50 cal machine gun mounted on a small pivoting ring turret. It can be fired to inflict the gunner's Agility +6 damage in a short burst, raised to +7 damage when fired full auto.

Multi-Max Missiles (i): the Mean Dog carries ten of these, half in each of two 'box' missile banks on each side of the ACV portion of its body. These missiles inflict intensity 9 damage singly, adding +1 for each additional projectile that actually hits it target.

Propulsion (a): when the components of the Mean Dog are combined, the vehicle itself moves just over the speed of its slowest part, the automatic cannon vehicle. This means it can move about at approximately 75 MPH (intensity 3 propulsion).

Rear Personnel Platform (Passengers): the Mean Dog has plenty of room in each of its components, but sometimes there's a whole lot of Joe passengers and not enough seats. In such situations, two additional Joes can hang onto the rear of the vehicle, standing on this platform.

Spitfire Stand Alone Automatic Cannon (a): the main weapon of the Mean Dog, its Spitfire cannon is normally mounted on the rear of the vehicle, atop the ACV. However, it can be removed if necessary to serve as a, well, stand alone weapons station.

This 20mm cannon can fire up to 3,000 rounds per minute, which translates into 300 rounds per exchange. It inflicts the gunner's Agility +8 damage per burst, and has enough rounds available to sustain this rate of fire for several minutes before it runs out.

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