Satan's Little Elf

Rm 30
Pr 4
Ex 20
Ex 20
Pr 4
Ty 6
Gd 10
Ty 6
Fe -2

Rm 30
Pr 4
Ex 20
Gd 10
Pr 4
Pr 4
Ex 20
Fe 2
Fe -2

Rm 30
Pr 4
Ex 20
Rm 30
Pr 4
Gd 10
Ty 6
Ex 20
Fe -2



Satan's Little Elf is a pixie, creatures who at some point in their history were human, but have since evolved magically into something... smaller. In addition to his diminutive stature and unaging nature, the Elf also has proper swordsmanship skill and minor spellcasting ability!

Known Powers:

Agelessness: pixies, as a result of their curious origins, seem to have 'lost' the ability to age. They no longer experience the ravages of time, which may be why they're so mercurial, and they are also immune to powers or other agencies that artificially induce aging.

Shrinking: one of their most distinctive qualities, pixies are tiny! They usually measure in at around four inches in height (give or take a smidge), which means they have this 'power', by technicality, at Good (10) rank, giving them a size factor of -4.

What this means is that normal-sized foes benefit from 4 CS of damage reduction against the average pixie, as well as a +4 CS to the damage they can inflict against a pixie. On the other hand, they suffer a -4 CS to hit pixies in the first place, while pixies are at +4 CS to hit them.


Novice / Faerie Magic: though he's perfectly happy to carve up anything dumb enough to cross him, Satan's Little Elf also knows a few magic tricks. He hasn't studied the arts arcane very hard, but the spells he does know, listed here, greatly expand his criminal repertoire:

Growth (p): oddly for a pixie, Satan's Little Elf has mastered the art of growth to a small extent. He can cast this spell with Remarkable (30) ability, which allows him to increase his naturally diminutive stature from 4" in height to 32".

This puts him in at just under three feet tall, reducing his size factor to a mere -1. The benefit of this is that normal sized foes suffer a -1 CS to hit him, while he gains a +1 CS to hit them. Similarly, the size they inflict against him is +1 CS, while his against them is -1 CS in rank.

Imaginary Doubles (p): helping him to escape the scene of many crimes, this spell allows Satan's Little Elf to generate illusory doubles of himself. Functioning at Good (10) rank, it allows him to conjure forth up to ten spectral doubles for as long as he can maintain this spell.

In addition to filling an area with 'booby' elves, this spell also allows Satan's Little Elf to reconnoiter any number of spaces, since his doubles lack mass or solidity. Since he can see and hear what his doubles can, this allows him to find the best places to rob!

Variable Power (d): finally, one highly versatile trick that Satan's Little Elf has mastered is his ability to 'copycat' the super-human powers of others. He can do this with Excellent (20) ability, as long as the power doesn't come in the form of a device, spell or psionic ability.

Limitations / Enhancements:

Weakness to Iron and Silver: pixies are vulnerable to both iron and silver. The touch of either prevents him from wielding his magic, reduces his physical ability scores to Feeble (2) rank while it persists, and also causes Satan's Little Elf considerable discomfort.


Loot: at any given time, Satan's Little Elf has any number of valuables on him. This is because he tends to wander from place to place, rarely setting up a 'lair' with which to store his booty. Anyone rolling him will find a staggering amount of wealth in his pockets.

Swords: Satan's Little Elf carries two blades with him at all times. He may use these sharp objects to inflict his Strength (mgt) +1 CS in Edged Attack damage, and most often has two in hand unless he's wielding his magic (at which point he puts both away).


Unpleasant Habits: the misanthropic pixie known as Satan's Little Elf has a tendency to not bathe or shave very much, not really seeing the point. This means he's usually pretty horrible smelling at any given time, causing people to typically react to him at a -2 CS.


Animal Handling: pixies are good with animals in general, but they're specifically fond of horses. While he's never 'trained' a horse, per se, Satan's Little Elf seems to have a knack for riding one no matter its general temperament, and should receive a +1 CS on attempts to do so.

