Modron, Primus


Hand Size:
7 (50) *
5 *

* This Hand Size and Edge only applies to Primus while it is in the confines of Mechanus (infinite confines, to be sure, but nonetheless). If it finds itself off-plane for some reason, Primus' Hand Size is reduced to 6, and its Edge to 4.


The singular pinnacle of the modron race, Primus, the One and the Prime, draws power from a variety of sources. Its highly magical body, a seamless merger of flesh and gears, grants Primus numerous powers both physical and metaphysical in origin. Furthermore, while within the confines of Mechanus, Primus is, for all intents and purposes, an immortal being.


Modron Physique: the top of the modron heap, Primus is the single most advanced representative of its kind that exists. The ultimate combination of mechanism and organism, Primus is a seamless merger of these two disparate origins of life. Furthermore, its body is highly charged with magical power, a trinity of powerful traits that blend together to provide Primus these super-human capabilities:

* Agelessness (s): all modrons, regardless of rank or station, are ageless in nature. Instead of having the longevity power, which implies an eventual lifespan, modrons simply do not age whatsoever. In fact, if not slain by accident or design, a modron may effectively live on forever, adopting new and more versatile forms as it ascends the ladder of law.

* Body Armor (s): both organic and inorganic in nature, all modrons have some manner of resistance to physical attacks. Thanks to its perfect ratio of organic to inorganic matter, Primus benefits from intensity 4 (+1) protection from conventional attacks. Not that Primus need ever engage in mere melee combat to depend on such defense, of course.

* Clairsentience (w): the modron high-ups have unbelievably acute sensory apparatus, allowing them to perceive anything within the plane they currently occupy. Distance isn't a factor, but simply knowing where to look / listen / taste / touch / smell is. This power functions for Primus at intensity 10, allowing it an unheard of awareness of its surroundings.

* Dimensional Transit (i): an offshoot of the hierarch modron's ability to teleport, this supernatural power allows Primus to transport itself to another plane of existence altogether. However, this power only works at intensity 10, and has the risk of materializing Primus in solid matter unless it intimately knows the area it is traveling to. Thus, this power is normally used sparingly.

* Force Field (i): hierarch modrons have the ability to form a specialized force field in their immediate vicinity, in either a hemispherical or spherical form. Either way, this force field acts as an intensity 10 barrier against any incoming damage - even magical attacks! However, a determined opponent can teleport through it with ease, but then, that's what Primus' spells are for.

* Invulnerability to Emotion Control, Illusion, Mind Control, Paralysis / Sleep, and Vampirism (s): all modrons, especially the One and the Prime, are completely immune to these attack forms. As a being of ultimate order, it is able to shrug off such effects with ease - though Primus can readily perceive when such assaults are used (albeit unsuccessfully) against it.

* Mesmerism (w): though limited in scope, hierarch modrons can use this to great effect when confronted with non-modrons. Working at intensity 10, this power allows Primus to attempt an easy difficulty Mesmerism action (opposed by the target's Willpower score). If successful, this action lets Primus force its opponent to execute (or at least attempt) a one word command.

* Resistance to Acid, Cold, and Fire attacks (s): the modron physique is highly resistant, albeit not totally immune to, the effects of extreme cold, heat, and corrosives - this despite their partially metallic nature. Primus thus possesses intensity 4 (+1) damage reduction against such attack forms, allowing it to maneuver in most hostile environs with relative ease - should it ever leave its tower.

* Resistance to Magic (s): modron hierarchs are resistant to magical powers, whether damaging or otherwise, though each brand of hierarch has a different level of immunity to such power. Primus, the greatest of modrons, possesses intensity 30 (+7) resistance to anomalous energies. Virtually immune to mortal sorcery, Primus must be dealt with by conventional means in battle, for the most part.

* Telepathy (w): all modron hierarchs can telepathically contact modrons they may normally converse with at all times. Primus, for example, wields this psionic ability with intensity 20 skill. On the other hand, it can only wield this power to contact its four subordinates, the secundus, for they are the only modrons who can actually understand anything Primus has to say.

* Teleportation (i): hierarch modrons have the innate ability to teleport at will, with significant range. Operating at intensity 20, this handy power allows them a vast range of movement, and while on Mechanus, Primus can teleport anywhere within the plane instantaneously. This allows it to monitor its charges, and any ongoing outbreaks of chaos, however slight, that Primus feels the need to correct.

Growth (a): unlike other modrons, Primus can alter its volume as it sees fit. It may appear to be the height of a normal human, or it can swell to five times that size. Possessing this power at intensity 7, Primus can grow as tall as thirty feet high, which grants it a +7 size factor - and all the benefits and penalties that come with such a grand stature.

Immortality (s): Primus is likely the single most powerful proponent of order in the multiverse, and while it presides over the modron race on Mechanus, it is considered an immortal being; it can be slain, but only by other immortals or under similar, nigh-impossible conditions. Off Mechanus, it can be slain normally. However, doing so would still be very, very difficult.

Schooling: Grandmaster - Philosophical Magic / Order (Mechanus)

Primus is the lord of the modrons, and arguably all of Mechanus, and as such, has truly staggering magical powers at its disposal. While in Mechanus, it has the ability to cast any spell of order at intensity 25, though off-plane, this power is reduced to a mere 20 in might. Though not quite as potent outside of Mechanus, Primus is still an incredibly dangerous being.

Hindrances / Augmentations:



Infinity Web (w): this techno-organic mesh of sensors and tendons is accessible by Primus within its great tower, from where it can use the device to sense everything that is happening to any of its modrons, at any time. While it is connected to the Infinity Web, Primus may use any sensory power through his modrons at intensity 30, no matter where in the multiverse they are.

Skills (in addition to common Hierarch Modron skills):

All: while the other hierarch modrons may have many more skills than are presented in their individual entries, the extent of their specific knowledge is unknown. Primus, on the other hand, knows virtually everything, and as such, should be considered knowledgeable in any matter quantifiable by skills in System 13. Yep, every single skill.

It may have the inability to act on some of this knowledge (for instance, there are no known time machines on Mechanus, nor truly advanced technology to speak of), but it likely still has it. This is because, thanks to the Infinity Web that lies within its tower, Primus can sense anything any of its modrons experience, at any time - it picks up on things rather quick thanks to this.


Soldier: more so than any other beings in the multiverse, modrons live to further the influence of law and order. They follow the orders of their superiors instinctively, for to do otherwise is incomprehensible. While this calling sounds more militant than modrons really are, it should be noted that they are virtual exemplars of the soldier mindset.


Absolutely intelligent and powerful beyond mortal ken, Primus must come across as a terrifyingly logical deity to those mortals lucky enough, or foolish enough, to intrude upon its presence. Its ultimate goals for the modrons, Mechanus, and the multiverse are unknown and unknowable, but it pursues them with absolute clarity of vision.


Primus may manifest to mortals in many ways. It will usually appear as an androgynous human of normal size when dealing with others besides its secundi. However, it can also manifest as a gigantic humanoid (around thirty feet tall), emerging from the vast pool of modron energy within its tower, its arms swathed in powerful energies. The left is covered in shadow, and the right in bright rainbow hues.

It may have additional means to manifest to others, but these have yet to be revealed.

Ecological Niche:

Primus is it, the be-all and end-all of modron existence. It and it alone decides just what is order on Mechanus (and possibly beyond), and directs the modrons to do its bidding to shape reality as it feels it must - whatever that ultimate vision of order may be. It is unchallenged in its role as the final arbiter of order in the multiverse.

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