the Swampmasher

The Swampmasher is an odd addition to the GI Joe arsenal, in that it's highly specialized in nature; most of the Joes' rides are more generalized in design. However, the Swampmasher does what it's built to do very well - it navigates even the most muddy terrain with relative ease.

Small and durable, the Swampmasher has twelve wheels, three of each forming a single bogey. It uses this triad bogey system to churn through mud, ooze, and other semi-liquid terrain - such as what you'll find in a swamp. The Swampmasher has the following characteristics:

Body Armor (s): the Swampmasher, as stated above, is rather durable. It has an effective material strength of 10, and provides its occupant like, or +2, protection against injury; it doesn't totally cover them but it's pretty close. Any passengers do not benefit from this armor, however.

Communications Array (i): the Swampmasher is equipped with a gigahertz frequency, frequency wobbler clandestine operations radio system. This makes for intensity 5 communications power (with a 25 mile range) that has intensity 10 signal encryption.

Cruiser Missiles (i): mounted on the side of the Swampmasher, next to the driver's seat, this small launcher is loaded with two projectiles that home in on targets magnetically (in other words, they're metal seeking). These missiles inflict intensity 9 damage, +1 if both hit a foe.

Main Cannon (a): the Swampmasher's main weapon is its large, 20mm rotary barrel, mounted in front of the vehicle's roll bar. It can be used to fire a short burst of lead which inflicts the driver's Agility +6 damage, raised to their Agility +7 damage if fired continuously.

Passenger Platform: in addition to its rather comfortable driver's seat, the Swampmasher can carry two additional people through the swamps. Of course, they have to hang on to the roll bar when doing so, and don't benefit from the protection it offers. But it beats walking, right?

Propulsion (a): while it isn't all that fast, the Swampmasher does technically have this ability. It can move at about 45 miles per hour, giving it this ability at intensity 2. The trick, though, is that it can maintain this speed regardless of the terrain it crosses.

Roll Bar (s): the rear of the Swampmasher has a roll bar installed, to provide its occupant extra protection in the event of a crash or roll (which happens often, considering its purpose). It enhances the intensity of the vehicles body armor by 4, or +1, during such occurrences.

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