the Club

the Club is an international group of arms dealers, smugglers, terrorists, and generally bad folk. Very little is actually known about the Club (other than the above), save for the fact that they value their secret nature above all else, and usually kill anybody that discovers their existence. There are several major agents working for the Club, some of which are described here in detail:

Fritz Krotze: owner of Krotze International and a member of the Club, Fritz Krotze was a sleaze ball that sold various national secrets of a technical nature to the highest bidder. Unfortunately for him, his treason ultimately cost him his life. Availability:

Fritz Krotze (MSH Classic)

Fritz Krotze (4C System)

Fritz Krotze (Marvel Saga)

Saxon St. John: an insane genius in the employ of the Club, Saxon had developed advanced, cybernetic armor paradigm. Of course, since he could find no volunteers to undergo the surgery to tie them to the armor, Saxon had to improvise... Availability:

Saxon St. John (MSH Classic)

Saxon St. John (4C System)

Saxon St. John (Marvel Saga)

Steel Hawk: terrorist, mercenary, and mass murderer, this dangerous man is one of the Club's elite enforcers. Though he claims to do what he does to liberate his country, Arun Bahkti enjoys the devastation left in his wake far, far too much. Availability:

Steel Hawk (MSH Classic)

Steel Hawk (4C System)

Steel Hawk (Marvel Saga)

In addition to having several cronies like the above, scourge-of-humanity thugs, the Club had several technological innovations all its own, and also had its thumb upon the pulse of quite a few weapon manufacturing corporations. The full extent of these developments and holdings are as of yet unknown; however, the tech they're known to wield is detailed here:

the Mark 1 MAX Suit: Doctor Karl Swensen's first Man-Amplified Experimental armor was a revolutionary application of his heuristics technology. Intended for peaceful purposes, it was converted into a weapon by Swensen's corporate backers. Availability:

the Mark 1 MAX Suit (MSH Classic)

the Mark 1 MAX Suit (4C System)

the Mark 1 MAX Suit (Marvel Saga)

the Synergy Cyborgs: developed by Saxon St. John, this system of integrated armor is a generation of robotics beyond MAX technology: cybernetic armor. Of course, as it requires a permanent graft to a living body to function, Saxon's upgrades had few volunteers. Availability:

the Synergy Cyborgs (MSH Classic)

the Synergy Cyborgs (4C System)

the Synergy Cyborgs (Marvel Saga)

The Club functioned clandestinely for quite a while, until late in 1986, when one arm of their work was exposed to the world. This happened thanks to Jenny Swensen, who (fearing that her father's work was being sold to arms dealers) stole the dead man's experimental MAX suit from Krotze International, the firm where he worked. She was right, of course; Krotze had already sold the Mark 1 suit to the Club.

Nonetheless, the Club wanted the Mark 2 MAX suit the late Doctor Swensen had developed, and as such, Fritz Krotze (owner of Krotze International) had to try and get it back. His many schemes to do so failed, and as such, the Club had him killed by their hit man, Steel Hawk. After Krotze's failures, it fell upon Steel Hawk to eliminate Jenny Swensen and recover the Mark 2 suit.

He also failed to accomplish this mission, no thanks to the intervention of the Troubleshooters, some of Swensen's students who'd developed their own MAX technology. While Swensen languished in jail (after Steel Hawk framed her for Krotze's murder), Steel Hawk then proceeded to take apart the Troubleshooters, as they were finding their way into the middle of more and more Club operations.

He killed one and maimed another before he was neutralized by the angry students, who'd finallly managed to defeat him. The Club then heard nothing from either Swensen or her Troubleshooters for a time, as the woman had been abducted by her own government, and indoctrinated into Project: Spitfire, a CIA operation created to battle the Club and MAX technology proliferation.

However, Swensen eventually reappeared to fight the Club once more, this time destroying the cybernetics research of Saxon St. John. Another Club operative (who had his own island off of Miami), he was performing operations upon unsuspecting locals to prove his cybernetic designs were sound. Swensen killed him and destroyed his work, with the aid of government operative Willy Deere.

The further machinations of the Club have yet to be revealed, but since they were a global operation, it is likely that they are working to act against the Project and any other threat to their continued existence.

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