Prince Omei (deceased)

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Prince Omei is a mesmer, a man with direct power over the minds of others. The origins of this diabolical ability are as of yet unknown, but regardless of where it came from, this power lends itself to the forging of a vast criminal empire - with the Prince running things!

Known Powers:

Mesmerism: his principal power, Prince Omei can mesmerize one person at a time, doing so with rank value 30 ability. He can only control one person at once, however, and those ordered to act in opposition to their personal ethics gain an attempt to break free of him.

Limitations / Enhancements:



Grenades: to supplement his vast personal power, Prince Omei always carries at least one, cylindrical explosive beneath his robes. These bombs can detonate to inflict rank value 40 Slashing damage to all uncovered targets within the area they are set off inside.


Dulled Sense / Vision: in addition to having lost his left eye, Prince Omei has rather rotten vision in his remaining optics. If not wearing his monocle, the diabolical Prince will suffer a -2 RS penalty on all vision-based Awareness ACT rolls he must attempt.

Missing Parts / Left Eye: under unknown circumstances, Prince Omei lost the use of his left eye entirely, and he thus wears an eye patch over the missing (or lost) orb. The effect of this is to apply a -2 RS to vision-based Awareness ACT rolls dependent on peripheral vision.


Crime: thinking of himself as the prince of crime, Omei is well-versed in the nitty gritty of criminal operations. Whenever engaging in subversive or larcenous acts, he should receive a +1 RS on related, applicable ACT rolls.

Engineering: supplementing his power over the minds of men, Prince Omei has demonstrated the ability to build numerous objects, ranging from explosive devices to television transmitters. His Intellect should be considered +1 RS when attempting to build anything.


Though many of his underlings appear to be subject to his mesmerism to keep them in line, it is assumed that not all of Prince Omei's villainous subjects are working for him against their will. As such, he has numerous contacts in criminal circles that he can call upon for aid.


Prince Omei wears a somewhat garish costume, appropriate to the royalty he felt he was. It includes a green silken tunic, green silken trousers, a golden sash, a golden belt, a golden turban, and comfortable shoes of either brown or black coloration.


As you might expect from a man with great power who uses it to engage in vile crime, Prince Omei is a blusterous and imperious fellow. He feels the world should be laid bare at his feet, and that lesser men - that meaning all men, of course - should bow to his every whim.

Real Name: unrevealed
Occupation: would-be crime lord
Legal Status: citizen of unknown nationality with a presumed criminal record in the United States, legally deceased
Marital Status: unrevealed
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 5' 9"
Hair: black
Eye: brown
Weight: 150 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: the evil prince wears both an eye patch and a monocle, not to mention a goatee and a long, thin moustache, all of which lend themselves to making him quite conspicuous. This even before considering his garish clothing!


Little has been revealed about the origins of the man calling himself Prince Omei. Is he really some sort of royalty, or has he just assumed the title? Where did his incredible power of mesmerism come from, natural ability or obscure and arcane knowledge? Nobody knows!

What has been ascertained about the Omei is that he would like to rule the world - or, at the very least, its criminal underbelly. Wielding his terrible power, this would-be Prince of crime forced several criminals to do his bidding, and he forged a respectable evil enterprise.

But that just wasn't enough! No, Prince Omei required a terrible and powerful enforcer to keep his minions in line, and to that effect he built a powerful television transmitter, one that allowed him to overwhelm the equipment of Professor Zog - and dominate his very mind!

Catching him unawares as he watched the news one night, Prince Omei made a thrall of Professor Zog, and thus took control of his Marvel of the Age: Electro! When some of his minions thought to destroy Electro to disarm Omei, the Prince had Zog use Electro to whip them senseless.

The dread caterwauling of the whipped men attracted the police, however, which forced Omei to take Zog with him to his strong room. Asking if the police could even stop Electro, Zog admitted that they could only do so if they built a duplicate of his Marvel inside his own laboratory.

Ordering Zog to have Electro destroy his own lab, Zog complied... but upon seeing Electro wreck up his life's work, he shrugged off Omei's control. Recalling Electro, the Professor set him against Prince Omei, but Omei had a trap door waiting to dispose of the mighty robot.

But Omei's trap was no match for Electro, who began to shake the very foundations of his crime palace in an effort to escape! Refusing to be taken alive, though, Prince Omei produced one of his powerful bombs, and set it off - intent on taking Zog and his henchmen with him!

No one seemed to survive the subsequent conflagration, save for Professor Zog himself, who was shielded from the blast and flying debris by his mighty Marvel. Prince Omei has not been seen since, so it's likely he died in his suicidal assault as well. But one never knows.

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