Crime: Satan's Little Elf is an unrepentant criminal. He should receive a +1 CS on all inherently criminal activities, whether picking a lock, appraising the value of stolen goods, disguising himself as something inconspicuous, or keeping a lookout for the Man.

Lore: though not masters of science at all, pixies know a lot about the obscure - possibly as a result of their origins. Satan's Little Elf should receive a +1 CS on any FEAT regarding knowledge of the occult, though said knowledge is only general in nature.

Skill / Swords: just about every pixie is adept in the use of a blade. They make a habit of being able to defend themselves, for they are often the victim of larger creatures who take their stature as a sign of weakness. Satan's Little Elf wields such weapons at his Fighting +1 CS.

Two Swords: additionally, some pixies (especially those who don't develop their magic very much) excel in wielding two blades simultaneously. Satan's Little Elf may add one sword attack per turn, as long as he's holding one in each hand (and he does so unless using his magic).


Satan's Little Elf has few contacts to speak of. He could conceivably get help from other pixies by dint of being a pixie, but he has no real ties with his fellow diminutive beings. Other than an occasional criminal he's worked with now and then, Satan's Little Elf has few people he can rely on.


In order to better play the part of one of Santa's Little Elves, Satan's Little Elf dresses like one... sort of? He wears a jester's cap, black gloves with white fur on the edges, red and white jester's boots, a dirty white tank top, red trousers, and a studded black leather belt.


Satan's Little Elf is an ill-tempered lout. He delights in taking full advantage of superstitious humans and robbing them blind, all the while posing as one of Santa's Little Elves. He does this all year, and yet few people seem to question the general absence of a Santa around him...

Real Name: Maurice
Occupation: hoodlum, vandal, thug for hire
Legal Status: none; Maurice holds no official citizenship. He has been arrested several times, but the police can never build a 'file' on him before he escapes
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 4" (when not using his growth spell)
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Weight: 20g (.7 oz)
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Maurice is tiny! This pixie normally stands four inches in height, and while he can grow to considerable heights for a pixie, his maximum height is only three feet tall. He lacks the extensive tattoos most of his kind possess, for he has spent most of his existence far apart from his diminutive brethren. He's usually poorly shaven at any given moment.


Maurice, the pixie otherwise known as Satan's Little Elf, grew up away from most of his kind. While incredibly small, the dim-witted stray managed to get by just fine without the aid of his fellows, though he is aware that there are others like himself - well, mostly like him.

Not steeped in pixie culture (such as it is), Satan's Little Elf never got the customary, heavy blue tattooing the rest of his ilk did. He tended to adopt more human habits than pixie, but that's because he's generally criminally minded in all aspects of his life.

Seeing how many humans idolize this 'Santa Claus' character, he decided to emulate one of that tubby mythological fellow's helpers, since they seemed to go with the territory. This is why he ultimately learned how to grow himself larger - just large enough to play that part, in fact!

While his favorite time of the year is around Christmas, a holiday that seems to occupy three months or so these days, Satan's Little Elf is usually active during the entire year, posing as some sort of erratic toymaker while robbing everyone that falls for his goofy act blind.

He's managed to run afoul of the law many times over the course of his curious criminal career, but they've never managed to lock him up for long. He's good at avoiding the Man, whether by shrinking back to his 'normal' size or by deploying his illusory duplicates to befuddle pursuit.

At the same time, Satan's Little Elf hasn't really made much of himself or his ill-gotten gains. Typically wandering from town to town as a sort of diminutive vagabond, Satan's Little Elf has most often spent most of his loot by the time he's arrived in a new city.

Which means it's about time for him to start his friendly toymaker act up again. Except that he hasn't quite got the 'friendly' part down. And most people would probably prefer it if Santa's little helpers didn't smell so much like boxed wine and unshowered hobo...

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