Seamus Shish Kebab


Hand Size:
3 (17)


Seamus Shish Kebab is a pixie, creatures who at some point in their history were human, but have since evolved magically into something... smaller. In addition to his diminutive stature and unaging nature, Seamus also has proper swordsmanship skill and minor spellcasting ability!


Agelessness (s): pixies, as a result of their curious origins, seem to have 'lost' the ability to age. They no longer experience the ravages of time, which may be why they're so mercurial, and they are also immune to powers or other agencies that artificially induce aging.

Shrinking (a): one of their most distinctive qualities, pixies are tiny! They usually measure in at around four inches in height (give or take a smidge), which means they have this 'power', by technicality, at intensity 4 for the purposes of combat.

This means against normal-sized foes a pixie behaves as if his Strength was -4, while his Agility was +4. Against other pixies or similarly sized foes, a pixie resolves combat normally. Against weirdly sized foes, compare growth or shrinking intensities and calculate these modifiers from there.


Novice / Faerie Magic: while he prefers to wield his swords at anyone foolish enough to irk his ire, Seamus also knows a few mystical tricks. He is a novice spellcaster, having mastery of but three spells, but he is adept at using them in unexpected ways at times.

Admittance (p) (i): few locations are truly secure when Seamus Shish Kebab is in the area. He wields this spell at intensity 10, and may open any locks, no matter how complex, on an easy difficulty admittance action. Seamus likes to use this spell whenever the opportunity arises...

Faerie Dust (s) (i): one of Seamus' most interesting spells is his power to impart any of his abilities upon others. By sprinkling a bit of this faerie dust upon his target, he can grant them the temporary use of any of his powers, spells, or skills, doing so with intensity 8 ability.

Masking (g) (i): Seamus' last spell is actually five, in that it is a group spell! Every day, he may choose between casting the Chameleonskin, Disguise, Glamour, Illusion, and Vapors spells at intensity 10 - and need not make that choice until he actually wields the masking spell.

Hindrances / Augmentations:

Weakness: pixies are vulnerable to both iron and silver. The touch of either prevents him from wielding his magic, reduces his physical ability scores to zero (0) while it persists, and also causes Seamus considerable discomfort.


Swords (s): Seamus carries two blades with him at all times. He may use these sharp objects to inflict his Strength +4 in slashing damage, and most often has two in hand unless he's wielding his magic (at which point he puts both away).


Animal Handling (w): pixies are good with animals in general, but they're specifically fond of horses. While he never 'trains' a horse per se, Seamus has a knack for riding one no matter its general temperament, and should receive a reduced difficulty on attempts to do so.

Lore (i): Seamus is an expert on the mystic lore of Scotland, where he comes from. Of course he is no longer there, so this knowledge is only useful if he encounters fellow travelers from his home land, but he makes Intellect actions in this area at a reduced difficulty.

Skill / Swords (s): Seamus is an expert in the art of swordplay. He may wield swords and similar weapons at one difficulty level lower than is normally required, though he normally reserves the use of this skill for those who have proved a threat to his person.

Two Swords (s): additionally, Seamus excels in wielding two blades simultaneously. When he has a sword in each hand, Seamus may divide his pre-card play action score between two sword attacks each exchange, the second of which will occur as a contingent action.


Seamus has few contacts to speak of. He of course knows several fellow pixies back home, but other than that he has few new friends of yet. However, he seems to have made a good impression on Agency 13's Post-modern Girl, and she'd likely help him if he but asked.


Explorer: more than anything else, Seamus likes to unravel mysteries. This is caused him to walk the earth (after a slight nudge) to get to 'know people' better. He enjoys exploring new places and learning about them and their occupants, as well as their dirty little secrets.


Seamus usually wears the same thing all the time. His clothing consists of a dingy white Phrygian cap, brown boots made from indeterminate hide, and a pair of dirty white, roomy trousers. Which has caused him some consternation in his travels through the world...


Seamus is an inquisitive soul. After meeting a human that he actually found interesting, Seamus was enamored with the idea of humanity, and felt the need to explore all it had to offer. Of course he's not about to take any guff from anyone, which tends to get him into trouble now and then...

Real Name: Seamus
Occupation: adventurer, explorer, hooligan
Legal Status: none; Seamus holds no official citizenship, nor do any official records of him exist
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 4"
Hair: orange
Eyes: green
Weight: 18g (.64 oz)
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: he's tiny! Seamus is only four inches tall, and looks blue due to the extensive tattoos of that hue that cover his entire body.


Seamus Shish Kebab started out as an ordinary pixie, and was happy to live out his existence oblivious to the ways of man, save for random pranks pulled upon them whenever they were foolish enough to cross into his turf. But this all changed after meeting the Post-modern Girl.

While he and his friends were rather mean to the girl, she was nonetheless quite gracious in her treatment of Seamus, so he decided that these silly humans can't all be bad. Or fit only to be humiliated time and time again by him and his pals. So he left his ancestral Scotland home to wander.

He roamed far and wide through Europe, but grew increasingly irritated as men, women and children all identified him as something called a 'Smurf' ™, and decided a change of venue was in order. To this end, he journeyed to the land of his human friend: the United States.

He still gets the Smurf ™ thing now and then, but Seamus can usually end that fast, mostly by showing them why he got the name Shish Kebab - or alternately identifying himself Mass Murderer Smurf ™. Either way, people get the hint and drop it... quickly!

Not that he has too many direct encounters with humans as it is. Many try to stomp him and by the time he roughs them up enough to make them stop, they've panicked or attracted even more of their silly lot to his location. And then he has to break out the magic to cover his tracks.

And he doesn't like to do that. No, Seamus prefers to fight his way out of a situation. And when the place has hundreds of millions of humans about, that's just not practical. So he's taken to wandering around the less populated areas of America, and is mostly enjoying his time there.

As you'd expect though, a four inch tall blue man wandering the rural by-ways of America is abnormal, to say the least. Despite his best intentions, Seamus Shish Kebab can't help but get involved in one wacky adventure after another, which ultimately doesn't bother him.

It keeps things interesting, after all!

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