Steel Hawk


Hand Size:
4 (25)


Where abnormal features are concerned, Arun Bahkti is a normal human. He has no ascendant powers, whether inherent or trained, that enhance his body or his spirit. However, he has a lifetime of experience in conflict to draw upon when engaging in battle, not to mention a veritable arsenal of modern firepower, which makes him quite the difficult opponent to face down.



Hindrances / Augmentations:

Fanaticism: more than anything else, Arun fights for his country. The exact nation he hails from has yet to be revealed, but Arun will do anything, even risking great personal injury, to help further the causes his nation champions. Should he wish to disregard his crusade for some reason or another, Arun will perform actions as if the applicable ability score were only zero (0) in value.


Arsenal: an expert at killing people, places, and things of all stripes, Arun has access to all kinds of ordnance, just about all of which is highly illegal (with the possible exception of the steel baseball bat). Though he has access to much more gear, this is the stuff that Arun most likely has on his person at any one time. For the most part, anyway.

* Guns (a): Arun typically has at least two guns at hand, one of which will be an automatic rifle, and the other being a reserve pistol. The automatics will typically be able to inflict his Agility +5 damage with each shot or +6 with each burst, while the pistols are capable of inflicting his Agility +4 damage with each shot or +5 with each burst.

The guns, however, can also be customized by Arun in several ways. For one thing, he often adds Armor Piercing ammunition to his guns if he intends on fighting heavily fortified opponents (like somebody in a MAX suit). Also, he's been known to use targeting scopes on his guns, which allow him to increase his ability to hit by +1.

* Explosives (i): either in the tossable (grenade) or launchable (rocket) variety, these items can detonate with rank value 30 force, inflicting either slashing (shrapnel) or SD energy (fire) damage to everything within near missile distance of where they explode. Which, in the end, makes them incredibly dangerous to use at close range - though Arun has done so in the past.

* Knives (s): Arun also carries at least two knives on his person all the time, whether or not he's expecting trouble. One is typically a throwing knife, and the other a machete-style blade. Both weapons can be used to inflict Arun's Strength +2 slashing damage, but the former may do so within near missile range, while the latter requires him to be adjacent to his foe.

* Steel Base Ball Bat (s): this fun weapon is what Arun used to kill Fritz Krotze, to frame Jenny Swensen for his death; Arun liked it so much that he likely retains it for future use. He can use it to inflict his Strength +4 in bashing damage with each bone-shattering hit, which is almost enough to knock normal folks senseless right off.

Jeep (i): in addition to his arsenal, with which Arun could possibly take on a platoon or two of soldiers, Steel Hawk also retains a Jeep to hold his gear on missions, and to facilitate fast getaways when necessary. Of course, it also serves as handy transportation under mundane circumstances, presuming none of his weapons are readily visible. Arun's Jeep has a m.s. of 8, and can move with intensity 4 speed.


First Aid (i): Arun is a competent medic, if not an actual doctor. For instance, after Jenny Swensen snapped his leg in two with her MAX suit, Arun managed to put it back together all by himself, not even needing medical assistance to help him out. Sure, it took him two months to recover from this grievous injury, but Arun can now walk perfectly normal, not even having a limp!

Martial Arts 2 (a): a master of battle, Arun has been trained by persons unknown in the fine arts of trouncing others in combat. He may reduce the difficulty of actions he attempts to strike others while unarmed, dodge incoming attacks of any type, or even to catch weapons thrown at him. He can resolve such actions using either his Strength or his Agility, as he sees fit.

Survival (w): while he enjoys the many and various perks provided by a thriving modern society, Arun does not require these luxuries to function. No, he knows how to live off of the land, and when all else fails, he can manage to keep himself going without any conveniences whatsoever. He may do so regardless of the environment and terrain he finds himself within.

Weapon Master (s): Arun Bahkti has demonstrated a mastery of just about every known instrument of destruction, both in melee and in ranged combat. In other words, whenever he uses a weapon in combat, he makes the applicable card play without penalty. This perk applies no matter what form of weapon Arun has in hand, which makes him an utterly intractable foe to take on in battle.


Arun Bahkti can rely upon his wife, Varna, for aid in just about any capacity. She seems similar to him in ability and such, but she was never expanded upon. Also, as a reliable agent of the Club, Arun could likely rely upon that organization for help if he needed it, and it didn't put them out too much. Finally, as a freedom fighter, Arun could definitely rely upon anyone from his country that was aware of his cause.


Soldier: having fought all his life to liberate his mysterious, unnamed nation from some similarly unknown oppressor or another, Arun has become a professional soldier. Most of his missions revolve around his making money from the Club to further these efforts, and his thoughts rarely stray from it. He may enjoy his work a little too much, but he has to get his kicks somewhere.


