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As are most of his fellow GI Joe operatives, the man known to the world as Skidmark is naught but a normal human. He lacks special powers of any variety, only having conventional (and somewhat unconventional) military hardware with which to fight the forces of evil!



Hindrances / Augmentations:



the Desert Fox 6WD (i): his favorite ride, this six-wheeled vehicle is built to fight fast and hard. Armed with a powerful, rear-facing cannon and several heavy duty missiles, the Desert Fox is great for fighting on the run, and is described in its own vehicular entry.

Helmet (s): considering just how fast he likes to drive, Skidmark always wears this headgear on the job. It provides the man intensity 8, or +2, protection against physical attacks that strike him in the head, and the glasses that come with give his vision like Screened Senses.

Knife (s): stored in a sheath pinned to his vest when not in use, Skidmark can use this spike-knuckled blade in combat or as a tool. Made from m.s. 12 materials, it can cut through things of like m.s. (with time), or be used to inflict his Strength +2 in slashing damage.

Sidearms (a): Skidmark carries two of these on the job, one on a hip holster and one in a holster pinned to his vest. He can discharge a single shot from either to inflict his Agility +4 in damage, or a semi-automatic burst of rounds to his Agility +5 in damage.


Boxing (s): one of the first things you pick up in the military (aside from the SOP), Skidmark has been trained to defend himself. In unarmed melee, Skidmark may divide his pre-card play action score between two attacks, the last of which will occur as a contingent action.

Driving (a): a skill Skidmark picked up long before enlisting, the man has proven to be very good at driving - you have to be to operate any vehicle at the speeds he prefers! Whenever he's behind the wheel of a ground-based vehicle, Skidmark resolves driving actions at a reduced difficulty.

Guns (a): standard military training includes the proper operation of many modern firearms. Whether he's brandishing a standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifle or pistol at someone, or even a shotgun, Skidmark may do so at a reduced difficulty.

Military / United States (w): the source of most of Skidmark's talents, this skill serves as a handy 'origin' of sorts for the man. It details his inherent understanding of the Standard Operating Procedure, as well as the ability to function smoothly in almost any fighting unit.

Vehicular Combat (a): an amazing driver (at least if you ignore his criminal record), Skidmark has been trained how to fight behind the wheel. Whenever engaged in combat while driving, Skidmark may attempt offensive of defensive vehicular actions at a reduced difficulty.


As a GI Joe operative, Skidmark can readily rely upon his fellows for assistance in nearly any manner, should he but ask; the team is a rather tightly knit group, after all. Skidmark also has additional contacts in driving circles, both civilian and military.


Thrill-seeker, with a secondary calling of Peace of Mind: Skidmark is a centered, relaxed individual most of the time, albeit almost neurotically organized. This changes when you put him in a car, though, at which point he is overwhelmed by the need to move as fast as is possible!


Skidmark's GI Joe field uniform is a bright one. It includes a green sweater beneath a neon orange vest covered in weaponry and accessories, light green trousers, neon orange leather boots, a neon hip holster (left leg), a neon orange helmet, and a pair of black sunglasses.


The best word to describe Skidmark would be 'fastidious'. He has an obsessive attention to detail, one that leaves his locker and bay area squared away and spotless at all times. Of course, another word to describe him could be 'reckless', as in 'any time he drives anything anywhere'.

Real Name: Cyril Colombani, Grade E-4
Occupation: infantry, fast attack vehicle driver
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with a significant criminal record (traffic violations), legally deceased in the Devil's Due continuity branch
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: GI Joe

Height: 6'
Hair: unrevealed
Eyes: unrevealed
Weight: 190 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics:


Skidmark was almost universally loathed by his peers in his Los Angeles high school. He was always so perfect, so considerate, that everyone's parents continually said things like 'Why can't you be more like Skidmark?' However, that changed once he discovered the joy of driving.

Upon first gaining his driver's license, Skidmark subsequently shattered all known records for the rapid accumulation of speeding violations. Something about Skidmark changes when he gets behind the wheel, and all that fastidiousness turns into an overwhelming need for speed!

With his massive amount of traffic violations, Skidmark simply couldn't get a job as a commercial driver out of high school, so he enlisted in the Army instead. The man became a driver for the military, quickly proving himself as an effective fast attack vehicle and recon driver.

He was so good, in fact, that GI Joe recruited him into their ranks in the late eighties, having a need for yet another combat driver to man their Desert Fox 6WD vehicle. Joining the team around the same time as Wild Card and Windmill, Skidmark had a unique first day on the job.

Arriving at the new Pit in his Desert Fox, Skidmark inadvertently brought a spy into the base. This spy was no less than the Star-Viper, one of Doctor Mindbender's more elaborate cyborg creations. He literally clung to the undercarriage of the Desert Fox as the new Joes rode in.

They didn't know it for several hours, but the man was in their base and made off with a very expensive 'black box' unit. Though the Joes tried their best to capture him, the Star-Viper covered his bases all too well, and escaped Skidmark and company in his very own spacecraft!

Skidmark continued to serve as a Joe for the duration of the team's original incarnation, seeing considerable time in the field, both on minor 'Special' missions as well as during the Cobra Island Civil War and the incredibly deadly Battle of Benzheen.

(Historical Divergence)

He resumed membership on the GI Joe team upon its second activation, though not immediately; what he was up to between the team's two incarnations has yet to be revealed. However, the man returned just in time to participate in the second Cobra Island Civil War.

As it turned out, this wound up being the last mission that Skidmark would serve on. This is because, during the battle on Cobra Island, Skidmark was killed by a falling helicopter upon its explosive landing in the wake of an EMP bomb going off over the island.

As is the case with all of the other Joes who have been killed in action, Skidmark was buried in the Arlington National Cemetery - though as is usually the case, this is small consolation to his friends and family.

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