For the most part, Arun wears conventional clothing at all times, whether or not he is about to enter battle. His preferred outfit consists of a pair of camouflage patterned pants, a black tank top, black leather boots, and a red bandana. Of course, he also accessorizes to the hilt, bearing a large array of webbing, belts, and pouches with which to hold his weapons and their ammunition.


Arun, more than anything else, is an extremely driven man. He goes out of his way to fight for his cause, which mostly involves his raising cash for his fellow countrymen in the form of his mercenary work. As such, he takes his work incredibly seriously, meticulously planning every detail as best as is possible, studying his victories and defeats in great detail after an operation.

Real Name: Arun Bahkti
Occupation: mercenary, terrorist
Legal Status: citizen of indeterminate nationality wanted for terrorist activities in several countries
Marital Status: married
Alias(es), if any: too many to number
Group Affiliation: the Club (as a part-time thug)

Height: 6'
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 180 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


Arun Bahkti, the man who would become the Steel Hawk, was originally just a simple freedom fighter, attempting to combat the establishment in his native land alongside his wife, the mysterious, Spandex ™ clad Varna. At any rate, his standard methods were apparently becoming less effective, so the man began looking for alternative ways to help his brethren.

He decided to become a 'professional terrorist'. Assassinations, sabotage, and more became his claim to fame, and the man donated all of his profits (after arsenal maintenance, etc...) to his fellow freedom fighters back home - wherever that was; the specific country that Arun hails from has never been revealed. And, over time, the man got really, really good at what he did.

Eventually, Arun caught the attention of the Club, a super-secret freelance arms dealer and terrorist organization (read: bad people), who wanted him to be one of their elite killers. Arun liked this idea, since it paid a whole lot, and signed on with them on a sort of contract basis; in other words, he did his ordinary freedom fighter thing until the Club came to him with a job.

One particular job involved another man in the Club, one Fritz Krotze, who had failed time and time again to deliver a specific piece of hardware: the MAX armor suit that was wielded by Jenny Swensen, who stole it from Krotze International facility (it was her father's creation, after all). After he bumbled three separate attempts to get it back, the Club wanted his head.

So they sent the Steel Hawk to get it.

He arrived in Krotze's home after his latest failure, and took the man hostage, eventually beating him to death when an opportunity to frame Jenny Swensen for the murder presented itself (she swore on national television that he'd get 'what he deserved'). Arun beat the man to a pulp with a steel baseball bat, in a pattern resembling a huge metal fist.

Jenny got arrested for the deed, but while she was in jail, her sidekicks tried to prove that she was innocent. Following a trail of leads, the five Troubleshooters found their way to Bahkti's stronghold, defeated the inherent booby traps, and found the proof they needed. Of course, they also found evidence of another dastardly deed that Arun was up to.

After dealing with Swensen, Steel Hawk was assigned to the assassination of Prime Minister Thatcher (from Britain), who was visiting Boston on the Christmas holiday. Using their hopped-up MAX tech, the MIT students raced to Boston to defuse the bomb that Arun had planted on the Christmas tree. They failed, but still got the Prime Minister out in time.

Studying his failure, Steel Hawk determined who one of the Troubleshooters was, via some analyzed video tape. He tracked the kid down, figured out who his friends were, and then planned to take them all down (especially since they were friends of Swensen's). Wanting his revenge to be sweet, Arun put together a particularly nasty scheme to obliterate the team.

He started with Timothy Ferris, the super-fast hero who actually saved Thatcher, by taunting him with his guns until he donned his Fast-Back exoskeleton. Then, Arun launched a series of grenades at the poor student, who (while fast) couldn't react fast enough to dodge 'em all. He got blowed up real good, and doctors had to amputate his legs to save his life.

He then tracked down the others, using similar tactics, until he could corner Andy Meadows. Once he had the optics engineer at his mercy, Arun used his own Beam-Splitter weapon to burn a hole through his chest, killing him instantly. Enraged by this, the last effective Troubleshooter, the one with the super-strength harness, chased Arun off for a little while.

While he planned his next move, Steel Hawk went to get a Rolfing massage. Of course, the last Troubleshooters managed to track him down while he was unarmed, and Eduardo Giotti (the one with the Strong-Arms MAX suit) beat him into a fine paste, almost killing him. Steel Hawk would have died, if not for his wife Varna, who rushed into the place and pulled him out at the last second.

Getting him to a neutral country, Varna then got a hold of the best doctors she could find, who told her that the man was broken, having severe brain damage and too many broken bones. She refused to believe this, however, and forced the doctors to continue treating him (offering them all the money they needed). That was the last we saw of Steel Hawk, however.

It is unknown if he ever recovered from the beating that Giotti gave him, as his further adventures have yet to be chronicled.

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